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In the past week we have had the planet Pluto in Capricorn shift direction to retrograde. Today, Monday April 29th, Saturn has also turned retrograde in Capricorn. These are signals for us to turn inward on this journey with these two planets. There is a dynamic between them that each of us needs to learn to navigate in these next 18 months. 

Saturn presents what is on the surface, what we see in front of us, the material world. As it slows down and stops, it feels like the world has stopped, our own world has stopped. The energy feels heavy and somewhat unmovable. We look around us and everything seems rather mundane and somehow colorless. There may be an air of futility surrounding us now. Every task seems more weighted than usual, so why bother? Why continue to make an effort where we feel we are not gaining results. This is the lie of Saturn. It is the lie of fear. 

This energy is very present right now only because Saturn is stopping and changing direction. It will not always feel arduous like this. This is a moment. However it is an important moment, because it is revealing to us how Saturn is affecting us and where we still need to work on our fear. 

What? Do more work? Haven’t we worked enough? In the house where Saturn is now visiting you in your chart, you may feel as if you have done all the work you possibly can and there is no energy left because it’s one great big wall of obstacles and no movement. This is Saturn overdoing itself. What is important to remember is that Saturn gives us structure and form and a system of what we call reality. We need to have this structure, as it supports us in our lives. But we cannot solely give ourselves over to it and only believe what’s in front of us. Reality is a definition and it is not the truth.

Like I said, Saturn can be a liar. Saturn does a really good job of convincing us that these obstacles and lack of movement are just the way it is and that’s that. It is much richer and a greater experience of life if we look beyond into the realm of the outer planets, which represent what is happening on the inside. Where our subconscious and unconscious energies are taking us, how much we are being run by our own unconscious. 

This is where Pluto comes in. Pluto is the planet of transformation and change, Pluto is an inevitable force – nothing stays the same, really. Pluto is a great awakener. With Pluto, we are brought to the most internal part of our beings and given a glimpse into what has been hiding in the dark. The way to shift your view, your definition of what reality is, what you are seeing in your life everyday, is to go inward and embrace what has been hiding in the dark of your unconscious. Pluto is the power of transformation that each of us has to tear down the old view of reality and create something new.

Each of us has this opportunity now since Saturn and Pluto are traveling together in the same place of the zodiac for the first time since the early 1980s. I don’t expect this to be simple and straightforward. This is the time to deeply observe where you feel stuck or where you don’t see energy moving in your life and make determined conscious effort to change all of that. This especially applies to old repeated patterns. Saturn makes us aware of where we still have fear, Pluto gives us the power to blast through it. 

Meanwhile, we will have Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius for the rest of the year. This is about faith. Having faith in something in your life, whether it is your own abilities, support of people around you or a benevolent power greater than you and this earth. Maybe it’s all of those things and ideally it probably should be. You have to believe above and beyond what you are seeing on this earth that your goals and your mission and your purpose and your journey are going to lead to a greater transformation of your life during this time. Use Jupiter’s support in abundance to open the door to your own transformation. Like I said, this isn’t going to be straightforward and simple, we’re going to go up and feel empowered, hit the wall of Saturn, and need to go deeper with Pluto to get beyond it. And it’s going happen again and again, around and around until we get to the point of transformation we need. This is why Jupiter is so important for us, we must have the belief and confidence that we can conquer the obstacles and create a more profoundly meaningful life. 

If you would like to watch my video about the Saturn-Pluto transit in 2019 and 2020 for each sign, please visit my YouTube channel and find it here:

The Piscean deep dive!

March 4, 2019
Photo by Clarence Taylor

We are having special astrology week. There are 3 important astrological events to which we need to pay attention: Mercury retrogrades at 29° Pisces, Uranus enters Taurus for the next eight years and the New Moon is in Pisces conjunct Neptune. 

On March 5, Mercury will retrograde at 29° Pisces. This is important because it is the last degree of the zodiac. You know that feeling you have when you are so ready for winter to be done you just give up hope of seeing a flower again and then it’s the first day of spring? That’s 29° Pisces. It is the moment where we surrender to anything, the feeling of letting go completely, the knowledge that we have to take a leap of faith and there’s no other choice. It is also the place of atonement, where we make our amends for where we feel we have done wrong. It is a place of sacrifice, my teacher Michael Lutin used to tell us that the image for 29° Pisces is the Crucifixion. 

This is a moment where Mercury – planet of communication and intellect – says “wait a minute, not just yet – I have to go back, check things and make some edits.“ So, as you may be ready to take that leap – Mercury wants to review. We just experienced Chiron leaving Pisces, heading into Aries for about the next 8 years. As it stayed at this same zodiacal point before leaving Pisces, we may have experienced some turning point, some surrender, some news or enlightenment. Pay attention to that, what you learned, what you knew, what you felt. As Mercury spends a few days at this degree, it will bring back some memories of these last weeks. You may receive a new layer of information relative to that Chiron moment. 

Mercury, the winged messenger, is not in his favorite sign in Pisces. After all, he does rule Virgo- the opposite sign of Pisces. In Virgo, he is detail-oriented best, full of figures and spreadsheets and organized math. What does he do with himself in a sign that does not require words, such as Pisces? And retrograde, to boot! He listens. Instead of having words for every event and details for every moment, he goes within, listens, keeps his ear to the ground and clears his mind with meditation. These next weeks – and this is a 23 day retrograde, not a typical 21 day type – practice listening, observing, meditating, clearing your mind and experiencing silence. 

