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Did you say eclipse?

December 23, 2018
The Full Moon on December 22, 2018 from Escazu, Costa Rica. Pretty good shot, huh?

Happy Solstice! It is not only the annual time when the Sun enters Capricorn, but it is also a Full Moon. This Full Moon occurs with the Moon at 0° Cancer and the Sun and 0° Capricorn, these degrees of the zodiac are what we call the Cardinal Axis or the World Axis. This means they are at a point where that relates to the world at large – celebrities, global issues, popular culture. If you were born with planets in this area of the zodiac, you may find yourself in a world where you are regularly put in the limelight, work with people or have friends who are on the world stage. Therefore I expect that there will be events in the news that will grab everyone’s attention and indeed there already are. Capricorn rules the patriarchy, the government, the banking systems and corporations. It represents our relationship with authority, how we feel about having public status and how ambitious we are. 

Since this Full Moon is in Cancer, we may find ourselves to be unusually sensitive, especially around family matters. Holiday time always brings this to the table and this lunation just puts an extra stamp on it. During this time, we also have Mars in Pisces sitting between Neptune and Chiron. These are planets of inner journeys, and this is not a comfortable place for Mars, which is a planet of initiation and movement out in the world. The best actions to take now are ones of soul work and emotional healing, which is a true blending and excellent use of this energy. Once we embark on something inner, we won’t feel so uncomfortable as any discomfort comes from our resistance and desire to put our ego into the world. 

This is not just any Full Moon, but one that opens the new eclipse period. Yes, that’s right, eclipses again. I know, I know, I feel like we just had them too. That’s because we had 3 in the summer and they were intense. Now that the Sun is embarking on a new astrological month in Capricorn, it will be joining Saturn and Pluto there, shining a light into the darker realms of our subconscious. When we have the first eclipse on January 5th, 2019, it will be a Solar Eclipse, therefore a New Moon. This lunar event will occur at 15° Capricorn, while Saturn will be at 11° and Pluto at 20° which means the eclipse is wedged in between Saturn and Pluto. 

Let me just say that this does not happen often at all. Firstly, the last time Saturn and Pluto got close together in the same sign was back in 1983. Then making a sandwich of the eclipse, that is extremely rare. This is quite a powerful event and we will discuss it further in the next few weeks. I speak of it now because it is a great aspect to start a new venture, especially if it’s going to be a business, due to the line up of planets in Capricorn. So, if you are starting something new in your business life, take this opportunity and use this eclipse energy to initiate the process. This is a highly ambitious planetary lineup and if you are wanting to jump in and produce a big splash, then this is your aspect. 

I also believe that this is a turning point in each of our lives. Saturn and Pluto are a resilient duo when together like this and we will watch them get closer over the next two years. Depending upon where the eclipse falls in your chart, you will see a turning point in that area of your life because of its powerful connection to these two planets on either side of the eclipse. It’s time to renovate that area and most likely you’ve already started the process.

I can already feel the energy picking up, because the last few days have been wildly non-stop. Running from one errand to an appointment, to chores, to another appointment. It seems unusually busy, especially since little of this had anything to do with the holidays. But I recognize the pace, the dynamism, the flow of this. It feels like eclipse energy. Since fortunate Jupiter is auspiciously in his favorite sign of Sagittarius, we are able to manage situations in a positive way and navigate them to a positive outcome. 

More on the eclipses – yes, there’s two – as we get closer. For now, have a beautiful holiday season! 

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