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I told him I wouldn’t hurt him, I just wanted to take a picture and he stopped for me.

Hello astrodarlings!

Jupiter has stationed direct at 13° of Scorpio, meaning that its retrograde period is over and it is now stopped in the sky. When a planet has stopped, it has a lot of strength, we feel its presence more strongly in those days. Jupiter has been in apparent backwards motion since March 9th and has now reached the point where it was early December 2017. What were you doing then? Anything meaningful? Have memories of that time revisited you today? 

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion. Whatever it touches in our lives, wherever it lands in our chart, it asks us to open the door to possibility, opportunity and thinking on a grander scale. When Jupiter moves forward after a period of retrograde, we look at how far we have traveled in these months, what the journey has been about, where it is important to move forward. Scorpio is an internal, private water sign, so it’s likely that we have something internal and far reaching within us that comes forward to be looked at now. Sometimes when a planet goes direct, all the unconscious drives in our way that have been festering come forward to be discarded. This time is no exception, as Scorpio involves the very dark recesses of our minds and Jupiter has gone through there doing a big housekeeping. You may feel a great shift as this planet moves forward and for the next few days as the dust settles. Confidence is also a Jupiterian trait, as Jupiter asks us to have faith in ourselves and the courage to take a leap in the area of our chart it is visiting.

The partial Solar Eclipse happens only two days after Jupiter turns direct on Thursday, July 12th. They are essentially happening at the same time, so their energies are interwoven. The eclipse occurs at 20° of Cancer and is a since it is a Solar Eclipse, this means it is New Moon, hence the Sun and Moon are in the same place in the sky. 

The eclipse occurs opposite Pluto at 20° of Capricorn, so this is no ordinary eclipse. New Moon/Solar Eclipses usually indicate a new beginning of some sort. But since this one is entangled with the planet of transformation, we begin something anew that is going to transform our lives. The opposition indicates that it will naturally involve others in what could be a deep emotional experience. It can also be a power struggle with another person as they are a projection of something unconscious we have going on within ourselves. Pluto often indicates working through our own darkness and shining a light on it so it no longer has power over us. Jupiter is in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, again connecting the direct station of Jupiter with the eclipse. Jupiter’s presence in Pluto’s sign while the eclipse opposes Pluto connects the theme of transformation with Jupiter’s hope and expansion. And Jupiter’s normally optimistic energy gets tempered by Pluto’s depth and intensity. The Sun and Moon will still be in range of a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter and Neptune. This will help the transformation occurring and give us support where it’s needed.

If you know anything about crabs (the crustacean) if you get near them, they will scoot away and hide. The astrological crab is not so different. So, instead of hiding, we want to embrace our strength. I believe the theme of this week is faith, as shown by Jupiter’s moving forward, its connection to the other planet of faith – Neptune – and their smooth relationship to the eclipse. Yes, we will want to use Pluto’s transformative energy to the best of our ability, using Pluto’s power for good in our lives. The idea here is to understand where we need to transform that sense of powerless-ness that Pluto can sometimes bring. There may be moments where we feel our security (Cancer) is at stake, but we need to transcend that fear, tap into our personal power and overcome the trappings of the subconscious mind. Get past our own darkness and embrace our light!








It’s sure to be a wild few months ahead with Mars in the sign of the water bearer, the bringer of knowledge. First the technical info: On June 26th Mars stations retrograde at 9° Aquarius. Mars will remain in Aquarius until August 12th when it will return to Capricorn then on August 27th, it will station direct at 28° Capricorn. Mars will move back into Aquarius on September 10th and remain there until November 15th. 

