Deb McBride

Happy New Year to everyone! I wish you all a lovely 2017 with much prosperity and happiness.

Below I have described some of the astrological patterns we will be encountering as we move through the next 12 months. Of course, I will continue to discuss these patterns more profoundly throughout the year. So, this is not a deep investigation of each of these, but an overview in preparation.

Saturn in Sagittarius will trine Uranus in Aries for most of the year – as this is in fire, things will heat up and move quickly. Especially for anyone having planets in fire, or are born under a fire sign, they will feel events moving quickly, feel life is faster, they are more resolute and not wanting to linger over trivial matters. Tempers may flare, then quickly extinguish. Saturn can ground Uranus’s electrical energy and therefore make us more productive. Both planets are in the latter third of the sign they have been transiting. For Uranus, it is in the Sagittarius decanate of its transit through Aries, which supports the trine. I can only hope our world evolves to a better place with Sagittarian matters – foreign relations, religious tolerance, the justice system. Saturn always brings a lesson for each of us, this time is no different.

Uranus will be busy, as it is also involved in an ongoing T-square for most of 2017 while Jupiter is in Libra in opposition. This is the most important astrology event of the year. Pluto will still be in Capricorn and although Uranus & Pluto are not in an exact aspect anymore, they are close enough for Jupiter to connect them. As we know, Jupiter’s influence is to expand and open up the influence of transformation here. Remember 2014? Jupiter was in Cancer then, also involved in this T-square with Uranus and Pluto. This is a similar story, but this time the empty space of the T-square falls in the sign of Cancer. Wherever you have the sign of the crab in your chart is where the energy will be shot from the 3 planet configuration. This is the area that will require attention. Every month, remember that the Moon will enter the sign of Cancer for a few days filling in the empty space of the T-Square, creating a Grand Cross. It’s best to pay attention to the times when feeling the most pressured in that area of  life. There is information in those days – about the direction being taken, about the area that requires focus and energy.

Jupiter sextile Saturn, also an aspect happening all year, the smoothing out of rough edges of Saturn’s transit in Sadge. This is especially since they are in each other’s signs. Saturn is exalted in Libra where Jupiter lives for most of the year, while Jupiter is the ruler of Sadge where Saturn currently resides. Any unsavory effects of Saturn’s transit in Sadge will be mitigated by the supportive aspects coming from Jupiter and Uranus. Hopefully, this will bring some greater compassion and understanding to our world as Sagittarius rules learning and higher knowledge.

In January, there is so much in Capricorn as there always is this time of year. But there are also planets and the South Node in Pisces. This combination is complimentary, but Capricorn always wants to press on while Pisces wants to rest. Therefore, it’s necessary to find the balance between the two, because otherwise it manifests as being too hard on ourselves when we should be taking a break. If we don’t get enough rest, we don’t have energy to accomplish. Mercury direct on January 8th puts perspective on our reflections from the last 3 weeks as the annual Sun Pluto conjunction brings us to a place of empowerment. The Sun moves to create the Full Moon forming a Grand Cross on Jan 12. This can be powerful, use the energy wisely, it can get stressful if too much is attempted. Grand Cross aspects are noted for pulling us in several directions, feeling like each of four corners needs to placated. 

In February, the first set of eclipses will occur on the 10th with a Lunar Eclipse in Leo and then the 26th for the Solar Eclipse in Pisces close to the South Node. Eclipses always bring intense emotions, so it’s best to prepare with meditation (or medication if that suits you!) and staying focused on the moment. The more powerful of the eclipses will be the 2nd one as it is closest to the Node and it is with Neptune. Neptune’s influence will surely be felt as there will be a moment of magic, spirit or even illusion contained within the eclipse. As we reach the 2nd eclipse on Feb 26, Mars will conjunct Uranus and this should be a real jolt of energy during the eclipse. I can assure you it will not be dull.

Venus will retrograde in Aries on March 3rd until April 15th. I will discuss this further in the near future, but as I always say it’s not a good time to start a brand-new relationship. Once we are in mid- April, it is safe to start considering new people as potential partners.

On July 9th, we will encounter the Full Moon in Capricorn, the counterpart to the intense Grand Cross of January 12. In this case, the Moon will be in Capricorn and the Sun will be in Cancer. Again, intense Grand Cross energy, think of 2014. This will coincide with the annual Sun conjunct Pluto on July 10. This is another major turning point in the year.

