Deb McBride

August, 2019

Glastonbury, UK

It’s a most unusual day in the astrology world as Jupiter turns direct after 4 months of being retrograde while Uranus turns retrograde until January. Rarely does it happen that two planets will shift direction on the same day. I can feel the relief of Jupiter’s move forward – we leave stagnation behind, we look back and embrace all we’ve done to increase our confidence and abundance since April. We use this forward momentum to resume projects that have stalled, pull together our travel plans or step forward on our spiritual journeys. Since Jupiter is in its own sign of Sagittarius, this is the best time to expand, open doors, seek opportunities and take a leap of faith. If there’s something you have put off or have been hesitant to do, now Jupiter is aligned to help make it happen. For the last few weeks as Jupiter was slowing down to a crawl, I noticed that the energy was really digging in and provoking a sense of lack – lack of confidence, lack of abundance, lack of faith. It’s amazing what can happen as a planet moves out of its retrograde period and shake out all the tired energy of the last several months.   

Meanwhile, the station retrograde of Uranus inevitably gives us an upside down view of life and we will never guess what Uranus has in store for us. As I’ve said many times before, we could write up a list of 1,000 events and Uranus will bring us the one we didn’t think of. This is the first time Uranus will retrograde in Taurus and stay in Taurus – last year it went back to visit Aries for the last time. Retrogrades are always a time of turning inward and reviewing the area of our chart where the planet is traveling. Uranus being a collective planet invites us to look at how we are playing a part in current world themes while creating major changes in our personal lives in the area where Uranus is visiting. In Taurus, Uranus will help us find new ways of creative expression, plus clear out any old, stale patterns. Taurus is where we don’t particularly welcome changes, we like our comfort zone. But if things in that area are perhaps a little too comfortable, we will seek to revitalize and refresh our view. Taurus also represents stability and financial security, so during the retrograde we may find new ways of establishing new goals in these places of our lives. 

In the week ahead, Mercury will come out of its own shadow of retrograde and meet with Uranus in a square – a challenging aspect. We may find new ways of expressing ourselves or new ideas that revitalize our efforts. Whatever the case, try not to be resistant to a new way of doing something, especially if someone in your life offers suggestions. It may help you see a project or something important in a new light. This is the job Uranus has come to do – to assist us in revolutionizing the old. An innovative idea may come forward and while it may seem strange or uncomfortable at first, the more we connect with it, the more we may realize it’s indicative of opening a new path. Remember, now that Jupiter is direct, we are seeking ways to open the door. Don’t throw something away because it initially sounds strange or feels unfamiliar. This is how we can grow our ideas. 

This is a time of seeing certain parts of our lives in a new light, so get inspired this week, stay open and see what comes your way!

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