Deb McBride

Here we go again!

August 10, 2018

Another eclipse you say? For the third time?

Usually these things come in pairs. But lucky us, we have the opportunity for a third eclipse, woo-hoo! Normally, I’d say that one of them is a weaker one and we don’t feel it so much. But that hasn’t been the case this time.

The first one opposed Pluto – the universe gave me rattlesnakes.

The second one involved Mars & Uranus – I got earthquakes.

This third one feels mighty powerful and actually quite positive. Who knows what surprises are in store? I do know one thing – this is about manifestation. I can feel that so much I can taste it. In fact, once I recognized that energy for this eclipse, I felt a real positive shift. But to be clear – we are manifesting all the time – everything- whether consciously or not. What we are being asked to do this time is to look into our hearts – because this is a Leo solar eclipse and Sun rules Leo and Leo rules the heart – and acknowledge what’s there, what is on fire, what is being created right in our hearts. And consciously bring that into the world, give birth to it. That’s true manifestation. It’s what has been waiting inside of us to be brought into the light of creativity, given a voice. Be conscious of it, take responsibility for our creation, take hold of our thoughts, our subconscious mind and steer it in the direction we want it to go. Instead of just saying “Well, this is what I have in my heart, what I am being called to do, but I don’t know that I can make it happen.” You decide that it’s happening and it’s happening right now. And that is manifestation.

I met the beautiful orange butterfly in the photo in my garden today. Then it actually flew into my house to spend some time visiting me.

Happy Eclipse!


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