What does it all mean? Well, Mars is assertive, aggressive, the warrior, the fighter, where we step forward to get what we want, where we have confidence. It is the blood coursing through our veins. In Aquarius it’s fighting for an ideal, detached and having pride in one’s independence, a creative imagination, the reformer who breaks conventional rules. It can be very stubborn in fixed Aquarius, as with any fixed sign. Never, never tell a Mars in Aquarius person what to do – they will do the opposite. But Mars in Aquarius will want to learn as much as possible about something they are studying, especially if it is unconventional, innovative and completely unheard of. And they are very good about letting others have their freedom and independence, so they give their partners plenty of space. 

A retrograde Mars is a Mars that will appear to be traveling backwards from where we are. It’s not a Mars that overtly takes action, it is more acting behind the scenes and it involves contemplation. It’s certainly a period of going within and finding your own unique sense of confidence. Aquarius is rather unpredictable, so when you begin to learn new things about yourself, you may be quite surprised at the epiphanies you have. 

This is a very unusual retrograde, indeed, as Mars has not done its back and forth dance in Aquarius since 1971! Since this is the case, I would recommend paying close attention to the Aquarius area of your chart where this is happening. If you were living your life back then, what was going on? Is anything there similar to now? In these months ahead, there is much information there that will be reconsidered, because along the way there will be connections Mars makes to other planets. 

First, Mars is traveling with the South Node of destiny. This is a time for release, letting go, detaching and not allowing yourself to get sucked in to an old story. But it definitely causes us to review the story. Not to overthink it, though because Aquarius is an analytical sign and we need to focus on the passion and and fire of Leo, which is where the North Node of destiny is. So, certainly think before you act, but not too much. 

Then there is the eclipse that is happening on July 27th. This is the second of three eclipses. I mention this one in particular now because it is the one that involves Mars. This is a total Lunar Eclipse, with the Moon at the South Node. Yes, the same South Node where Mars is, which means this is a very powerful eclipse, with the Sun on the North Node in Leo. Our ideologies will be challenged. Remember Aquarius is the humanitarian sign and perhaps our human ideals may be disappointed by the collective in some way – such as world events, politics, what cultural experiences we have with our country’s collective unconscious. Remember on an unconscious level we all create together – it can be your family’s collective, the workplace collective, the group of friends collective. You may think you have not participated in the current ideological state of any of these groups, but on some unconscious level you have indeed. Decisions you have made in your past are related to these groups and where we have previously found comfort in these groups, may no longer be comfortable. As we shift and change and grow, we outgrow old ways of thinking and where people once reflected our views, they no longer do so. Consequently, you may choose to leave these groups behind. This can also indicate hiding within a group, when the need is to make ones own individual talents known and stand out among the crowd – governed by the Leo North Node. This eclipse shows us where we need to have the courage to follow our hearts and allow a profound expression of self. It also indicates where we may feel safer staying friends with people instead of taking the risk and allowing ourselves to fall in love. 

Social media is a really great example of this type of collective, as Aquarius rules technology and it is the sign of groups and communities. In a case like this, we may find the way we socialize through technology needs some revisions. We may no longer enjoy these outlets as we once did or we find new places that are more in tune with our new views. 

The eclipse forms a T-square pattern in the heavens. The North Node/Sun in Leo on one end opposite the South Node/Moon/Mars in Aquarius on the other and at the apex is Uranus in Taurus. So, Mars is also making a challenging aspect to Uranus. Depending upon where these fall in our astrological chart, we can expect the unexpected that may give us some insight into the new direction we need to go. The empty space of the T-square is in Scorpio, so the energy shoots out in to that area of the zodiac. We want to pay attention to that part of our chart as well to see the flow of energy in that area of our lives. The most important thought to remember through this time is to always follow your heart. The Leo North Node and Sun show us that this is an absolute requirement to get through this time period in July. 

And as always, there’s the typical cautions of Mars retrograde: don’t buy a new car or any new machine for that matter – lawnmower, computer, etc. Try to get the old one fixed until Mars goes direct. It’s not a great time to start a brand new relationship with a person you’ve just met. It can be a great time to review what you have in your relationship with anyone and how you want to move forward together. Most importantly, this is not a time to initiate a war with anyone. That goes if you are an individual or a country. So, if you’re going to start a lawsuit, wait until September! 

