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September, 2017

Astrological aftermath

September 27, 2017

Partial Eclipse as seen from Costa Rica, Aug 21, 2017

Remember I wrote that the July Full Moon was intense and we needed to ready ourselves for it? And then I wrote the eclipse of August 21st was very powerful and would be a turning point for many of us? I don’t believe any of that did justice to what actually happened and what many of us felt. In life, hindsight is always 20/20 and many times in astrology as well. Especially if Uranus is involved, which it was in July, because we never know what Uranus will bring. The planet of unexpected events, you could make a list of 1,000 happenings and the one you didn’t think of is what happens. So, in hindsight, I don’t think I gave enough emphasis on how much life would change for so many people. I don’t like to scare people or be a doomsayer, so here I believe I erred on the side of optimism.

That being said, I do believe when we experience a prolonged period of discomfort, anxiety, depression or paralysis we are working through some major lesson or transformation in our lives. It will usually be okay eventually once we work through the drama of the challenging aspects, though our landscape may have shifted somewhat. These last few months have been some of the most emotionally intense and difficult I have seen and experienced in years. I suffered, I watched people suffer, in two different countries I had people telling me how everyone was a wreck. And this is just a barometer reading of emotional experience. Then there are the heartbreaking stories of my friends displaced or struggling because of hurricanes. And still now overwhelmed and enduring hardship.

In astrology when something like the eclipse of August 21st occurs, it triggers a point in the 360 degree dial that will now become a “famous point.” When the point gets triggered we have reverberations of what it felt like to experience that time in our lives. So now 28° Leo is a famous point. And as I mentioned in a previous blog that was a hot point that was going to get hit again very soon after. First Mars hit the point, which is the planet of aggression and one that stirs the pot. Then Mercury went direct on the eclipse point, which brought new information forward. And lastly Venus hit the eclipse point and ignited it all over again on September 18th. Normally Venus is a lovely aspect, but frankly I experienced some of the worst anxiety the day before and in speaking with others, they were feeling it as well. Then I realized, here was Venus triggering a powerful eclipse point. An extraordinary eclipse related to this one, from August 1999 was triggered by Venus on September 11, 2001. This time was a remembrance of Venus’ trigger that day. Incidentally, I had this realization while going through airport security.

So now we are dealing with the aftermath. What did the eclipse bring to you? What did you learn and what did you work through? Was it just a matter of persistence or did you have to completely change some aspects of your life? And many of us are still sorting out what happened and how we feel. Most importantly, this eclipse and especially Venus’ transit over it should bring us to the point of connection with our true, most authentic core of ourselves.

Meanwhile, we now have Pluto going direct this week as it’s been in retrograde since April. The fruits of our inner work this year should now be evident. But Pluto is now deeply entrenched in the middle of the sign of Capricorn. It has a good 8 more years to go. It’s not finished transforming all things Capricorn: the government, the banking systems, commerce. Since it is so intensely in the sign now, we will start to see some of the most profound changes in those areas mentioned. It may seem chaotic at first, but that is a sure sign of churning changes. It’s a necessary purge before those areas can get healed and work better.

And on the same day we have the last passage of the Jupiter opposition to Uranus. Jupiter opposed Uranus in December 2016, in early March 2017 and now again on September 28 for the last time. This is an expansion of one’s awareness, also an opening to a transformation in one’s life. Jupiter works by opening the door, providing opportunities, allowing us to leap forward and take risks and most of all feeling like we are protected when we take these leaps. We have each been through a process since December of last year, which is now coming to completion. Think back to last December and anything you initiated, how is the progress for you? It has not been a smooth road, but we are coming at last to the place where we can have greater understanding of what this was all about for us, why it’s been so difficult, why we needed to pass through the stages as we have.

These last two months have not been easy or straightforward. It has been a labyrinth of issues, emotions, crisis and healing. We are still working through these matters, but I do expect the dust to settle in the next week or so. In the meantime, continue to meditate, do something that makes you laugh and be kind to yourself.






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