The second set of eclipses will be in August, the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th in Aquarius and the Solar Eclipse on the 21st in Leo. The Solar is the more powerful one this time, closest to the North Node.

This is the overview and 2017 promises to be an intense year of great change and great possibility. Remember to use these energies to your empowerment and not be defenseless in the face of such great changes. Anything is possible!







Make America High Again

November 20, 2016

img_0569Have you the constant feeling you forgot something?

Did you walk across the room meaning to do something and can’t remember what it was? How about going to look something up on your computer only to not recall what it was? You thought it was important. Maybe not so much? 

Walking around feeling as if you’re high? Are you questioning everything in your life? Maybe the adaptogen mushroom powder from the health food store was stronger than you thought.

These are the signs indicating you are under Neptune’s influence. You are not alone. For the last few days and for the next few days we are under the station of Neptune. At 11:40 pm EST on November 19, Neptune is turning direct from retrograde in its own sign of Pisces. When Neptune changes direction, we can feel any of the above. Or like we are under water. Or that the boat is rocking and we are seasick. It is especially powerful in its own sign, for the first time in 164 years. And this time it’s with the South Node of the Moon, also known as Ketu, the Dragon’s Tail. 

Seasick is an appropriate word. Imagine you are in a boat, sailing along one evening thinking you are going on a particular journey, from point A to point B. And at some point you are feeling that the rocky seas are navigating the boat onto a different path. The boat goes up, the boat comes down. You try to steer yourself back on course, but the seas are mighty and rough. They seem to know the way better than you do and you cannot control your boat anymore. You hang on for dear life. You start praying to deities that you thought you gave up long ago, “What is happening, where am I going, where are you taking me, gods of the sea? Am I going to die?” You feel seasick, not only because of the unstable waters, but because you have no idea what lies before you. Sharks? Whales? Sea monsters? Your head is spinning, panic sets in. Did you bring your Dramamine? What about those nice chewy ginger candies you get at the corner market? Oh, to be able to walk into the corner market again! You swear you won’t care anymore that the music is bad, at least it’s on solid ground. Until the moment when you surrender because you have no choice. You just trust that this crazy, unyielding force of nature knows what’s good for you better than you do. Resistance is futile. Then oddly, the dark night of the soul is over and the sun comes up with the water calm and clear. But you are not on the land where you thought you’d be. This is not the point B from your point A. This is like….point Z. 

How did you get there? Was it a hallucination? A spiritual experience, that’s right….or maybe a dream. Did that really happen? Perhaps you imagined it. Maybe you had too many snuffs of the Benzedrex inhaler. Then again, it all looks and feels very real. Your mind has been opened and shall not be shut. This is Neptune.

Yes, it’s safe to feel again. Just remember you are not in the same place you once were. You are now transformed. Scary journeys are what happens when we attempt to manifest something new in our lives. We meet the demons, sea monsters and all the ugly things from the waters of our subconscious that want us to fail. Funny thing is if you dropped acid or took ayahuasca, these beasts would appear as well, in all of their technicolor glory. That’s Neptune, too. 

The thing to remember with Neptune is there are always so many questions and never enough answers. Are you able to believe what you experienced, trust your intuition and surrender to not knowing exactly how it will all turn out? Trust is part of the journey, you can’t have the answers in your hand, just know that this adventure brought you to the place you need to be. With Neptune as soon as you catch something in your hand, it vanishes. So don’t try to hold it too close. Especially while Neptune is hanging out with the South Node for the next few months, you’ll really learn the hard way how to release. If there is someone or something you are worried about, send it love and light. But let it be free to come in and go out as it pleases, like the tides.

We don’t need drugs, we can get high from the journey, the excitement, the mystery and wonder. Listen to your dreams, your intuition, embrace the path. 

Yes, this is all Neptune. Our dreams may seem wild and turbulent at times, but we need to trust them. 

Ah! böwakawa poussé, poussé” 


Our world and the future

November 11, 2016

It would be remiss of me to not address the current events in our world. I have been contacted by a number of people asking if I predicted or expected the outcome of this U.S. election. I have been quiet about this because it was not an astrological answer that I could easily determine. Make no mistake, these types of events are notoriously difficult to accurately predict. There are a lot of factors in determining a winner. Of course, no matter how hard we try, we are all biased. And we are all affected because we live on Earth.

