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In the past week we have had the planet Pluto in Capricorn shift direction to retrograde. Today, Monday April 29th, Saturn has also turned retrograde in Capricorn. These are signals for us to turn inward on this journey with these two planets. There is a dynamic between them that each of us needs to learn to navigate in these next 18 months. 

Saturn presents what is on the surface, what we see in front of us, the material world. As it slows down and stops, it feels like the world has stopped, our own world has stopped. The energy feels heavy and somewhat unmovable. We look around us and everything seems rather mundane and somehow colorless. There may be an air of futility surrounding us now. Every task seems more weighted than usual, so why bother? Why continue to make an effort where we feel we are not gaining results. This is the lie of Saturn. It is the lie of fear. 

This energy is very present right now only because Saturn is stopping and changing direction. It will not always feel arduous like this. This is a moment. However it is an important moment, because it is revealing to us how Saturn is affecting us and where we still need to work on our fear. 

What? Do more work? Haven’t we worked enough? In the house where Saturn is now visiting you in your chart, you may feel as if you have done all the work you possibly can and there is no energy left because it’s one great big wall of obstacles and no movement. This is Saturn overdoing itself. What is important to remember is that Saturn gives us structure and form and a system of what we call reality. We need to have this structure, as it supports us in our lives. But we cannot solely give ourselves over to it and only believe what’s in front of us. Reality is a definition and it is not the truth.

Like I said, Saturn can be a liar. Saturn does a really good job of convincing us that these obstacles and lack of movement are just the way it is and that’s that. It is much richer and a greater experience of life if we look beyond into the realm of the outer planets, which represent what is happening on the inside. Where our subconscious and unconscious energies are taking us, how much we are being run by our own unconscious. 

This is where Pluto comes in. Pluto is the planet of transformation and change, Pluto is an inevitable force – nothing stays the same, really. Pluto is a great awakener. With Pluto, we are brought to the most internal part of our beings and given a glimpse into what has been hiding in the dark. The way to shift your view, your definition of what reality is, what you are seeing in your life everyday, is to go inward and embrace what has been hiding in the dark of your unconscious. Pluto is the power of transformation that each of us has to tear down the old view of reality and create something new.

Each of us has this opportunity now since Saturn and Pluto are traveling together in the same place of the zodiac for the first time since the early 1980s. I don’t expect this to be simple and straightforward. This is the time to deeply observe where you feel stuck or where you don’t see energy moving in your life and make determined conscious effort to change all of that. This especially applies to old repeated patterns. Saturn makes us aware of where we still have fear, Pluto gives us the power to blast through it. 

Meanwhile, we will have Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius for the rest of the year. This is about faith. Having faith in something in your life, whether it is your own abilities, support of people around you or a benevolent power greater than you and this earth. Maybe it’s all of those things and ideally it probably should be. You have to believe above and beyond what you are seeing on this earth that your goals and your mission and your purpose and your journey are going to lead to a greater transformation of your life during this time. Use Jupiter’s support in abundance to open the door to your own transformation. Like I said, this isn’t going to be straightforward and simple, we’re going to go up and feel empowered, hit the wall of Saturn, and need to go deeper with Pluto to get beyond it. And it’s going happen again and again, around and around until we get to the point of transformation we need. This is why Jupiter is so important for us, we must have the belief and confidence that we can conquer the obstacles and create a more profoundly meaningful life. 

If you would like to watch my video about the Saturn-Pluto transit in 2019 and 2020 for each sign, please visit my YouTube channel and find it here:

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