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Thursday, March 27, 2014 

Over the past year, Alex and I have booked dates through How About We, the dating and relationships site that helps plan offbeat dates for couples. Well, this past weekend, we went to Brooklyn to visit an astrologer. We did it just for fun, but then she went and told us something crazy…

As a How About We for Couples member, you browse their list of dates, book the ones you like, and go. They take care of all the details. We signed up for an hour-long couples astrology reading in Brooklyn…and had absolutely no idea what to expect. As we headed up the stairs to her apartment, I have to admit, I was a little nervous!

Our astrologer, Deb McBride, greeted us on the third floor with cold glasses of water and our charts already written up. According to New York Magazine, McBride, “with her rosy cheeks, friendly smile and chintz-filled Park Slope walk-up, is probably the coziest astrologer in town; but she’s also one of the most academic.”

We sat around the table together, as she explained our natal charts—which showed the locations of the sun, moon and planets when we were born. Alex is a Scorpio, so she told him: “I find that Scorpios are salt-of-the-Earth people. They’re loyal and deep. They’re not shallow people by any means. They move through life and want to know what’s at the very bottom and the essence of things. They don’t look at things in an off-handed way. They make good investigators, good archeologists, good psychotherapists.” Alex and I were impressed: She was dead on.

I’m an Aquarius, so she told me: “Joanna, you’re an air sign, which is known for thinking, constant analysis. Trying to get the brain to calm down is one of Aquarius’ challenges. Their brains move very quickly. The stream of consciousness is extremely fast. They sometimes suffer from anxiety.” Again, she nailed it!

Deb told us about our relationship—”you can live together because your moons are compatible; you are highly empathic and sensitive, and it’s very important for you to have time to vent and release tension”—but the crazy part of the session came at the end. She pulled out maps of the United States and looked at us seriously. “There is an attachment to California,” she told us. “Joanna, your Saturn is New York—that means you can achieve things here, but there is a lack of balance. It’s like always being on the treadmill. For Alex, he doesn’t have any planets going through New York, which means he can be fine here, but you BOTH have Jupiter on the same safe place, which is in California.” She said she wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up moving there. And it’s funny because, ever since our date, I keep daydreaming about heading west…her words really got into our heads!

Have you ever been to an astrologist? It’s such a trip! I’m now recommending it to all my friends—you should totally try it! Thanks for the idea, How About We. We had the best time.

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