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May, 2013

A Gemini experience

May 29, 2013

With 4 planets in Gemini – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter – we focus on ideas, choices, our thinking and communicating. We often hear two sides of a story or see the duality in ourselves. Whenever there are so many planets in one section of the zodiac, I often notice the theme appears and re-appears in everyday life. 

During the holiday weekend, I stepped out of my building one day shortly after 11 am to go for a walk in the park. And this little guy was sitting on my railing. 
So, I took a few photos and realized he still had a lot of down, so he must be a baby learning to fly. He was getting up his nerve to fly again. I should have realized under these Geminian influences that his brother was probably with him. And sure enough – this other guy was trying to fly at my front door. He kept fluttering, but wasn’t getting anywhere. 
Realizing that he would either be crushed by someone stepping out of my building or eaten by the neighborhood stray tabby, I waited for a few minutes. My neighbors came out and told me that there’s a nest right by their front door. Meanwhile, bird #1 got up his nerve and flew off. Then this little guy moved to another side of the railing, between my house and the neighbors and stayed there.

I was afraid to leave him alone, so I sat down next to him and kept and eye on him, but he was too freaked out to go anywhere. I had a chat with him and told him that it’s his job to fly, he’s a bird and he’s very fortunate to have this skill, because humans can’t do this so easily. Didn’t work. The Sun was really beating on him and I knew I had to do something. Another neighbor came out and I asked for his help, he got a container and we scooped him up and put him back in the nest where he was safe. I came back from my walk and he was still on the branch where we left him, nestled among the leaves. 

Twins, neighbors, birds – all this is Gemini symbolism. I realized they were baby Robins, vocalizers, of course and harbingers of Spring and newness. And how wonderful to end the cycle of eclipses this way. Eclipses always usher in a feeling of new beginnings and leaving behind the old, something in our consciousness always shifts. It took two more days for this twin to finally take off and leave the branch. He just wasn’t ready before that moment. It was a reminder of how frightening a new beginning can be, even when we are being true to who we are in our lives. But we go forward anyway, what else can we do?

As we have discussed here on this blog, this week was another step in the evolutionary aspect of Uranus and Pluto. The journey continues with the third exact square of these two planets. We see more extreme circumstances in our world with destructive tornadoes. It has been nearly a year since the first exact square at the end of June 2012. We can look back at the tumult of the past year and see that while many things have remained the same, there have been some extreme changes and situations in the world. 

These aspects produce a lot of anxiety, so if that is what you are feeling, then go with it, get to the bottom of it. Don’t attempt to suppress it, that only makes it worse. It has not been an easy few weeks, especially with the eclipses. With the Sun finally in Gemini, the energy is getting a bit lighter. The Sun in Taurus for a month sat opposite Saturn’s visit to Scorpio which created more stress and tension between ourselves and others. Gemini is generally a more sprightly energy than Taurus, so the Sun, Mercury and Venus moving into this sign is not the same heaviness we have been feeling. 

Of course we do have another eclipse this Saturday, with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius. This one is the last of the eclipses and should not be as dramatic as the prior two. However, the eclipse does get involved with Neptune, which makes it a trippy experience. Hard to navigate in the fog, for sure and perhaps a time to just get creative, dream and be inspired. It will bring the closure to the themes going on in your life since March of 2011 when the Nodes began the transit of Gemini and Sagittarius.  

Mercury is also behaving a bit erratically as it is out-of-bounds in its declination. This means the planet of communication doesn’t want to follow the rules. Though Mercury is ruling the heavens right now and this out of bounds condition makes it unusually volatile. It may take some work to not put the foot in the mouth, so maybe the mouth should just keep shut. 

This is undoubtedly a strange week, bizarre experiences may happen, we may feel confused by our circumstances. In a nutshell, we are being asked to evolve, to be inspired and to create a new experience in our lives. Evolution is messy, it doesn’t happen in a neat and orderly fashion. The best we can do is be true to ourselves and find the beauty and healing in the process as we move through the tumult.  

No one lives in a vacuum, we all have relationships. Whether it’s with a family member, life partner, doctor, employer or pharmacist. We cannot live without interacting with others. Here I wish to describe how astrology can help us with our relationships. 

