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Our world and the future

November 11, 2016

It would be remiss of me to not address the current events in our world. I have been contacted by a number of people asking if I predicted or expected the outcome of this U.S. election. I have been quiet about this because it was not an astrological answer that I could easily determine. Make no mistake, these types of events are notoriously difficult to accurately predict. There are a lot of factors in determining a winner. Of course, no matter how hard we try, we are all biased. And we are all affected because we live on Earth.

So now I will repeat what I have been speaking about since 2008. It’s been a while since I addressed this particular matter here and it’s worth a look again and perhaps to break it down a bit so it makes more sense. In astrology, we have inner planets and outer planets. The inner planets are more about our everyday experience of our lives and our feelings. Outer planets, such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto reveal what is in the collective or our world cycles, essentially the themes we live through in culture. Saturn is the boundary between the worlds and Saturn does rule boundaries in our lives. Inner planets and outer planets engage with one another in a dialogue to create more meaningful experiences of relationships with people, ourselves and the world. The sign the planets are visiting determines the arena of life where the activity will play out.

In 2008, Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn, which rules all institutions of business, authority, government, commerce and financial markets, among other things. Pluto is the planet of transformation, where darkness becomes light once we embrace and acknowledge the darkness. Pluto’s entry into a sign and residence there brings about the darkness surrounding the areas the sign rules. Whatever it touches is deeply and irrevocably transformed. It reveals the places where changes and healing are needed. So, in 2008 we had an economic crisis, as Capricorn is known to rule economics. Pluto is a slow moving planet, it will stay in Capricorn until the end of 2024, it is now about halfway through the sign. While we are no longer seeing Ponzi schemes revealed on a daily basis, we can see that true economic solutions have not been felt all over the U.S. There are people who struggle in ways that many of us cannot imagine. We are not finished with this economic transformation. The one statement that I have made multiple times is that no one person is going to fix the economic issues until Pluto is ready to leave Capricorn. Not Donald. Not Hillary. Not Chuckles the Clown. NO ONE. It takes a long time to resolve large issues such as these, no one person is going to magically appear and make it all better. It seems that some people vote thinking that their candidate is the one to “fix” things, I have read this dialogue so many times. This is up to us, as always. It is up to us to change our lives and empower ourselves. Yes, the powers that be have a hand in it. But ultimately, we are in charge of and responsible for our own lives. Blaming others and the government is never going to get us any resolution. People have to work together to heal themselves and the issues the country faces.

While Pluto is in Capricorn, each of us needs to find and embrace our own mastery, the passion in our lives that brings us deep satisfaction and supports our life. This is the way to heal, this is the way out of troubles that plague our lives. A confidence in ourselves, what we can do that contributes to society and the world. Again, no one is going to do this for us. This takes a lot of self-reflection, owning who we are and having the strength of our convictions to move us forward on our path.

As individuals have astrological charts, so do countries. The USA has July 4, 1776 as its birthdate and a chart is drawn up for this day. The U.S. has Pluto in Capricorn in its natal chart, it was born with this placement. We then say that the U.S. is having its Pluto return, meaning that within the next few years Pluto will come back to the place where it was in the chart of the U.S. for the first time. This is a major turning point for the country. When this initially happened we had the Revolutionary War. There will be a certain rebirth in the U.S. but there will be a lot of upheaval in the process. I believe this latest election is part of that upheaval. It has revealed how divided our country is and how we need to do some serious healing. People from opposing sides have been unable to talk to each other about this election because the division was so vast that it was rare to have a conversation where people could just agree to disagree. I grew up in an era before cable tv was broadcasting politics 24/7 (yes, I am old!). Since there were not consistent broadcasts of political news, people were not watching and thinking about politics all the time. These matters were more heated every few years. I don’t believe the media did us any favors this election because it’s their ratings game that got us this candidate in the first place.

After Pluto leaves Capricorn, it naturally goes into Aquarius, a sign that is associated with brotherhood, altruism and community. That’s the light side of Aquarius, remember there’s a dark side as well. Therefore we have to be aware that Pluto can reveal the darker elements of this sign – gangs, movements that are not for the greater good, uprisings of anarchists. Aquarius can be cold and detached as well, as it is an air sign. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was during the French Revolution. We all know what happened at that time in history. The disenfranchised masses rose up against the elite. The “haves vs the have-nots.” Obviously, Pluto in Capricorn back then initially paved the way for this action to happen, once Pluto entered Aquarius. But it was a major, irrevocable turning point in history.

I understand there are people in this country who felt their needs were not met and needed to be heard. I don’t understand why the people of the U.S. who feel they have been economically shafted over the last bunch of years would hire someone to run the country who has for decades been a clear symbol of the elite. I don’t know what people will do when they find out he can’t give them what they want.

If you feel empowered by going out to peacefully protest, then by all means do that. Voices need to be heard, meaningful action should be taken. But remember, this can get a lot uglier, which is not what we want. I have to encourage all of us to come together for the right things. I am not saying I condone this new administration, but we don’t want a civil war. The division in this country is very real and very hot right now. Ultimately we need to walk a fine line between acceptance of the current circumstances and pushing back against what we know to be wrong and where rights can be taken away.

And stop watching 24/7 politics! Find your passion and expertise in this world and embrace it.



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