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Sunset at Playa Grande

It’s eclipse time once again, astrodarlings!

For the last few weeks here in Costa Rica, I’ve been watching Nature get revved up, as it’s always the first to sense these lunar cycles. The Wood Rail birds are squawking at all hours of the day and night, two of them in particular singing a duet like a couple of high strung hens. I’m assuming they are a couple, because these neotropical birds are monogamous.

The first eclipse is a total Solar Eclipse at 10° Cancer on July 2nd. This means the Sun and the Moon will be conjunct at that degree. This is actually a lovely aspect as it is one of compassion, sensitivity and deep connection with others. It is a North Node eclipse, so the idea here is to keep yourself focused on healthy, positive, life affirming relationships with loved ones. This is where the greatest fulfillment will be. We have a cluster of planets and activity at the South Node in Capricorn. With that it’s important to be mindful that we can be dragged into that spin of feeling unacknowledged and a lack of recognition. In this initial eclipse it should be easier to keep our focus on the connection and gratitude for what and who we do have in our lives, instead of where we may feel lack. Seek a powerful epiphany with this eclipse, it can be very healing. New Moons with such powerful eclipse energy are a wonderful time to do a ritual to welcome in the new.

The second one occurs on July 16th and is a partial Lunar Eclipse closer to the South Node at 24° Capricorn, which is where the Moon will be. The Sun will be at the equal and opposite point in the sign of Cancer. This one is far more complicated as it is working alongside Saturn & Pluto. While we know Saturn & Pluto are helping us work to transform an old pattern in our lives, we are still moving through the various dimensions of emotions that play out from these patterns. It is very likely you may feel sensitive around this time because the Moon will be highlighted and emotions will run high. Try to not indulge old patterns and get pulled back into their cycle. Watch them move past you like a rain cloud. If we get swept into the moment, it may re-ignite old stories to which we don’t want to react. Something is bound to get triggered by this pattern, so stay awake and aware and see it for what it is. Hopefully, it will help clear away some of the emotional debris of the old pattern. But it also could just be a test of your resilience to stay on your new path.

One of the most important points about these two eclipses is that Saturn will be right back at the South Node in this month, with an exact conjunction at the first eclipse. This is a tricky one! Saturn is where we must do our homework, yet at the South Node, we need to not allow the old patterns to keep repeating by reacting to them. We do the work here of healing the wold pattern only by not letting it get to us. Not an easy task. I can already feel this group of aspects heating up and getting triggered by the eclipse. Saturn will be needling this until September with one last conjunction out of three, when we can finally feel the release of this old pattern. The best action to take when you feel yourself getting triggered is to change the dynamic you have with it. Do something different, unexpected and out of character.

For your viewing enjoyment, I have made two videos on YouTube about these subjects. One is Walking the Fine Line of the Lunar Nodes 2019-2020 and can be seen here:

The other is about these July eclipses and can be seen here:

I will continue to discuss these aspects on my podcast, which can be found on iTunes and here:

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