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Yet another exciting week in the cosmos, lots of planetary changes this month! Uranus has just changed signs and gone back into Aries until March 6th of next year. This transition allows us to review and reconnect with the journey we have been on since Uranus entered Aries in 2010. Once Uranus finishes up this transit, it will enter Taurus for the next 7-8 years and we begin a new journey. This is more about planting seeds, growing and harvesting. Taurus, after all is the earthiest of the earth signs, so we use the metaphors and symbolism of working the earth. In these next few months as Uranus turns direct from retrograde in January, then moves forward to leave Aries, we really learn what this journey since 2010 was all about. What were the most notable revolutionary experiences you had? Where did your life change, perhaps dramatically? Where did you break free of restrictions and become profoundly independent? 

As Uranus makes this transition, the Moon’s Nodes of Destiny also make a shift that will last 18 months. The Nodes have been living in the signs of Leo and Aquarius and will now move backwards – because that’s how the Nodes move – into Cancer and Capricorn. Because they are at the end of the signs, they will have a T-square relationship with Uranus, causing us to evaluate the direction we are headed in. The North Node is now in Cancer, while its equal and opposite point, the South Node is in Capricorn. This means that we are to follow the direction where we find support, nurturing, warmth and a sense of belonging. The sense of Capricorn achievement and success will come as a result of following our hearts and the areas I just mentioned. 

The good news this week is that tomorrow, November 8th, Jupiter enters its own sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter in its home indicates that we are entering a time of protection, as Jupiter is a shielding influence. Wherever you have Sagittarius in your chart gives you a boost of confidence, protection and optimism. Jupiter’s visit to Sagittarius will last 13 months and during this time, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the good fortune to advance areas of your life that you’ve been wanting to expand. It’s also good to know that Jupiter buffers you from any sort of catastrophe in the house it’s visiting. There are still lessons to be learned, but you are open and understand these experiences with a new perspective. 

There has not been a lot of fire in the planetary configurations. Hence, there has been a lot of slow movement and lack of inspiration. We are coming out of a time with many planets in water signs, which has made us feel stuck in the mud. But with Uranus back in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius, we should begin to feel motivated and have more energy. Fire planets also bring confidence to wherever they land in our charts and we need to make the most of this while the planets are visiting us. 

Scorpio Time!!

October 23, 2018

Photo by Brenda Wallace. Yes, that scorpion was actually in Brenda’s bathtub.

We have an interesting week ahead. On Tuesday October 23rd, we have the Sun entering the sign of Scorpio for its annual run. You may recall that Jupiter has been in Scorpio all year, Venus has been in Scorpio and turned retrograde there and Mercury is also in Scorpio. That’s a lot of intense, passionate, deep, secretive and mysterious energy flying around right now. But the Sun, our life force, will make an opposition to Uranus on Tuesday evening because Uranus is still in Taurus for another few weeks before it makes its last visit to Aries. On Wednesday the Moon will join Uranus in Taurus and we will have the annual Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon, which is traditionally known as The Hunter’s Moon. Uranus makes this one hot aspect. A Full Moon right with Uranus tells us to expect the unexpected. This can be something that affects our one to one relationships and the people who are closest to us. If you know your astrological chart, find where the Taurus-Scorpio axis is and these houses are where the activity is playing out. 

The Nodes of Destiny are being squared by this Full Moon, so there is actually a Grand Cross in the sky with the lunation. So, there are course corrections, different journeys emerging and awakenings happening. This can be an emotional breakthrough, so it’s best to use this energy consciously. Meaning that if you have been feeling like something is about to burst, use that burst to advance your life, not lose your temper. Meditate, relax into what you are feeling and coax it out of the deep recesses of your mind. Spend alone time with yourself so that you may listen and respond to whatever is calling you forward now. Remember, Scorpio runs deep and we need to dig into the roots to find the gold. If life should get hectic – because after all, this is Uranus – then just go with it and tune in afterwards. There may be a message for you in all of this. 

Meanwhile, despite the chaos of Uranus, the Sun will conjunct Venus at the end of the week, while Venus is retrograde. Yes, this will be in Scorpio. This is known as an inferior conjunction because Venus is moving between Earth and the Sun. This Sun-Venus conjunction makes a point on Venus’s 5 pointed star that it forms in the sky as it transits the Sun, known as a Venus Star Point, which I have discussed here. It is the first inferior conjunction of the Sun and Venus in Scorpio since 2010. Think about 8 years ago, whatever you may have experienced then is finishing up its cycle now.  