There are a lot of factors in this Mars retrograde season, as we have seen above. The best course is to review all of your important actions you have taken recently, look at your motives and your ideals – what needs revising? Where would you like to change it up? Where do you need to take more risks? And most of all, sit with the energy and listen to your heart, it will always give you the best advice.


Uranus changes signs!

May 14, 2018

Exciting times we are in. We are now dealing with Uranus at the very end of Aries, about to move into Taurus on May 15th at 11:23 am EDT. This is a great shift in consciousness for us, as outer planet sign changes are always the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. However, this is never simple – how could it be? The end of an era is a big deal, it’s leaving a lot behind to which one no longer resonates. 7-8 years in one area of the zodiac is coming to an end and we are ready for it. 

Everything is moving so very quickly right now. So much is coming at all of us at an exponential rate. How did this happen? Uranus operates at lightening speed. It can turn life around on a dime. You have actually been preparing for this moment for the last seven years, a culmination of what you have been striving for since 2011. In these last days and weeks, you may have thought you were on a certain path and suddenly it changes. You may have been absolutely certain you were going to do something, had the plans all worked out and within what felt like minutes you had a complete change of heart. Don’t worry, this was not a detour, this was the original plan, your consciousness has shifted. You didn’t just change your mind, you didn’t get distracted from your goal. You were redirected to your own truth. 

Uranus is the planet of genius, brilliance, innovation, freedom and independence. It takes 84 years to travel the entire zodiac. It rules all that is unconventional or rebellious. It is also an unpredictable force and can whip through your life like a tornado, leaving you with an entirely different landscape in your life than you had before. Aries is the fiery initiative, the warrior, the trailblazer. During this time we have all sought our independence from something in our lives. If you know where Aries is in your chart, this is the area where you have broken free from something that was old and no longer of use to you. 

While Uranus has been in these last moments of Aries, we have felt misdirected, then put back on course. We felt centered, then completely lost. Today we thought we could rely on someone or something, tomorrow we cannot. Life does not seem stable right now, we should not have an expectation that what we know today is going to be true tomorrow. So we have to ride the emotional roller coaster we’re on right now and be confident that our soul knows where it’s going. This is an exciting time, nothing to be afraid of. 

On the 15th of May, there is a new Moon in Taurus at 7:48 am EDT, shortly before Uranus enters Taurus. This is a time to plant something new, new seeds for a different area of your life. Taurus is the earthiest of the Earth signs and the most fertile. What in your life have you been working on that needs to be plotted firmly in the earth? Where did you start your seedlings, those first new shoots of Spring – this is an Aries metaphor. Whatever that is, you need to take those seedlings and now give them their new rooted home firmly in the earth – that’s a Taurus metaphor. And furthermore, where have you gotten too mired in your old ways and refused to budge? Prepare for an earthquake there, because Uranus will swoop in and shake up that area of your world.

Let’s not forget that Taurus rules finances, as well. We may see more innovative initiative with cryptocurrencies, falling away of old financial structures, more updated and modern ways of managing our money.

Almost as soon as Uranus enters Taurus, on May 16th, it will receive a challenge from Mars in the wee hours of the morning. This is the first of several contacts as Mars enters Aquarius on the 16th around 1 am EDT. Excitable, revolutionary, can’t turn the brain off energy. It can be inspiring and making us feel alive again. This is going to be another wild ride. More on that in the coming days.

Uranus will turn retrograde on August 7th and move back into Aries from November 6th 2018 to March 6th, 2019 when it lands in Taurus for good. So, we’ll get one more chance to wrap up our stories we’ve lived since 2011 and close that door. In the meantime, get out your garden boots and start planting!





A wild and wacky time!!