So now I will repeat what I have been speaking about since 2008. It’s been a while since I addressed this particular matter here and it’s worth a look again and perhaps to break it down a bit so it makes more sense. In astrology, we have inner planets and outer planets. The inner planets are more about our everyday experience of our lives and our feelings. Outer planets, such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto reveal what is in the collective or our world cycles, essentially the themes we live through in culture. Saturn is the boundary between the worlds and Saturn does rule boundaries in our lives. Inner planets and outer planets engage with one another in a dialogue to create more meaningful experiences of relationships with people, ourselves and the world. The sign the planets are visiting determines the arena of life where the activity will play out.

In 2008, Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn, which rules all institutions of business, authority, government, commerce and financial markets, among other things. Pluto is the planet of transformation, where darkness becomes light once we embrace and acknowledge the darkness. Pluto’s entry into a sign and residence there brings about the darkness surrounding the areas the sign rules. Whatever it touches is deeply and irrevocably transformed. It reveals the places where changes and healing are needed. So, in 2008 we had an economic crisis, as Capricorn is known to rule economics. Pluto is a slow moving planet, it will stay in Capricorn until the end of 2024, it is now about halfway through the sign. While we are no longer seeing Ponzi schemes revealed on a daily basis, we can see that true economic solutions have not been felt all over the U.S. There are people who struggle in ways that many of us cannot imagine. We are not finished with this economic transformation. The one statement that I have made multiple times is that no one person is going to fix the economic issues until Pluto is ready to leave Capricorn. Not Donald. Not Hillary. Not Chuckles the Clown. NO ONE. It takes a long time to resolve large issues such as these, no one person is going to magically appear and make it all better. It seems that some people vote thinking that their candidate is the one to “fix” things, I have read this dialogue so many times. This is up to us, as always. It is up to us to change our lives and empower ourselves. Yes, the powers that be have a hand in it. But ultimately, we are in charge of and responsible for our own lives. Blaming others and the government is never going to get us any resolution. People have to work together to heal themselves and the issues the country faces.

While Pluto is in Capricorn, each of us needs to find and embrace our own mastery, the passion in our lives that brings us deep satisfaction and supports our life. This is the way to heal, this is the way out of troubles that plague our lives. A confidence in ourselves, what we can do that contributes to society and the world. Again, no one is going to do this for us. This takes a lot of self-reflection, owning who we are and having the strength of our convictions to move us forward on our path.

As individuals have astrological charts, so do countries. The USA has July 4, 1776 as its birthdate and a chart is drawn up for this day. The U.S. has Pluto in Capricorn in its natal chart, it was born with this placement. We then say that the U.S. is having its Pluto return, meaning that within the next few years Pluto will come back to the place where it was in the chart of the U.S. for the first time. This is a major turning point for the country. When this initially happened we had the Revolutionary War. There will be a certain rebirth in the U.S. but there will be a lot of upheaval in the process. I believe this latest election is part of that upheaval. It has revealed how divided our country is and how we need to do some serious healing. People from opposing sides have been unable to talk to each other about this election because the division was so vast that it was rare to have a conversation where people could just agree to disagree. I grew up in an era before cable tv was broadcasting politics 24/7 (yes, I am old!). Since there were not consistent broadcasts of political news, people were not watching and thinking about politics all the time. These matters were more heated every few years. I don’t believe the media did us any favors this election because it’s their ratings game that got us this candidate in the first place.

After Pluto leaves Capricorn, it naturally goes into Aquarius, a sign that is associated with brotherhood, altruism and community. That’s the light side of Aquarius, remember there’s a dark side as well. Therefore we have to be aware that Pluto can reveal the darker elements of this sign – gangs, movements that are not for the greater good, uprisings of anarchists. Aquarius can be cold and detached as well, as it is an air sign. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was during the French Revolution. We all know what happened at that time in history. The disenfranchised masses rose up against the elite. The “haves vs the have-nots.” Obviously, Pluto in Capricorn back then initially paved the way for this action to happen, once Pluto entered Aquarius. But it was a major, irrevocable turning point in history.

I understand there are people in this country who felt their needs were not met and needed to be heard. I don’t understand why the people of the U.S. who feel they have been economically shafted over the last bunch of years would hire someone to run the country who has for decades been a clear symbol of the elite. I don’t know what people will do when they find out he can’t give them what they want.

