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As MADONNA reaches 50 this weekend (16Aug08), a leading astrologer has delved into the Material Girl’s star signs to see what the future has in store for the first lady of pop. Using the pop superstar’s birth details (she was born at 7am on 16 August 1958) stargazing experts can map out information about the Material Girl’s romantic life, personality and what lies ahead for Madonna.
New York-based astrologer Deb McBride claims there is much success yet to come for the singer, both personally and professionally. And she hints Madonna could be planning another dramatic image change. McBride tells WENN, “Madonna is at the end of a 30-year cycle in her life, a true maturing is happening now… It’s a time when the body starts to show age. Aging is never easy for a Leo.
“Going forward, she may grow into playing the role of Grand Dame of the music industry. Over the next two years, we’ll see another face, another reinvention of herself that we have not yet witnessed in the past.”
But she insists the singer’s move to London with husband Guy Ritchie can only play a positive influence: “She does best in the city of Los Angeles, but, in London, she shines in a regal way. New York is a more stressful city in that Saturn is stronger there, causing her to feel pressured to work harder.”
And it’s possible these stresses have led to the star’s series of setbacks as she rehearses in the Big Apple for her forthcoming Sticky + Sweet Tour – Madonna has sparked concerns she had thrown the live show into jeopardy after injuring her ankle just two weeks before the concert run starts on 23 August (08).
And McBride insists Madonna is in desperate need to slow down: “She should be careful of her health during this two year period as Neptune transiting her house of health can possibly bring a health crisis.”
The astrologer suggests a shift away from the spotlight could do wonders to revive her career: “Madonna should be focusing on altruistic activities. Otherwise it can create a lot of negative publicity. This is not a good time for her to be seeking any accolade for its own sake.
“It’s far better for her to perform acts of altruism that are for communities and the benefit of the world, rather than spend time on projects which will get her noticed just for publicity. If she seeks no rewards and does work for the goodness of the masses, she will reap great benefits.”
But McBride adds Saturday’s Lunar Eclipse could cause a less-desirable shift for the singer in her relationship with husband Guy Ritchie – following weeks of speculation the showbiz couple’s marriage is on the rocks.
She explains, “An eclipse on her Sun does indicate a big year ahead for her, possibly major shifts in her relationship with her husband and the role he plays in her life. She may be relating to the world and seeking a deeper metaphysical life experience, more than she is relating to her partner.
“Eclipses come in cycles – the last time Madonna experienced this particular eclipse cycle was when she met and became involved with her current husband, Guy Ritchie. The cycle before that one was when she and her first husband, Sean Penn got divorced. So, her marriage may experience some challenges now.”
But, if the pair can get through their struggles, McBride insists Madonna and Ritchie can look forward to a long life ahead, and a growing family: “As Saturn moves over her Moon later this autumn (08), there are usually some changes in the home – this could be a move, an additional home, adopting another child or perhaps one of her children – such as her daughter (Lourdes) – may decide to study in another city.”
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