April 26, 2018

It has been one CRAZY astrological time. So much change in such a short time. We really have to catch our collective breath and yet need to keep moving forward. Let’s start with Mercury, the planet of communications, articulations, words  both written and spoken.

Mercury is now direct, it was retrograde in Aries between March 22nd and April 15th. During this retro cycle, it was at odds first with Mars and then with Saturn. This is a Mercury that is aggravated, it’s not been in the best of moods and it makes decision making particularly difficult. Mercury squared Mars at the end of February, then again April 4th, then will again May 12th. So, step one is to look at what or who has been getting under your skin since the end of February. This has been punchy, irritating. But it’s showing us something, it’s making us get to the bottom of an issue where we may want to assert ourselves and feel we cannot or we are just afraid to move forward. Because Mercury is also squaring Saturn, which is traveling closely behind Mars. Mercury first squared Saturn on March 11th, then again on April 5th and is for the last time on April 25th, right now! Where do you feel you have no where to turn? Where does it seem that no matter which direction or decision you make, it’s like choosing the less of two uncomfortable situations? Neither situation you are presented with is easy or actually desirable. But if you examine both closely, you’ll see that you need to choose the one that involves a leap in your life. The one that most likely involves a big life change and forces you into forward motion. 

The New Moon was just in Aries and it was very close to conjunction with revolutionary Uranus. This is a very important new Moon because it is the last new Moon in Aries while Uranus is in Aries and they are together. Next time there’s a New Moon in Aries Uranus will already be in Taurus. If you know anything about Uranus, it’s chaotic, but brilliant, stresses individuality, innovative thinking, freedom and independence. No one can tell you what to do if you have a good dose of Uranus in your chart. This started a very potent and powerful cycle because it’s the dawn of a new era for everyone we are experiencing a time of really leaping forward and connecting with what we want to be doing that is innovative, that gives us life affirming energy, with a bright, sparkly new vision. Again, moving forward in a big direction. The Sun was charged from it’s greeting the Moon on the evening of Sunday the 15th and then by the time it kissed Uranus on Wednesday the 18th, if you don’t know already, it will bring to light (maybe even with lightning bolts!) what we need to pursue boldly and without fear. If you’ve already taken your first steps innovative steps towards this future, you may find you are already feeling the first taste of freedom from restriction. This is a move of independence, I can’t stress this enough. It may mean endings, but whatever door you are closing involves a new one that is opening. So, be confident, because Uranus would not tolerate it any other way. Remember in mythology, he is the one who stole fire from the gods. This is also highly creative, so think outside the box, exercise muscles that haven’t really been used. It’s uncomfortable at first, but so necessary. 

Chiron, the asteroid has just changed signs. It has been in Pisces for 7 years and has moved into Aries. If you don’t know about Chiron, it represents our wound, where we are wounded, where we feel we never quite get over the wound and we’re always going back to sort of lick our wounds. In Pisces, it makes one extraordinarily sensitive and must not allow the wound to create constant suffering in your life. It was about being inspired to use your healing energy in a positive way, both for yourself and others. Everyone has healing energy on some level, especially if you have Chiron in Pisces. 

Now in Aries, it’s where we strive to be self-reliant, self confident, learn healthy self assertion and not back away and be a people pleaser. These are important points to remember for a long time as Chiron will be in Aries for about 9 years. If you live with Chiron in Aries or you are an Aries, these are rules you need to live by and they will come up for review starting now. These are the people born from 1968 through 1977. For all of us, it is time to not allow abuse or tolerate bad people in your life. It is time to get what you deserve. It is time to use the power of your voice to say enough is enough. Stand up for yourself and don’t allow yourself to be wounded while doing so.  

Although it is not a full fledged planet, I always say, never underestimate the power of a Chiron transit. You really understand this feeling of wounded when you have it transit your sign for several years. If you know your chart, look to where you have Aries, what house it’s in and this is the area of your life where Chiron will now travel. 

