Deb McBride

September, 2013

This is a pivotal week. Now we are in the station direct of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto has been retrograde since April of this year and it’s always an adventure into the underworld while it spends these months apparently traveling backwards. Moving direct brings us the impetus that we need right now. Anything that we have experienced since April wherever Pluto is for us in our charts will show us where there is currently a turning point. It is a place where we are seeking great accomplishments. Sometimes when we are working to improve our lives on a subconscious level, we don’t necessarily realize this until we have a transit such as this one. We have been working through certain issues, deep in the recesses of our minds, our progress becomes obvious to us now as we push forward. It’s as if we’re saying “Wow, is that what I’ve been doing in my sleep all of these months?!”

Remember that Pluto and Saturn are in each other’s signs? Living in each other’s homes. So, the fact that Saturn is busy this week connecting with the North Node of the Moon is also important because it is another step in this evolutionary process. The relationship is a conjunction as Node and Saturn are both in Scorpio. This is a rare event as it happens only once every 12 years. The north node shows us the direction that’s key for us right now and with Saturn there the focus becomes sharpened as it indicates a new beginning. 
This week should show us an opening on our path, it should bring us to some climax or realization or conscious knowledge of how a new path will appear. This is not something that’s done in a relaxed and calm manner. Usually when Pluto changes direction it is a visceral sensation for people. Remember it’s an unearthing of new information from the hidden realms.
The reverberations will continue for the next several weeks as Pluto slowly begins to move forward, more deeply entrenched in Capricorn. 
We also have Venus and Saturn together this week which usually happens once a year.
Since the two planets are with the North Node this is about elevating and transcending your sense of self, your self-worth, your self-esteem, how you love, how you feel about money. Hopefully this is going to help you lovingly choose your path. It’s important to look for the changes in your life this week, see the progress and be willing to move forward in commitment to your path, even if it feels like it’s a big risk. 
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