If you feel empowered by going out to peacefully protest, then by all means do that. Voices need to be heard, meaningful action should be taken. But remember, this can get a lot uglier, which is not what we want. I have to encourage all of us to come together for the right things. I am not saying I condone this new administration, but we don’t want a civil war. The division in this country is very real and very hot right now. Ultimately we need to walk a fine line between acceptance of the current circumstances and pushing back against what we know to be wrong and where rights can be taken away.

And stop watching 24/7 politics! Find your passion and expertise in this world and embrace it.



Full Moon brings new voices

October 17, 2016

IMG_0881We have just had another Full Moon, this one was in Aries, as the Sun is in Libra. This was no ordinary Full Moon, as it was connected to Uranus, being in the same place as the Moon. This is a time of erratic behavior, chaos, anxiety and a lot of jumpy, out of nowhere electric energy coursing through everyone’s veins. Not easy to relax under this transit. Full Moons are endings, releases, letting go of something. When it is accompanied by an outer planet, such as Uranus, it becomes an uncomfortable release. It’s harder to let go, or it’s a big, life changing release. It’s a turn of events and we’ve been having a lot of those lately. Saturn is squaring the Nodes of Destiny and this is also indicative of a decision made, a turning point, a new life direction. Few people are exempt from this because if you are not changing your life, someone nearby is changing theirs and it is affecting you.  This Full Moon indeed is a time for reflection and letting go. This can all be accomplished in the week ahead.

Meanwhile, the Sun is not alone in Libra, it is accompanied by Mercury and Jupiter. They are supportive influences because they don’t really cause trouble much of the time. They will help expand fairness, diplomacy, and thoughtfulness. But Uranus in Aries, though not exactly opposite, will eventually receive these planets by opposition and in fact, will get Mercury this week. Brilliant ideas, yes! Combative conversations, for sure! And Uranus is not alone in Aries, it’s accompanied by some minor planets that are very female in nature. While normally I don’t put a lot of energy into reading these extra points, but since there is such an abundance of these influences, triggered by this latest Full Moon, I think they are asking to be noticed. The Moon is a female energy and so is Ceres, the dwarf planet named for the goddess of the grain, a motherly and nurturing influence. Ceres is visiting Aries right now and is conjunct Uranus. So is the dwarf planet Eris, which is the female counterpart to Mars – a female warrior and the goddess of discord. This is an awful lot of intense female energy connected to Uranus and sitting opposite all the other nicely behaved planets in Libra. It’s an opposition, so we vacillate between being polite and gracious and then hysterical and loud.

This all means that women are in an unusual place right now. They are creating a new voice for themselves, a new life for themselves and they are not calm about it. They are standing up and speaking up. There is a certain amount of the angry feminine  in the ethers these days. How do we handle this energy? What is constructive use of this? It is an emerging voice in our lifetime as we have not experienced these dwarf planets with Uranus in Aries until now. Aries is a Mars (read: male) ruled sign. The feminine energy remains, but is empowered by the outer planet Uranus which is genius, creativity, innovation – and of course there is the chaos. All emerging voices would be chaotic at their outset. It is important to use our new found voice for our own creative genius.  The wildness of asking “what if” – the experimentation, the epiphany, the openness to a fresh perspective. And of course, taking the risk as Uranus is a risk-taker. All of this is constructive use of this new energy.

The week ahead proves to open the door wider. We have a bit of tough aspects going forward, especially on Wednesday the 19th. Mars will conjunct Pluto as happens only every two years. This is a deep, transformative aspect however, it needs to be used wisely. Since so much female energy is agitated, a Mars Pluto in the thick of this could create an emotional explosion. One needs to own one’s power and not be manipulative nor vengeful. The temptation will be there, for sure. Find useful ways to empower yourself and feel accomplished and good about it. When reflecting on your life and the desire to release and let go, understand where certain aspects of your life have come to that turning point I mentioned above. These are matters that have outgrown their usefulness. Also on the 19th the Moon will be in Gemini, challenging both Saturn and Neptune. Again, this could bring emotional reactions that are less than savory. Remember that events are here to show you where you need to change your life. The more resistance, the harder it will be. Look for the solutions instead of getting angry about the problems. Let’s take care of ourselves now and give some extra nurture to the areas that are changing for us.