This is a lovely aspect that will help you open your heart. Since it is in Scorpio, it calls for us to open our hearts on a deep level and allow some vulnerability into our lives. We may receive a kiss or a burst of love from the Universe that we totally didn’t expect. Some kind words, someone does us a good turn, a person we care about shows they care for us as well. After the Uranus Full Moon earlier in the week look for some bliss and happiness in your world on Friday the 26th and spread love and joy wherever you can!

Venus and Uranus

September 17, 2018

Welcome to the rollercoaster of 2018! Are you nauseated yet? I sure am! What do I mean by roller coaster – as if there hasn’t been one already in these past months? It’s the current and upcoming connection between Venus and Uranus. In the last week Venus opposed Uranus and started a process that each of us is going to experience over the next few months.

First, the technical stuff:
Starting on October 5th, Venus is going to make its retrograde beginning in the sign of Scorpio – the sign of its detriment – and ending back in Libra, its own sign on November 15th. During this apparent backwards journey in October and November, Venus will oppose Uranus 3 times. This is fairly unprecedented, at least I haven’t experienced it in my lifetime and I’ve been around a while! Venus was opposite Uranus for the first time on September 12th. This opposition occurred with Venus at 2 degrees of Scorpio and Uranus at 2 degrees of Taurus. Uranus is not entirely happy in Taurus, as it is in its fall there. Uranus likes to be in its exaltation, where it is in Scorpio, the opposite of where it is now. So, each of these planets is not at its best here. They will oppose each other on October 31st for the 2nd time, then the third time will be on November 30th for the last time, after Venus is direct. But at this last time, Venus will be in Libra and Uranus will have retrograded back into Aries, where it will remain until March of 2019 when it will re-enter Taurus for the next 7 years.

Now the psychological/emotional stuff: What is the essence of Venus opposite Uranus? What does it mean for our lives?

Venus is the planet of love, relationships, creativity, finances, what we desire – from an expensive bauble to the person we are most passionate about. It’s where our creative juices flow, how and where we use our creativity, are we artistic or do we have lots of ideas to share, is it in the kitchen, on paper, in the classroom or in the office. It’s about who we love, what we love and who loves us.

Uranus is an outer planet. It is the planet of genius, brilliance, chaos, electricity, lightning, independence, surprises, epiphanies, revolutions and revelations. When it receives an opposition from Venus, the love principle becomes very unpredictable or surprising or wild or thrilling. Anything can happen, and I will once again state my experience of Uranus: we could make a list of 100 things that could happen under Uranus and the one thing we didn’t think of is what happens. When an outer planet gets involved with a personal planet such as Venus, we have to allow for strange and unusual situations. But most of all we need to open up to some sort of reform.

The Venus Uranus opposition is the roller coaster we all need right now. It’s a time to shake things up, have a different perspective, think outside the box, take risks. It’s bringing our attention to a place in our lives where we need to ride the wave of uncertainty, yet remain committed and go deeper. Venus is in Scorpio, after all, this is no light hearted situation. This is about where in our hearts we are uncertain and therefore afraid to put our energies into someone or something. Uncertain to take a big risk, start the next chapter, but know we need to. Where are we being asked to take the rocket to the Moon, but uncertain if we will die in the process because something unforeseen could happen? Do we take the risk of going to the Moon or do we play it safe and stay home because we might die? There will never be another opportunity to go to the Moon, to say we’ve had that experience as a traveler in space. An incredible experience in life like no other, that will create a revolution, that will permanently change our heart and open it to something amazing. Or instead playing it safe, just in case. Actually, I don’t think we have a choice.

So this is a 3 part story. The first part begins now as Venus and Uranus meet for the first of 3 times. It is about relationships and it doesn’t need to be about love, Venus rules other things such as money and friendships. What is happening for you? The 2nd part will come around the end of October and the 3rd part will come the end of November.

This is a very important experience. Depending on where you are in your life, there will be layers of risk taking, breakthroughs, daring acts, busting through barriers. This means it’s better to ride that wave, let it all happen. If you are a person who has Venus opposite Uranus in your natal chart, then this is what we call a recurrence for you. It means that you will have experiences based upon this signature in your chart and you will find out more about yourself, your life and how this plays out in your life. If it is a tight orb in your chart – meaning the planets are at nearly the same degree in the opposition – you will have a true experience of your birth legend, what was already in play in the relationships around you when you were born. This will help you have a better handle on what it means for you and how it plays out in your life.

