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February, 2016

Neptune on Periscope

February 29, 2016

Hello my astrodarlings! Have you heard of the app Periscope? It’s a live streaming app that was bought by Twitter about a year ago. With Periscope, you can present a live topic of your choice and people all around the world can tune in and see you. They can make comments, send you “likes” in the form of hearts bubbling up on the screen and ask questions. You can speak as long as you want. If you have the app, you can watch others present anything in any part of the world. You can tune in to Carnivale in Brazil, or just watch someone walking their dog in San Francisco. Kind of wacky, eh?

I have been experimenting with Periscope in these last few weeks and as one might imagine it works out very well for an astrologer.  We can talk about transits and what’s happening in the stars these days, people can ask questions and it can be a lot of fun. So tonight I did one about Neptune as we have a Sun-Neptune conjunction happening in the sky. If you would like to see it, here is the link:

The trick with Periscope is that your video appears on your Twitter feed, so you do need to be on Twitter and it only lasts 24 hours. So, you can watch me speak of all things Neptunian but you have until 9:30 pm EST on Tuesday night. If I find it becomes popular, I can put the videos on the site here. But if you miss it, you can always drop me a line and request I send it to you, because I have saved a copy.

Enjoy! And stay tuned to this page because the eclipses are coming!!

IMG_9500Happy Chinese New Year! The year of the Fire Monkey, clever, humorous, quick witted and a bit of a trickster. If you’ve ever experienced a monkey firsthand, you know they can be charming troublemakers.

It is quite a stellar weekend and few days after. We have the annual Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn upon us, with the Moon involved this time around. Making for possibly an intense emotional experience or epiphany. And lately, as we know, wherever Pluto goes, Uranus is closely following. The two outer planets are as close as they have been since March 2015 during their last exact square aspect. Venus, Moon, Pluto, Uranus – a recipe for either enlightenment or trouble (there’s that monkey again!).

On that note, I have put together a number of tips for times like these:

  • Venus, being the love principal, becomes a little crazy during this time. We are seeking excitement, passion, intensity. It often feels to us like the energy is bigger than we are and we cannot help how we feel. Sometimes we cannot help the actions we take, either. That doesn’t mean one should be irresponsible. It just means we need to be very aware that we can be swept along with the tide and pulled into the undertow.
  • We may get obsessed. That could be with anyone or anything, including money. Venus does rule finances  as well as love. It is anything we desire and right now, desire may be the primary motivation for a lot of our actions. Capricorn is an ambitious sign, it strives to achieve its goals, no matter what they are.
  • These are not conscious, rational feelings. These feelings are from somewhere else, mostly our unconscious and the collective unconscious. There is something emotional/psychological that we are working out, diving into, resolving. It’s best to take notice and understand it. This is an awakening of sorts. We are in the grip of the universe, and it wants us to pay attention.
  • You may not be looking for any trouble and yet it hits you over the head. You may be minding your own business and focused on mundane matters and someone or something comes along and triggers all sorts of feelings. Pluto energies can hunt you down and Uranus is when you least expect it.  You may even have thought you were beyond such things anymore. Life hadn’t been presenting you with any of those options, but suddenly now it is. 
  • If you don’t have a contact between Venus and Pluto and/or Uranus, you may not experience anything different in your life. Things may be a little topsy turvy at work, maybe cash flow isn’t as you want it. But, if you do have a contact between Venus and these outer planets, especially hard aspects, your chart may be lighting up like fireworks. 
  • Resistance is futile. Go with the flow, work with the energy. Don’t avoid situations just because they are complicated. No anxiety, just excitement. Let it happen, as long as you are not putting yourself or anyone else in any real compromising situation. Maybe a conversation can help disperse the energy to the point where it feels safer. 
  • Let go. The best advice is to just let go and not fret, worry or obsess, no matter how difficult it may be. If you can’t let go naturally, find something to occupy your mind – a movie, work, a good book, go to the gym. Better yet – use the energy creatively, write a poem, sing a song, make a painting, take photos. 

While this will take place all weekend and into the coming week, we have a New Moon in Aquarius on Monday, always the indicator of Chinese New Year, their Lunar Calendar. The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus and so with all this exciting activity, we open to a new month and new, exciting adventures. Expect the unexpected. The eclipses are not far behind!


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