But wait there’s more! Can you believe it? Saturn turned retrograde at 9 Capricorn in its own sign. It will stay in retro until September 6th. Remember it’s nearby Pluto, which has been in Capricorn since 2008. They are going to eventually meet up exactly in January of 2020, but between now and then we are going to start noticing their positions getting closer, and therefore their flavors will begin to blend together more, especially next year. Flavors like power, authority issues and milestones in our lives. Most of all, honoring our accomplishments, and owning our mastery where it exists in our lives. Recently they were connected with Mars, where Mars was sitting in between Saturn and Pluto. Mars is a planet of action, assertiveness, a warrior planet, where we have confidence. Mars was stuck, wedged in between Saturn and Pluto and in astrology we call this besieged. It’s an inner planet, one that is visible to the naked eye. When an inner planet is wedged in like this, its expression is being curbed and controlled by these two bigger, slower entities. We have needed to navigate our course carefully. Because we are not allowed to move too quickly as we need to ponder and plan how we need to move forward. Mars is in its exaltation while in Capricorn, so we can definitely gain from using the energy wisely to achieve our goals. 

Whew, that’s a lot of change! Positive, but exhausting! And it continues….

Now we are at the point where Pluto has gone retrograde in Capricorn, until the end of September. Pluto retrogrades every year about this time and spends 6 months in the underworld, his home. This means half the population has Pluto retrograde in their natal chart. These are people who do well during this annual 6 month period. If you have Pluto retrograde in your own natal chart, this is a time that resonates with you more strongly and you may find yourself busier and more involved with such Plutonian matters as therapy, intimacy, mysteries, connecting with your own deeper sense of self.

This is our cue to do our inner homework. During this time we must dive into our own subconscious to find our darkest corners and ask ourselves the deepest questions. This can be a highly productive time if we allow it to be. Whether we realize it or not, we are doing this inner work regularly every day during this retrograde period. Every year while Pluto spends these months in retrograde, it is easier for us to go within and pierce the veil of our own mysterious underworld. It happens through dreams, through our connection and conversations with others, through meditation and through encounters with self in our most private moment spent alone. If we use this time wisely and ask the deepest part of ourselves to reveal itself we won’t be disappointed. Come the end of September, we will emerge from our own chrysalis willing and able to move forward transformed.

Right now, Mars will join Pluto as they have been getting closer to each other in these last weeks. This is a new 2 year cycle of assertive action which we are beginning.  These two are not a lot of fun together, they are highly volatile. These planets do relate to one another, as Mars is co-ruler/traditional ruler of Scorpio and Pluto is the modern ruler. We consider Pluto to be a higher octave of Mars, more intense, more powerful. Darker and not so much about self assertion. As Pluto turned retrograde, it started its apparent backwards motion has been slowly traveling to greet Mars. Mars will finally be free of it’s captivity between these two planets, where its expression has been contained. Now Mars likes to be in Capricorn, where it is now, it uses a lot of strategic moves when it’s there. But all of us have needed to navigate our movements very carefully, because as soon as we asserted ourselves we were confronted with either Saturn which was impeding progress or Pluto which was daunting and calling for us to step up and transform the situation. Pluto and Mars expects us to own our power, not give it away to others. 

The best course of action now is to immerse yourself in something profound. Get involved with what inspires you, allow yourself to be wrapped up in what you love to do. Don’t spend too much time in the shallow waters, it won’t be satisfying. We’re supposed to be moving forward to some new plan in our lives. You can surrender to your new path and just be in the flow of the Universe. Or you can resist and bang your head against the wall. Or the Universe will bang it for you. Which is what happens when you ignore the Universe. When we pass this transit in the next few days, we should be finding ourselves on the other side of our leap towards a greater life. Remember what I said earlier here – neither option looked good initially. Now we realize we have no choice except to take the more daring route. 

