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August, 2015

The Huffington Post

August 28, 2015

Hello astrodarlings,

I am pleased to announce my interview about Relationships & Astrology on The Huffington Post. It’s a regular podcast they have about Love and Sex and they asked me to discuss how astrology can help relationships. Click here for the interview.

I speak for about the first 15 minutes after the intro. Enjoy!

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Saturn, Venus, Jupiter

August 9, 2015

IMG_8958This has been a particularly active summer, astrologically speaking.  As I’ve mentioned before, Jupiter and Venus have remained close together in late Leo.  This is always a benefit to everyone. Together they are an abundance of creativity, fortune, support and love. Normally I would say there are pitfalls – no one should overdo the spending, try to remain humble, not boastful or overly confident. And this advice is always the case, anyway. But this time around, we have the presence of Saturn in Scorpio keeping everyone in line.

Saturn is never a simple journey, especially when it is at the end of a sign. Right now, Saturn has just stationed direct at 28° Scorpio, making a square to the Venus Jupiter conjunction. No matter how jovial and confident you feel, there’s always a nagging feeling that you can’t really celebrate yet. Saturn is always a wet blanket, it often ruins the party. When it joins Venus and Jupiter, it becomes a curbing influence to overdoing any desires and urges.

Venus has been retrograde since July 25, where it stationed at  0° Virgo. It will travel back through the latter half of the sign of Leo before it turns direct on September 6. On July 14 Venus in Leo squared Saturn in Scorpio for the first time, on August 5 Venus squared Saturn in the same signs for the second time. On October 10, Venus in Virgo will square Saturn Sagittarius for the third time. This is something to review as it is a cycle that affects all of us, whether in our financial life, personal relationships or work life. This usually indicates a period where we experience endings, the release of something no longer needed in our lives, the closing of a chapter. It doesn’t need to be a grand exit, but it takes three passages of Venus connecting to Saturn to get the message and finally be all right with letting something go. Think about what has happened during these last two passages, what is it that you are leaving behind? It may look like two events that have nothing to do with each other. But if you dig deep enough you will discover the connection and the layers of experience each passage of Venus has peeled away. Everyone has had disappointments and heartbreak in life. These may be revisited during this passage, not because we are reliving the same event but because it is etched in our memory. It surfaces in dreams or interactions with others. Venus retrograde always brings something back from the past – an old pal, a former love, a colleague – and along with it a flood of memories that can haunt and sting like it was happening all over again. It’s another opportunity to heal the past. Saturn brings fears and anxieties to the forefront of our hearts, even if we think we’ve worked out all that historical junk already. The residual feelings show us where we still feel a lack, where the wounds can still be opened.

Jupiter’s presence can soothe some of this pain. As there are three passages of Venus to Saturn, there are also three passages of Venus conjunct Jupiter. Venus conjuncts Jupiter at the end of Leo on July 1 for the first time, on August 4 for the second time and for the third time, they will conjunct on October 25 at 15° Virgo, with Mars not far away in Virgo as well. It’s no accident that Venus is simultaneously connecting with both planets this summer and autumn. It feels like you are alternatively being stretched and then shrunk. You expand and then feel the need to contract. And then there is the closing of one door with Saturn and the opening of another with Jupiter. While we are leaving behind a phase of our life, we are also gaining something new.

Then there’s the fact that both Jupiter and Saturn are changing signs within weeks of each other. Jupiter enters Virgo for the first time since 2003 on August 11. Saturn enters Sagittarius on September 17, after having retrograded back into Scorpio for these last several months. They will still square each other for a short while in those signs, so maintaining the balance between expansion and contraction will continue into the autumn. It’s never just one way with one planet, the other one in the square aspect rears its head and needs attention. What’s interesting here is that Saturn will be in Jupiter’s sign, so there will be moments when we need to take more responsibility than risk and those risks should be measured ones.

These last weeks before Saturn changes signs will feel like never ending drudgery. This is always the case with Saturn leaving a sign.  That’s how you know it’s really over.  Last December Saturn left Scorpio to enter Sagittarius for several months, but it didn’t feel like this. That was just prep for where we are now.  As we experience these next few weeks, it may feel like every day is the same.  We awaken, we go about our business until we go to sleep and then we get up and do it all over again. It’s not fun, it’s not even interesting. It’s the limitations of Saturn, the inability to get over the wall. Remember it’s only temporary.

Jupiter in Virgo will give us the opportunity to take better care of ourselves, as Virgo is health oriented. We may find a new health regimen that supports us. Jupiter in Virgo is great for getting organized, learning a new subject, maybe going back to school or finding a new job. Jupiter in Virgo is self motivating and we can create new goals and have some new accomplishments in our lives throughout the next 12 months. Now that’s something to focus on!








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