Generally, Venus Uranus can be noncommittal. It does better in relationships that give the person a lot of freedom. It can produce situations where we are not completely in and not completely out. If this is the case during this time, then seek to understand where you are not completely committed. Especially if it is a situation where you would like the other party to commit, then there is a part of you that is attracting this experience. This is particularly true if you have this aspect in your natal chart. These 3 transits should give you an education in how and where you can evolve this pattern so that you may have a more committed experience.

Venus does not clear its shadow until December 18th. So, we will be dealing with Venus in Scorpio for a long time. For women, this is the time to understand our darker, more hidden qualities, owning parts of ourselves that may surprise (Uranus) us.

The important thing to remember while all this is going on is to not let yourself get crazy. Uranus can be a crazy making energy and the best thing to do is use up the energy creatively and in an innovative way. Don’t let it run you, ultimately you have control over your mind and how you handle this. Allow yourself the experience, just don’t let it make you nuts. And it can also be a lot of fun, so enjoy it!


August 17, 2018

Hello astrodarlings!

Just a little note to let you know I’ve been doing an astrology podcast, which you can find on iTunes and on BlogTalk Radio. It’s called Astrology with Deb McBride and I cover the latest astrological aspects and how to use them productively. I present this on a weekly basis (for the most part!) and as I am trying to find my way around this medium, I ask that if you have a topic you’d like covered, drop me a line and let me know,

Thanks and happy listening!  Love, Deb



Here we go again!

August 10, 2018

Another eclipse you say? For the third time?

Usually these things come in pairs. But lucky us, we have the opportunity for a third eclipse, woo-hoo! Normally, I’d say that one of them is a weaker one and we don’t feel it so much. But that hasn’t been the case this time.

The first one opposed Pluto – the universe gave me rattlesnakes.

The second one involved Mars & Uranus – I got earthquakes.

This third one feels mighty powerful and actually quite positive. Who knows what surprises are in store? I do know one thing – this is about manifestation. I can feel that so much I can taste it. In fact, once I recognized that energy for this eclipse, I felt a real positive shift. But to be clear – we are manifesting all the time – everything- whether consciously or not. What we are being asked to do this time is to look into our hearts – because this is a Leo solar eclipse and Sun rules Leo and Leo rules the heart – and acknowledge what’s there, what is on fire, what is being created right in our hearts. And consciously bring that into the world, give birth to it. That’s true manifestation. It’s what has been waiting inside of us to be brought into the light of creativity, given a voice. Be conscious of it, take responsibility for our creation, take hold of our thoughts, our subconscious mind and steer it in the direction we want it to go. Instead of just saying “Well, this is what I have in my heart, what I am being called to do, but I don’t know that I can make it happen.” You decide that it’s happening and it’s happening right now. And that is manifestation.

I met the beautiful orange butterfly in the photo in my garden today. Then it actually flew into my house to spend some time visiting me.

Happy Eclipse!


This week we have Mercury turning retrograde in Leo and the 2nd eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. Last week we had the Solar Eclipse in Cancer and we saw the Russians indicted in the hacking of the US 2016 election. The US is a Cancerian country and an eclipse in Cancer was bound to bring something out onto the table. After all, that is the job of eclipses – to enlighten us for the next chapter. The US president was born under a lunar eclipse, so I expect that he will be somehow affected by the upcoming lunar eclipse on the 27th. If nothing else, he – and anyone else born on a lunar eclipse – will feel the powerful energy. It can be very restless for all of us as well. 

Mercury stations retrograde at 23° Leo on July 26th in the wee hours of the morning EDT. It will remain retrograde in Leo until August 19th and turn direct at 11° Leo. Mercury retro in Leo reminds us to go back to what we do that makes us shine, where we can be freely creative and love life. With the South Node and Mars traveling in the opposite sign of Aquarius, we may find ourselves pulled into old patterns that we have outgrown. Places where we may be overly analytical, obstinate, contrary. It’s easier as a defense to act from a place of being stubborn, but what we really need to do now is open our hearts. That’s what Leo is about, being loving and supportive. Aquarius is about friendship, community and honoring our independence and unique qualities. Since the eclipse is at the South Node, we will release these old patterns, where we clutch on to the past. No one ever wants to let go of the familiar and that is the test of the South Node, to get out of the comfort zone. This is one of those cases where we truly need to trust life and not fall into old habits. We shall find balance by owning and being proud of our uniqueness while remaining sincere and committed to our heart’s journey. 