Pisces Eclipse with Chiron

September 16, 2016

iuAnd here we are with the 3rd and final eclipse this season. This is a Lunar Eclipse, with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces. It occurs at 24° Pisces, which is right with Chiron, currently traveling through Pisces. Pisces is the sign of faith, altruism, atonement, surrender and the visionary.

What exactly is Chiron?

In astronomy, Chiron is designated as both a comet and a minor planet. It used to be called an asteroid, but apparently its behavior shows otherwise. In astrology, Chiron is called the “wounded healer” – and where it is placed has everything to do with what part of our lives experiences a wound. In my personal and astrological experience, I would never underestimate the power of a Chiron transit, nor an eclipse with Chiron. Some of this has to do with Chiron’s backstory.

In mythology, Chiron is a centaur, half human, half horse. He was born of Cronus and Philyra, after she had turned herself into a mare to avoid Cronus’s pursuit. His mother was so distressed by his appearance, she begged the gods to turn her into anything and she became a linden tree. Apollo took care of Chiron and gave him the education that would serve him the rest of his life. Chiron was a gentle and wise soul, considered to be a civilized centaur. He lived in a cave with his wife and children and highly regarded as a teacher for he taught the healing arts, music, archery and astrology. After a brawl by the centaurs, where he was accidentally hit with a poison arrow, Chiron lived with this wound the rest of his life. His immortality as being a demigod did not allow him to pass from the earth. Despite his great healing abilities, he was unable to help himself, hence the term “wounded healer.” After some exchanging places with Prometheus, Zeus placed Chiron among the stars where he remained as the constellation Centaurus.

When we mere mortals experience Chiron, we acknowledge our wounds that somehow remain with us our entire lives. This is where we need to need to heal and transcend this wound by creating a healthy balance of living on earth and living in spirit – as Chiron did in his life. Our earthbound selves and our soul, the part of us that is immortal.

Eclipse with Chiron

Emotional situations that are hanging in the ethers of our lives are brought to the table when eclipses occur. It’s a sensitive time and this one is no exception. It can be powerful and enlightening or emotionally draining, we’re never quite sure with eclipses until they arrive. If this is in a vulnerable area of our chart, then we can expect that we need to make some changes and view these matters under different lighting. When the Moon is attached to Chiron as it is now, we connect with our wound and seek another layer of healing. One could say that the wound is re-opened as this time. Because this eclipse is in Pisces, we must use the Piscean restorative quality of faith to move us through any sorrows that come up for us now. If we face the parts of us that may be perceived as ugly or unusual – like Chiron’s image that his mother felt was unacceptable – and we accept them during this eclipse, then we can be led to experience a healing and an opening to a new chapter of our lives.


September astrology

September 10, 2016

img_0441Well, astrodarlings, September continues to be a banner month. So much important astrology has happened already and we are only one third of the way through. We had an eclipse on September 1st and Mercury has been in retrograde since August 30th. Now, Jupiter has entered Libra and the last Saturn – Neptune aspect is upon us. We still have the station direct of Pluto and another eclipse will happen on September 16th. But those are for another time.  Let’s focus on the current weekend.

Jupiter in Libra: September 9, 2016-October 10, 2017

Jupiter takes 12-13 years to revisit a sign. It has just entered the sign of Libra, after having been in Virgo for a year. The presence of Jupiter in Virgo, while it was good for Virgos, was a bit difficult because it held a position of stress with Saturn and Neptune. Now that will change because Jupiter will be in a smoother relationship to Saturn in Sagittarius. Jupiter, being the greater benefic, brings all new awareness to relationships. Not just the one to one romantic relationships we have, but our relationships with everyone we consider to be significant in our lives. Libra, ruled by Venus, is the sign of relating, balancing, having harmony in our relationships and in our lives. Jupiter opens our eyes, opens our minds, makes us more receptive and optimistic. We are able to open to new people and new ideas about getting along with others, perhaps developing new skills in relating. Want to get along with your siblings better? This is the time to try. Need a more effective working relationship with your colleagues? Now is the time to work on that. Smooth over situations with your boss? Yes, again – do it now.