Thankfully, Venus is now in Gemini and we have words again, as Gemini is an air sign. There has been no air in the sky for quite a while and we may have been unable to connect in a meaningful, communicative way with others. We can now articulate our feelings and ideas in a creative, positive way. Stay connected to friends and loved ones now, this is a healing experience amidst all the changes. 

I’m not EVEN going to get started on Uranus changing signs. We’ll save that for next time. I’m knackered! 

Until soon…Deb





Labyrinth in Costa Rica

It’s been an interesting few days, leading up to an interesting time ahead. We are beginning a new 2 year cycle that has great significance. In the last few days, we had a Full Moon in Libra, opposite a retrograde Mercury sitting with the Sun in Aries. Communication, new ideas, intuitions and events have all been revealing and significant since March 31st. These aspects are connecting to the meeting of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn, which is major ambition, success, plans and building something new. All of this is extremely powerful, not only because it’s happening at the same time, but the Sun is at its exaltation in Aries – very well placed. As is Mars, which is at its exaltation in Capricorn and conjuncting Saturn, which rules Capricorn. Seeds are being planted now, seeds that will bear fruit in about 2 years. These last few days and this week are moments for us to sit up, take notice and recognize exactly what we are building now. 

There are deeper reasons for this. Mars and Saturn are ambitious planets in an ambitious sign right now. The only join together like this once every two years, as this is the cycle of Mars, which takes two years to go around the zodiac. Mars is energy, action, confidence and willing to fight the good fight. Saturn focuses, clarifies, commits, restructures and builds solid foundations. It may seem slow, it may seem like nothing is happening, but actually you have had some information in the last few days that is revealing the direction you are now headed. Since Mercury, the planet of communication is retrograde, it may have come while reflecting on your life, it may have been revealed through intuition, but somewhere in these last few days you were pointed in a new direction. Or at least a direction you knew was an option, but now is becoming more clearly the right path. Once you own it and commit, you will be surprised how quickly it develops. 

This is not the only reason. Saturn has entered its own sign of Capricorn and will stay there for 2.5 to 3 years. You may recall that Pluto has already been in Capricorn since 2008 and will continue to be there for many more years. Saturn will eventually catch up to Pluto towards the end of Capricorn and they will conjunct on January 12, 2020. The last time these two planets met in the same place at the same time would have been 36 years earlier. It’s not too early for me to start talking about this, as it is a major configuration that will profoundly affect the world at large in a collective sense and each of our personal lives. These are two power planets that have the keys to a great transformation. It is likely that we will leave behind old structures that we have outgrown and that are no longer necessary for our lives. This is not a superficial experience, as Pluto especially makes us go deeply, deeply into the most hidden areas of our lives and confront our shadow side. The more we connect with this unconscious realm, the more information will be available to us. See this as positive change, embrace it and know that you are already on the road towards this new life. 

As I mentioned, Mars takes 2 years to travel around the zodiac and join Saturn again. The next time Mars makes this aspect we are having this week will be when Saturn and Pluto are together in 2020. Additionally, Jupiter, planet of abundance, will be joining them. This is a rare and extraordinary group of aspects we are looking ahead to and is a major turning point in everyone’s life. Jupiter will expand the transformative power set off by Saturn and Pluto. Mars will provide confidence and action. This is all a culmination of what has presented itself to you in these last few days. However, this may not be easy. It depends upon how you handle it. Saturn and Pluto often bring power struggles and on some level we are all resistant to deep changes. It’s important to remain open, not judge yourself or others and keep moving forward. 

I’ve mentioned that Pluto is a planet of the collective, the cultural and historical waves that we experience together. One era will end at that time and another will begin. However, when we look at the themes of our culture and what is happening in our world, we also need to relate that back to our personal lives. Meaning that some large scale themes will weave themselves through our lives, but on a personal scale. For example, if your country is under attack, where are you feeling under attack in your life? How can you own the dark side of this in your own life and come out healed and in a better place? 

