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Make America High Again

November 20, 2016

img_0569Have you the constant feeling you forgot something?

Did you walk across the room meaning to do something and can’t remember what it was? How about going to look something up on your computer only to not recall what it was? You thought it was important. Maybe not so much? 

Walking around feeling as if you’re high? Are you questioning everything in your life? Maybe the adaptogen mushroom powder from the health food store was stronger than you thought.

These are the signs indicating you are under Neptune’s influence. You are not alone. For the last few days and for the next few days we are under the station of Neptune. At 11:40 pm EST on November 19, Neptune is turning direct from retrograde in its own sign of Pisces. When Neptune changes direction, we can feel any of the above. Or like we are under water. Or that the boat is rocking and we are seasick. It is especially powerful in its own sign, for the first time in 164 years. And this time it’s with the South Node of the Moon, also known as Ketu, the Dragon’s Tail. 

Seasick is an appropriate word. Imagine you are in a boat, sailing along one evening thinking you are going on a particular journey, from point A to point B. And at some point you are feeling that the rocky seas are navigating the boat onto a different path. The boat goes up, the boat comes down. You try to steer yourself back on course, but the seas are mighty and rough. They seem to know the way better than you do and you cannot control your boat anymore. You hang on for dear life. You start praying to deities that you thought you gave up long ago, “What is happening, where am I going, where are you taking me, gods of the sea? Am I going to die?” You feel seasick, not only because of the unstable waters, but because you have no idea what lies before you. Sharks? Whales? Sea monsters? Your head is spinning, panic sets in. Did you bring your Dramamine? What about those nice chewy ginger candies you get at the corner market? Oh, to be able to walk into the corner market again! You swear you won’t care anymore that the music is bad, at least it’s on solid ground. Until the moment when you surrender because you have no choice. You just trust that this crazy, unyielding force of nature knows what’s good for you better than you do. Resistance is futile. Then oddly, the dark night of the soul is over and the sun comes up with the water calm and clear. But you are not on the land where you thought you’d be. This is not the point B from your point A. This is like….point Z. 

How did you get there? Was it a hallucination? A spiritual experience, that’s right….or maybe a dream. Did that really happen? Perhaps you imagined it. Maybe you had too many snuffs of the Benzedrex inhaler. Then again, it all looks and feels very real. Your mind has been opened and shall not be shut. This is Neptune.

Yes, it’s safe to feel again. Just remember you are not in the same place you once were. You are now transformed. Scary journeys are what happens when we attempt to manifest something new in our lives. We meet the demons, sea monsters and all the ugly things from the waters of our subconscious that want us to fail. Funny thing is if you dropped acid or took ayahuasca, these beasts would appear as well, in all of their technicolor glory. That’s Neptune, too. 

The thing to remember with Neptune is there are always so many questions and never enough answers. Are you able to believe what you experienced, trust your intuition and surrender to not knowing exactly how it will all turn out? Trust is part of the journey, you can’t have the answers in your hand, just know that this adventure brought you to the place you need to be. With Neptune as soon as you catch something in your hand, it vanishes. So don’t try to hold it too close. Especially while Neptune is hanging out with the South Node for the next few months, you’ll really learn the hard way how to release. If there is someone or something you are worried about, send it love and light. But let it be free to come in and go out as it pleases, like the tides.

We don’t need drugs, we can get high from the journey, the excitement, the mystery and wonder. Listen to your dreams, your intuition, embrace the path. 

Yes, this is all Neptune. Our dreams may seem wild and turbulent at times, but we need to trust them. 

Ah! böwakawa poussé, poussé” 


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