There’s a lot of excitement around this eclipse because it makes a challenge to Uranus, the planet of genius, surprises, epiphanies and breakthroughs. If you are longing for a breakthrough in some part of your life, this may be the moment. It’s a good time to push the envelope in whatever you are working on – stretch your abilities and have confidence in what you can do. Creativity is abundant with this aspect and it’s perfect for thinking outside the box and turning ideas upside down to see them from a different vantage point.

And that’s exactly what we need to do this week – turn ideas upside down. I have to say I have seen a lot of doom and gloom around the internet about this eclipse and it disappoints me. There are many ways to handle energies like this and to get frazzled in advance is not a good choice. For many people who are utterly unaware of astrology, they will just think it’s another Friday in their lives with stuff to deal with. Maybe busier than usual. But my point is – don’t buy into this hysteria. Remember Y2K? Did anything happen? Not really. Instead of focusing on the anxiety of this, focus on the newness that is waiting on the other side and the plans you make for this new time. Look at it from a different vantage point, your own unique vantage point and how these energies pertain to your life, not what everyone else is telling you.

So, don’t react if you start getting hot under the collar. Go for a walk instead. Stay calm, breathe, do something sweet for yourself and for someone else. Stay by the side of those who need you. Open your friendship to someone who may need it. And most importantly, trust love. 

I told him I wouldn’t hurt him, I just wanted to take a picture and he stopped for me.

Hello astrodarlings!

Jupiter has stationed direct at 13° of Scorpio, meaning that its retrograde period is over and it is now stopped in the sky. When a planet has stopped, it has a lot of strength, we feel its presence more strongly in those days. Jupiter has been in apparent backwards motion since March 9th and has now reached the point where it was early December 2017. What were you doing then? Anything meaningful? Have memories of that time revisited you today? 

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion. Whatever it touches in our lives, wherever it lands in our chart, it asks us to open the door to possibility, opportunity and thinking on a grander scale. When Jupiter moves forward after a period of retrograde, we look at how far we have traveled in these months, what the journey has been about, where it is important to move forward. Scorpio is an internal, private water sign, so it’s likely that we have something internal and far reaching within us that comes forward to be looked at now. Sometimes when a planet goes direct, all the unconscious drives in our way that have been festering come forward to be discarded. This time is no exception, as Scorpio involves the very dark recesses of our minds and Jupiter has gone through there doing a big housekeeping. You may feel a great shift as this planet moves forward and for the next few days as the dust settles. Confidence is also a Jupiterian trait, as Jupiter asks us to have faith in ourselves and the courage to take a leap in the area of our chart it is visiting.

The partial Solar Eclipse happens only two days after Jupiter turns direct on Thursday, July 12th. They are essentially happening at the same time, so their energies are interwoven. The eclipse occurs at 20° of Cancer and is a since it is a Solar Eclipse, this means it is New Moon, hence the Sun and Moon are in the same place in the sky. 

The eclipse occurs opposite Pluto at 20° of Capricorn, so this is no ordinary eclipse. New Moon/Solar Eclipses usually indicate a new beginning of some sort. But since this one is entangled with the planet of transformation, we begin something anew that is going to transform our lives. The opposition indicates that it will naturally involve others in what could be a deep emotional experience. It can also be a power struggle with another person as they are a projection of something unconscious we have going on within ourselves. Pluto often indicates working through our own darkness and shining a light on it so it no longer has power over us. Jupiter is in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, again connecting the direct station of Jupiter with the eclipse. Jupiter’s presence in Pluto’s sign while the eclipse opposes Pluto connects the theme of transformation with Jupiter’s hope and expansion. And Jupiter’s normally optimistic energy gets tempered by Pluto’s depth and intensity. The Sun and Moon will still be in range of a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter and Neptune. This will help the transformation occurring and give us support where it’s needed.

If you know anything about crabs (the crustacean) if you get near them, they will scoot away and hide. The astrological crab is not so different. So, instead of hiding, we want to embrace our strength. I believe the theme of this week is faith, as shown by Jupiter’s moving forward, its connection to the other planet of faith – Neptune – and their smooth relationship to the eclipse. Yes, we will want to use Pluto’s transformative energy to the best of our ability, using Pluto’s power for good in our lives. The idea here is to understand where we need to transform that sense of powerless-ness that Pluto can sometimes bring. There may be moments where we feel our security (Cancer) is at stake, but we need to transcend that fear, tap into our personal power and overcome the trappings of the subconscious mind. Get past our own darkness and embrace our light!








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