Everyone is different, no one has the same psychology. That individual picture of your psyche is drawn out in your astrology. In your astrological chart, you have a map of where the planets were when you were born. Certain planets are relationship oriented – Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon. Mercury is how we communicate with others. For the uninitiated, these are called “personal planets” – they move quickly through the zodiac and therefore do not govern a generation of people. But planets speak to one another through aspects, the geometric relationship they have to each other. Some aspects are smooth and flowing, some are more challenging. This is where astrology gets interesting. 

The way the personal planets speak to the rest of the planets, especially from Saturn on out through Pluto, describes what our relationships will be like. That is putting it simply.  To understand the nature of each of our relationships with the language of astrology would be enlightening to all of us. It could be profoundly helpful to our lives and increase our empathy for others. When personal planets get involved with outer planets, a whole other life picture emerges, one that is quite complicated and often requires a good deal of self exploration.

People sometimes consult an astrologer when they want to find out about their relationships – why they don’t work, why they can’t seem to find them, why it becomes difficult when they are in them, why they want a certain type of relationship, yet it eludes them. Astrology is quite valuable when considering all of this. If you are a person who wants a sweet little homespun lifestyle with a white picket fence and you have Venus in hard aspect to Uranus, for example – that little scenario is not realistic. Your relationships work better when you and your partner have a lot of freedom. 

The same goes for the rest of the outer planets. If you wonder why you feel like you can never have a fulfilling relationship and you are a person with a challenging Venus aspect to Saturn, there is work to be done on your self-esteem. If your family has been a constant source of angst for most of your life, perhaps you have an unattractive Moon – Pluto situation going on. 

Relationships are often not simple for most of us. If you look at a friend and she has always had great relationships, been very popular and has a deep lasting marriage, many things could be going on there. Maybe she understands her own nature in relationships and she has been able to get her needs fulfilled. Or maybe she doesn’t have any of the outer planets touching her personal planets. In the latter case, she doesn’t need to worry about any of that heavy duty mythology operating in her life. But maybe you do have to think about those things – life just isn’t fair. 

Often what happens is the above mentioned friend doesn’t entirely understand why you have so much relationship angst. She tries to be supportive of you, yet she gets frustrated. She doesn’t have Venus-Pluto, but you do. So, you take your relationships very seriously and deeply and they are usually all consuming or you have no relationship for 5 years. Your friend probably has Venus is happy aspect to Jupiter and it’s all rainbows for her. Eventually, you each find other friends who have similar astrological signatures and you all understand one another. 

So, what’s my advice? It’s important to understand the nature of your chart and how you operate in relationships. It’s even better to be accepting of yourself, no matter what your astrological signature is. And everyone needs to be accepting of each other. Your friend with Jupiter has to be accepting of your Pluto or Neptune. This is what makes life interesting. Each of us has our own way of relating, even if our family and friends don’t agree or understand it. Most of all, each of us needs to be true to ourselves and our astrology. Don’t try to be a Jupiter, when you are a Saturn. 
Yes friends, it’s really that time of year. When one eclipse passes and then another just seems to come out of nowhere! But seriously, this has been a tough eclipse season and the Solar eclipse we are experiencing this week is no exception. It’s not just the eclipse bringing intensity and chaos, it’s the planets that are in place alongside of the lunation. Two weeks ago, during the last one, we saw Mars and Saturn opposing one another simultaneously. And this time, Mars is right in there again.

We know Mars gives us energy and causes us to take action and most of the time that’s a good thing. But during an eclipse, when tensions are high and emotions are unreasonable, Mars can just add fuel to the fire. This is not the best time to allow yourself to fly off the handle. Harness the emotions and use them constructively. Collect yourself before you respond in a conversation that could be heated. It’s rare for Mars to be so intimately involved in an eclipse. This time around it can give us the insatiable desire for material success. We may feel entitled, in fact. 

Taurus is the earthiest of all the earth signs and represents all we hold close as material security. Eclipses represent a shift, a turning point. This lunation may cause us to let go of something representing the security in our lives. Because right now we are being asked to find the passion in our lives and not focus on the security that the same old story brings. There is an epiphany in the air and we are invited to turn on the light in the closet. 
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