Deb McBride

Emotional Clearing

Sometimes we are feeling stuck in our lives and identifying the issue through astrology is not enough. This is when we need help clearing old issues that still impede our progress.

I can help move the energy with emotional clearing techniques that are based upon Kinesiology, Color Frequency, Emotional Freedom Technique and sending information to your holographic field. This is a simple and effective sequence of steps that can calm your being and help to release old emotional patterns. I can also give you tools that you can do on your own to further the understanding of what is happening in your field, which may or may not be conscious.

The system I use is called Nu | Vision which is a sophisticated software program that is the only one of its kind. I can confidently tell you that I am the only practicing astrologer in the world who has this system. It uses a computerized holographic representation of the person based on name, date of birth and place of birth. I can then reconnect information such as affirmations and positive statements to this holographic image. Each of us has a holographic field, which describes and reflects our thoughts and emotions. Nu | Vision can support this field by scanning it and showing what is in your field – thoughts and emotions that can help or hinder our progress in our lives. By clearing what is not necessary or hindering us in our field, we can find progress in our lives where we have felt stuck or blocked. I can also reconnect affirmations and positive statements to your field that can increase your ability to move forward in your life. Imagine how much more productivity and happiness is available to you!

If you would like to know more about this interesting work, you can watch a video here or feel free to contact me.


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