Deb McBride

As I said in my last post, there is so much to say astrologically right now. So, here are more thoughts about this week ahead. 

We know Mercury is starting its retrograde on Tuesday, that will occur at 6PM ET. If you are voting, try to get out and vote earlier in the day because once Mercury stations and stops, there may be chaos in your voting area. Mercury is also what astrologers call “out of bounds” – which means that it is behaving in a manner that is uncharacteristic and also highly unpredictable. 

Mars is also out of bounds and that is highly emotional. If the election results are contested, people will be fervent about it. Remember conversations back in 2000? This activity of Mars makes us all spoiling for a fight or really weepy. Allow yourself the expression, but try to keep your cool with others. Some of us are actually just digesting the devastation from Hurricane Sandy and we have yet to overcome the stress or release our true feelings about the loss and experience of last week. 

Then there’s Neptune. Neptune rules Pisces, it is in its sign for the first and only time in our lifetime. Neptune rules the ocean, the psychic realms, sleep, dreams, illusion, what we see or do not see, where our vision is cloudy, where we are confused and lacking direction. Neptune is stationing also, turning direct from the retrograde it has been experiencing for the last several months. It is entangled with the Mercury that is stationing retrograde. As if Mercury’s antics aren’t enough, it has a challenging relationship with the planet of confusion. Mercury and Neptune together indicate a variety of scenarios: unclear information about the results, fraudulent practices, votes that disappeared and are therefore unaccounted. No clear end in sight. This has nothing to do with who is running for office, though both candidate’s astrology plays into the mess. George Washington could return from the other side, run for office and this would still look like the mess that it is (that would be SOME Neptune aspect for sure!). 

This election has been very close these last few months and it could possibly result in a tie. And what would happen then? For your entertainment pleasure, here is a link to a video of Rachel Maddow explaining what that would mean. Watch it, it’s fun! Happy Voting!
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