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Scorpio Time!!

October 23, 2018

Photo by Brenda Wallace. Yes, that scorpion was actually in Brenda’s bathtub.

We have an interesting week ahead. On Tuesday October 23rd, we have the Sun entering the sign of Scorpio for its annual run. You may recall that Jupiter has been in Scorpio all year, Venus has been in Scorpio and turned retrograde there and Mercury is also in Scorpio. That’s a lot of intense, passionate, deep, secretive and mysterious energy flying around right now. But the Sun, our life force, will make an opposition to Uranus on Tuesday evening because Uranus is still in Taurus for another few weeks before it makes its last visit to Aries. On Wednesday the Moon will join Uranus in Taurus and we will have the annual Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon, which is traditionally known as The Hunter’s Moon. Uranus makes this one hot aspect. A Full Moon right with Uranus tells us to expect the unexpected. This can be something that affects our one to one relationships and the people who are closest to us. If you know your astrological chart, find where the Taurus-Scorpio axis is and these houses are where the activity is playing out. 

The Nodes of Destiny are being squared by this Full Moon, so there is actually a Grand Cross in the sky with the lunation. So, there are course corrections, different journeys emerging and awakenings happening. This can be an emotional breakthrough, so it’s best to use this energy consciously. Meaning that if you have been feeling like something is about to burst, use that burst to advance your life, not lose your temper. Meditate, relax into what you are feeling and coax it out of the deep recesses of your mind. Spend alone time with yourself so that you may listen and respond to whatever is calling you forward now. Remember, Scorpio runs deep and we need to dig into the roots to find the gold. If life should get hectic – because after all, this is Uranus – then just go with it and tune in afterwards. There may be a message for you in all of this. 

Meanwhile, despite the chaos of Uranus, the Sun will conjunct Venus at the end of the week, while Venus is retrograde. Yes, this will be in Scorpio. This is known as an inferior conjunction because Venus is moving between Earth and the Sun. This Sun-Venus conjunction makes a point on Venus’s 5 pointed star that it forms in the sky as it transits the Sun, known as a Venus Star Point, which I have discussed here. It is the first inferior conjunction of the Sun and Venus in Scorpio since 2010. Think about 8 years ago, whatever you may have experienced then is finishing up its cycle now.  

This is a lovely aspect that will help you open your heart. Since it is in Scorpio, it calls for us to open our hearts on a deep level and allow some vulnerability into our lives. We may receive a kiss or a burst of love from the Universe that we totally didn’t expect. Some kind words, someone does us a good turn, a person we care about shows they care for us as well. After the Uranus Full Moon earlier in the week look for some bliss and happiness in your world on Friday the 26th and spread love and joy wherever you can!

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