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February, 2013

February 23rd Event

February 21, 2013

I am going to repeat what I said last month about a Sidetour event that I gave, because we are having another one! It’s this weekend on Saturday Feb 23 at 2 pm until 3:30 pm at my home.

If you have never had an astrology reading, but you are very curious about astrology and what a reading might be like, then I have an event for you. I am hosting an event in conjunction with a group called Sidetour. I will be discussing astrology in a private setting with a group of 6 people. We will cover a brief history of astrology, discuss the practice of astrology and each person who attends will hear a little bit about their own chart, if they wish.

The information and registry for the event is here:

Maybe you know a friend who has always been interested but can’t take the leap? This is a perfect event for them. And I will be serving tea!! So check it out and feel free to share it with your loved ones.


February 21, 2013

This is one of those astrological moments that rarely occur. Now and for the next several weeks, we have a most of our planets in water signs, mainly in the sign of Pisces. For most of us, this is an unusually emotional time. Water is just that – flowing, overly sensitive, gentle, weepy. It causes us to express ourselves in emotional or perhaps dramatic ways. 

As we try to live a normal day and get through our usual, mundane lives in a productive manner, we may find that it is like wading through sludge. This is one of the more difficult components of this watery experience. We feel like we can’t get much accomplished, we would rather dream, sleep, escape, go to the movies. It’s a great time for meditation, psychic studies, artistic endeavors or vacations by the beach. 

The Sun is always in the sign of Pisces at this time of year. It’s the end of the zodiac, the time nature spends in slumber before the arrival of Aries and the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. However, this year we also have Mars in Pisces at the same time – somewhat unusual, considering Mars travels through a sign once every two years. It isn’t an energetic time for Mars, or for us, since Mars gives us energy and ambition. It will remain in Pisces until March 11. Then there’s Mercury, about to retrograde in Pisces this Saturday, having been in the sign since February 6 and will remain there until it goes direct and moves out of Pisces on April 14. That’s one long, sleepy transit of the planet of communication. I expect our neurons to not fire as rapidly as they normally might. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is in its own sign for many years. Chiron, the asteroid, will also be in Pisces for years. On February 27, Venus will enter Pisces and remain there until March 21. That’s five planets and one asteroid and in recent years I have learned to never underestimate the power of Chiron. Meanwhile, Saturn remains in Scorpio, another water sign. 

How do we cope with all of this? By going with the flow, no pun intended. No one should try to swim upstream right now. None of us will win against the current. This is exactly the time when you see people around you working too hard to get nowhere, even if you explain what’s going on. It is not a time to force anything. When frustrated, sit back and observe, meditate, visualize. Use your skills of interpretation and look at everything as if it’s a dream or a film. 

We have a number of weeks before this energy begins to break up and planets move into Aries, which is a sign of action and energy. Make this the time to sit back and pay attention, once we go into Aries – that is the time to take action. Rest now and prepare to move forward very quickly!

Lunar New Year

February 10, 2013

Happy year of the Water Snake! Here is a link to a 2013 Chinese Astrology report for every Chinese zodiac sign. 

This is presented by Astrolabe, where I get my astrology software. Enjoy this auspicious occasion!

The Jupiter station

February 3, 2013

This week we had Jupiter stop its retrograde motion and move direct in the sign of Gemini. This is good news! Since Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion, it’s a favorable time for us when it moves forward. It has been retrograde since October 4th, which is an interesting time as Saturn entered the sign of Scorpio within 24 hours of Jupiter’s station. It was the beginning of an internal time for each of us, a time to go within and discover how we are to transform our lives. Jupiter in Gemini is expansion of ideas, new thoughts and how to see a fresh perspective of each of our lives. Instead of viewing our everyday life in the same old manner, Jupiter teaches us to be optimistic and put a new spin on how we approach our path. 

While this is not going to solve all of life’s issues, it is more likely a positive turning point, giving us a sense of new direction or vision. If you have been working on a project for several months now, it may have come to fruition in the last few weeks. You may be presented with a new opportunity where your Gemini house is in your chart. There could be a renewed interest in some of your creative work. 
However, there is a more complex aspect going on with Jupiter these days. Amidst all the sunniness of a Jupiter station direct, the Greater Benefic is entangled with Saturn and Pluto. Oh, THOSE two! Never simple is it? They are all caught up in what we call a “Finger of God” – in astrology jargon, it’s called a yod. 
It means that Saturn and Pluto are dancing very nicely together, working harmoniously, but Jupiter presents both of them with a component that is expansive, yet needling. It’s pushing all of us. Forcing us to choose a new direction that looks like a lot of hard work. But it’s necessary to take the risk for our own growth. Just when you thought you could turn the light off in your art studio or office for the night, there’s something else that fascinates you so much that you have to go back to the table and work with it for another hour. It looks like you have taken on too much, but you are likely on the brink of something you’ve always wanted to do. It’s the love project after the day job is over. It makes you stay up late at night, but it is the very thing that will cause you to want to spring out of bed in the morning. That means, for the sake of your heart and soul, you don’t have a choice.
What you probably didn’t realize is that since October, during this internal time, you were preparing for this. In some subtle way, you were laying the groundwork and emotionally preparing to take on this path. It was in a dormant stage, but ready to pop when Jupiter moved forward. This aspect has been brewing the entire time Jupiter has been retrograde – don’t forget that Saturn had moved too, preparing to do the internal work – but now you’ve given yourself permission to move forward. 
May you have a satisfying journey!
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