Two years away is not a long time. What are you seeing in your life now that has the potential to blossom? What keeps nudging you from the recesses of your unconscious mind? What are the obstacles to getting to the goals on the other side of this transit? Sometimes when we are just embarking on a new path, it’s important to not announce it to the world until we can see real progress. No need to disperse the energy and lose our momentum. Wherever you feel your life has shown you a path opening, listen closely and perhaps keep it very close to your heart.

A short video about today’s full moon…

Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

February 15, 2018

We are now at the second eclipse of the year, a partial Solar Eclipse at 27° Aquarius! A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon, meaning the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign, in this case, it is the sign of Aquarius, the next to last sign in the zodiac. This is an interesting set of aspects, different than the Lunar Eclipse we had 2 weeks ago. That eclipse was mild in comparison, though the Sun and Moon were close to the Nodes, there were some relatively smooth aspects. This new one, however, includes Mercury and the South Node in Aquarius, traveling along with the Sun and Moon and all three planets make a challenge to Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion. We are being asked to expand, to look outside ourselves, open our minds and be highly aware with our eyes wide open. Since Mercury is right on the eclipse, the theme is about communications, ideas, thinking and our intellect. What new ideas do we have and where can they take us? 

Aquarius is the sign of the unconventional, the innovator, the rebel genius, the revolutionary. It is about freedom and independence. But the North Node of destiny is in the opposite sign of Leo, meaning that we need to take the Aquarian energy and direct it towards the North Node – where our passions can be pursued and realized. This involves some expansive insight from that Jupiter aspect and the use of Leo’s creativity. Think bigger than you have been. How are we unique and free (Aquarius) in the way we express ourselves (Leo)? This is an eclipse at the South Node which is where our old habits lie. We are ready to release old and unnecessary patterns that are standing in the way of our creative goals. 

Looking at the rest of the chart for this eclipse, Mars, the planet of assertion is in a challenging square to Neptune the planet of the visionary or what is seen or unseen. This means that in our efforts to move forward, all may not be visible, and so we must be cautious and tread carefully. It’s trying to move forward into the fog and taking one step at a time without being rash or impulsive. This can be tricky as Mars is in Sagittarius, a brazen fire sign where it tends to act before it thinks. Neptune is the caution here, because not only can we not see what’s right ahead of ourselves, but Neptune and Mars together are a slippery duo. We can be fooled into thinking a certain situation is something that it actually is not. We’re being told to use insight and intuition here and not make rash assumptions. Also, when it is time to assert oneself, it is best if one takes the route that comes through the back door, asserting oneself in the most indirect way. Attacking a situation or problem head on in that brash, fiery manner will not win the day. Pay attention to your intuition and you will know when it is time to take gentle action.

New Moons bring new beginnings and this one is surrounded on one side by Venus and the other by Saturn. Venus and Saturn are in sextile to each other, a smooth aspect that implies there is work to be done, which is our own important work that we love and that fulfills us creatively. Venus and Saturn are acting as supportive influence to this eclipse and encourage the release of obstacles to our creative work while nurturing the new path we are on. 

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which is making a smooth aspect to the eclipse. This is also a supportive influence to the Sun, Moon and Mercury. It opens the doors to making greater changes in one’s life, as Uranus is an outer planet that creates longer term shifts in consciousness. It is not a stressful aspect, therefore it is easy to manifest one’s desires. A New Moon with Mercury is an excellent time to focus upon our wishes and what we need for our lives now and do a lunar ritual. Light a candle, write down what you wish to manifest in your life now and meditate upon it.

The effects of the eclipse are strongest in the next few days, but continue until the next lunation, which is a Full Moon two weeks from now.  

And as is always the case every year, the first New Moon after the Sun enter Aquarius is the Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the Earth Dog. This year holds a lot of the same principles as our eclipse: focus on what we have created and now build upon that and improve it.

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