When in Jupiter is in Libra, we might be overly optimistic and say all relationships will improve and it’s a great time to find that special someone. To some degree that is true as there are many benefits that Jupiter will bring to relationships, especially in our love lives. However, we need to remember the mythological character of Jupiter, aka Zeus. Zeus liked to easily obtain what he desired. He had many women and he often forced himself on them by trickery and deception. He was bold, brash, took what he wanted, felt entitled and acted in a big way. Too many, too much and the biggest and the best. One could say overindulgence. One could also say Zeus assumed he was going to get away with bad behavior and therefore he did whatever he pleased.

While we may become more confident in relationships, I don’t believe that Jupiter is necessarily in harmony with Libra’s refinement. Libra wants fairness and balance, and in many cases, so does Jupiter as both are concerned with the law. But Jupiter’s excessiveness may give us a taste of how Zeus’s relationships were, which was not polite. Impolite is not Libra’s style. We may try to get away with behavior that is incongruent with the relationship agreement we have arranged. My advice: work on relationships, keep your head, don’t become overconfident. And if you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar one too many times, step back and look at where you have let Jupiter run away with you.

The last square of Saturn to Neptune: September 10, 2016

For a year, we have experienced the challenging relationship of Saturn in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces. Saturn being the influence of structure, reality, discipline, confronting fears and anxieties. Neptune is visionary, intuitive, spiritual, elusive. Clearly, they are at odds with one another, yet we need both of them. In the areas of our chart where we have experienced them all year, it has been a challenge to be clear about what we want and the nature of our visions. We had to figure out how to achieve our goals without giving in to fear (Saturn) or losing ourselves in fantasy (Neptune). Is it real? Am I just dreaming? Can I truly make this dream a reality in my life? That last question is the biggest one. What are we afraid of and do we know what is stopping us from achieving this dream. Neptune erodes while Saturn builds structures. In this case, Saturn is showing us where we are holding back while Neptune erodes the fears, walls and blockages to which we have been clinging. We release and restructure, over and over again. All year we navigated Neptune’s choppy waters to find the truth in the illusions. Now is the final moment when we can actually recognize where we need to go on this new path. Watch what happens over these next weeks, you will find yourself ready to let go and travel this new journey.





Mars and Saturn

August 24, 2016

IMG_0881Today is the day that Mars finally meets Saturn in Sagittarius. Recollect if you will, that we have been watching Mars move through Scorpio to enter the early degrees of Sagittarius, only to turn around in April and head back into Scorpio. And so it remained there most of the months of May, June and July, finally crawling slowly, but slowly out of Scorpio. Out from the darkness, out from under the rock and back into the fiery, ambitious, adventurous sign of Sagittarius, where Saturn is currently residing. Mars is a warrior planet, a trailblazer, a leader and a fighter. It has been held back from its true expression in these months as we all pondered, researched and examined the next part of our lives. Now, today, it has moved far enough through Sagittarius to greet Saturn, the gatekeeper, and move beyond it.

This is significant for many reasons. Saturn always represents our feelings of responsibility, duty and discipline. Saturn is the structure that keeps us in line. Mars never wants to stay in line, Mars wants to push the envelope, move past the obstacles and boundaries, drive around them if necessary, to get where it wants to go. But Saturn has been standing in the way of Mars’ freedom to move. Yes, Mars moved forward, but slowly. As Mars comes out from under Saturn, it regains its warrior spirit, its fiery independence, its movement. It will remain within Saturn’s reach for a few more days, however, we will then start to feel our energy return, our zest for life recovered and we see that our plans can move forward.

In cases like this, we have been aware that we are not able to fully complete our plans. Sometimes the stage has been set and we know that the readiness is all. We watch carefully, stay conscious and move forward slowly as the plans unfold and as Mars gets stronger, we can then go into full action. In other cases, sometimes we feel someone or something has held us back, restricted us and we felt we had no power in our own life. This is when we need to cast aside the restrictions, own our part in how we allowed ourselves to be held back and get back up on the horse and ride away. Those are the “what was I thinking?” moments. But it’s okay, because we needed to learn something from the experience – always! And in that moment, we recognize what the lesson was and make peace with it.

A new life awaits, after these last months of transformation. Sagittarius always brings options, we can take what’s waiting for us on this new adventure. Or we can opt out and continue on a less risky path. A word to the wise – fear never got anyone anywhere. And if your only reason for not grabbing on to this new experience is fear, then look beyond it and identify what is stopping you, then heal it.

Bon Voyage!





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