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I traded in my therapist for Deb! I started getting astrological readings from Deb and realized that it was helpful in a different and more profound way than my therapist. We do bi weekly sessions and it’s been really helpful to combine astrology with what is going on in my life and the people in it. Deb is amazingly encouraging and supportive and has been instrumental keeping me focused when emotions steer me off path.  Deb is nonjudgemental and encouraging and positive. She also cares and gives advice between our seasons. Long emails with thoughts and help. She is priceless. If you love astrology and need guidance, she is your person. The sessions are also recorded so you can hear them back which is helpful to reinforce what we talked about. – EC

I cannot thank you enough, your time and energy you have put into helping me untangle this tricky road of life. I am forever grateful. Your insight has always brought me such clarity in times of confusion and indecision.  You give the most honest and thoughtful responses, and truly care for the people you work with, which is incredibly admirable and inspiring. Your gift is a gift to all that get the opportunity to work with you— thank you, thank you, thank you!  – Allie

Deb has been my astrologer for over 15 years. I can highly recommend her. She is extremely professional, helpful and caring. She has the best qualities of an astrologer – excellent technical knowledge, decades of experience and a kindness and empathy which she brings to all her readings. She’s helped me through life’s up’s and down’s with uncannily accurate insights and a way to look at myself, my family, my current situation and my life in a new paradigm through the lens of astrology. I turn to her anytime I have questions or concerns. She’s on my speed dial! She replies instantly and is always there when I need her. She knows her stuff and has a broad and deep astrological toolkit. She has the background and knowledge to speak about future world events, economics, politics as well as relationships (synastry), health and even electional astrology, where you pick fortuitous dates. I use her for everything. She even picked the day of my wedding! I consider her not only my go-to astrologer, but also a good friend. I highly recommend her. –  VT Myers

I have known Deb for about 20 years and her astonishing skill at giving me astrological readings all these years has been a huge benefit for me. I became a true believer in trusting the stars and Deb’s amazing insight to making sense of what they say ever since she told me it was written in the stars that I would have a million dollar day and on that day I concluded a million dollar sale of three books to one of the largest publishers. It gives me great comfort to know that the stars can reveal why I feel tension or relaxation, sadness or happiness, stress or productivity, all the ups and downs of life, along with what I should expect in the future on a certain date or time in my life. Deb has always been available to give me an explanation, so that I don’t have to worry about whether or not I’m making the right decisions. I would highly recommend her for getting a clear and personal reading experience to highlight how you fit into this universe and to give you a clearer view on what kind of adjustments you can make in the future with this knowledge. – Doris S. Michaels, former President of DSM Agency

Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that I haven’t known Deb forever, but I reached out to her initially as the result of a google query related to the best astrologer in New York City. In today’s world of twenty-something YouTubers waxing poetic about planetary transits, Deb’s credibility and depth of expertise has a warm resonance for me, similar to the golden nostalgia of Saturday night dinner conversation amongst a group of old friends, longing collectively to return to a pre-social media world of daily life, one infused with more authentic human connection. There is something about Deb that is rare and yet instantly familiar, and the best part is that it’s difficult to say exactly what that “something” must be. Since my initial outreach following the Google search, I have grown to admire Deb for a myriad of reasons. Her accessible counsel on my chart and the broader astrological backdrop has been impactful on my journey of self awareness. Some of her insights have held material significance that have unlocked even more in the weeks and months following our session, as if two puzzle pieces finally fit together after the one missing puzzle piece is found, perfectly preserved under the couch, years after the puzzle was first undertaken. If you are reading this because you are considering a session with Deb, then stop reading and just book it. She is a special light in this crazy world, and I am certain that she will be present to your circumstances in a way that will directly address whatever you are seeking to better understand. – Whitney

Deb McBride is the finest astrologer I have ever used. Her astrological knowledge gave me hope during a very difficult health crisis. She was able to tell me when things would start to look up and she was right on the money. Since then she has assisted me with some major financial and work decisions. I would highly recommend her for your astrological needs as well as her astrocartography reports.
– Linda G

Deb Mc Bride has been my astrologer for a few years now. I hired Deb first for an Astrocartography analysis and was so impressed with her knowledge and accuracy, that I choose to use her talents for guidance in my every day personal and business life. Astrology with Deb Mc Bride is not just simple information but a different safe way to improve the potential transformation. She provided a crystal clear, accurate analysis of this incarnation Journey of mine giving insights as well as a sensitive clarification of the issues I wanted to explore about where my Life is at presently.  She  gently and lovingly guides me into the deepest journey of self discovery I  could  experience about my entire being. Deb has an accurate knowledge and amazing intuition, bringing incredible skills and depth to her analysis of my chart, plus, she is always friendly and supportive. A full reading with Deb Mc Bride is the most beautiful gift you can give yourselves or to any other. The woman is  an astrological Goddess oracle genius … obviously doing what she was born to do. Thank you Deb, I am grateful!    – NA  Houston,Texas

While navigating my way through a rocky marriage in 2015, struggling to fully understand myself and my needs, I chose to take a deeper dive into astrology. I have always had a lingering curiosity, and a general idea of what characteristics my sun sign included.. but I wanted to know so much more. I feel so lucky to have found Deb!! She could not have been more enthusiastic or more understanding and personable from the moment we met. She gave me a the full picture of myself I was looking for, guiding me through my birth chart and connecting everything we discussed right to where my life was at that moment. I have continued to meet with her regularly ever since and always look forward to our time together. In each of our sessions, she encourages me to step outside of what might be happening, helping me to look at myself and my circumstances with a fresh perspective. I leave each of our sessions with an indescribable sense of calm, clarity, and balance, not to mention, a better understanding of myself and those around me. I’m so grateful for her work and cannot recommend her highly enough! – JR

Deb, it’s amazing how my life falls back in order after our sessions. Whenever, my life get stuck you always lead me back on my journey; opening new doors for me to explore within myself. You have a special gift, and I’m glad we’re friends. – Jeanne

I met Deb five years ago and had my birth chart done. I was so impressed with all the detailed information about myself and my past that Deb became a trusted source. In fact, I’ve been going to Deb for all my romantic relationships. It’s truly amazing how much detailed information she can uncover from someone’s birth date and location, and without having a specific time of birth! Deb has been spot on with every man and relationship in my life.
About three years ago, Deb helped me when I was deciding on relocating to Miami. She reassured me that it was a great transition and location for me and even recommended a time-frame with the actual move. I went ahead and moved on the month recommended and it was perfect. I’m so happy in Miami!
I also did an Emotional Clearing session with Deb, which was a great and unique experience. We worked on some of my past issues and visions for the future. It was such a great and beneficial exercise to think about it and write it all down. I actually ended-up manifesting my apartment in Miami! – MP

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