You’ll need those tactics elsewhere this week as Uranus – planet of chaos, innovation and unexpected events – enters Taurus on March 6th for the next 8 years. We had an appetizer of this last year when Uranus stepped into Taurus for a few months, but then left to finish up the 8 year long transit of Aries. Taurus is a sign notorious for not enjoying change, it likes things just as they are, nice and steady. Uranus moving into that region of the zodiac will encourage us to shake up any area of our lives that may have gotten too comfortable. Taurus loves comfort, coziness and that warm feeling of security. Uranus coming to Taurus gives us a new meaning of security or may show us that all the security we need is within and not defined by any extensions of ourselves. So, use those meditative moments I mentioned to tap into your individual sense of security as we journey deeply into our roots. 

Also on Wednesday, we have a New Moon at 15° Pisces. Any time we have a New Moon, it means the Sun and Moon are in the same place at the same time – a conjunction, a blending of the planets’ energies. And a time to initiate something new. But this conjunction also includes Neptune, so we have a triple planet lineup. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and so we have a major dose of that energy again this week. Inspiration, intuition, healing, creativity, psychic awareness and anything that is not of this earth. Pay close attention to the information you receive on Wednesday, secrets may be revealed, long wished for information may come forward, you may experience a beautifully inspired vision. You may have a moment of “was that real? did I really see that?” – take it in, write it down, visit with it later. Don’t ignore it! If you get a message that seems to be coming from somewhere other than your brain, stay with the vision, with the energy and let it happen. Allow yourself to be informed. You’ll figure out what to do with it later. 

All of these aspects are connected to one another, nothing happens separately, alone. They all speak to one another and to us at the same time. When Mercury eventually stations direct it will be on March 28th at the degree where the New Moon meets Neptune this week. Everything comes full circle, so the more connections you make between your intuitions and signs you see this week, the more you will be able to put together the Piscean puzzle awaiting you. Remember going within is the best way through this week’s journey, so dive in! 

Photo by John M. Cook

We start off 2019 with a bang as a partial Solar Eclipse happens on January 5th in the sign of Capricorn at 15°. It’s a major eclipse in that we have an impending conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on either side of the eclipse. A conjunction is a blending of energies. This is a very unusual situation as Saturn and Pluto are rarely in the same place at the same time, while also involved with an eclipse in the same place along side them. I spoke a lot about this eclipse in my last post, as I introduced it since we opened the eclipse period just about two weeks ago. This is a powerful aspect and I believe it initiates what is to be the connecting of Saturn and Pluto for the next 2 years. Since this is a Solar Eclipse, it is a New Moon, encouraging us to initiate something new for the future, depending upon where Capricorn appears in our charts. 

We can’t take this aspect all by itself. There are other things happening during this eclipse. Uranus is moving forward in Aries for the last time before it moves into Taurus, encouraging us to finish the story we started in 2011. Mars is at home in Aries, its own sign, keeping us ambitious and focused. Mercury is in Capricorn, keeping our thoughts grounded and strategic. One of the most important of these aspects is that Jupiter is in a dignified place, since it is in Sagittarius, its own sign. This is a protective influence, encouraging us to go ahead and make big plans, start a big project to move our lives forward. So, while this is a dramatic turning point in each of our lives, we need to have faith, stay focused on our goals and recognize that we are each about to work out something important in our life. 

Saturn is always the disciplinarian, showing us where we need to be responsible in our lives. But it is also where we have put up a wall of defense, likely in a very unconscious manner. Pluto works on this unconscious level, bringing these energies out of darkness into the conscious mind. It transforms and breaks down structure, to rebuild something that is more useful to us moving forward. If we are very, very conscious of what’s happening in our lives in a subtle way, we will see where our greatest defenses are keeping us held back in an old pattern, no longer necessary to us. Then Pluto can make us very aware of how we need to go forward consciously, taking back our power from our fears and completely changing that area of our lives. In addition to seeing where Saturn and Pluto are operating together in Capricorn, look to your personal chart to see your own Saturn and Pluto and how they work in their respective places. Where do you feel you have, perhaps unconsciously, held yourself back? Where do you feel the impending changes? How can you get creative about this turning point and be open to the rebirth awaiting you? If you are feeling frustration, anger, despondent or any such emotions – the answer is to go in deep and get to the root of it. There is some profound answer, message, solution there. If you stay on the surface of your life, not only will you not get to that answer, but you will remain frustrated. 

There are 5 planets in Capricorn, this is about structure and is a time of creating tangible results. Whatever you plan now should be structured, tactical and be a method of achieving your goals in the area of your chart where Capricorn is placed. Go within, acknowledge your internal obstacles and work them out, embracing the fact that you are ready to go for the gold and nothing will be in your way. 

Did you say eclipse?

December 23, 2018
The Full Moon on December 22, 2018 from Escazu, Costa Rica. Pretty good shot, huh?

Happy Solstice! It is not only the annual time when the Sun enters Capricorn, but it is also a Full Moon. This Full Moon occurs with the Moon at 0° Cancer and the Sun and 0° Capricorn, these degrees of the zodiac are what we call the Cardinal Axis or the World Axis. This means they are at a point where that relates to the world at large – celebrities, global issues, popular culture. If you were born with planets in this area of the zodiac, you may find yourself in a world where you are regularly put in the limelight, work with people or have friends who are on the world stage. Therefore I expect that there will be events in the news that will grab everyone’s attention and indeed there already are. Capricorn rules the patriarchy, the government, the banking systems and corporations. It represents our relationship with authority, how we feel about having public status and how ambitious we are. 

Since this Full Moon is in Cancer, we may find ourselves to be unusually sensitive, especially around family matters. Holiday time always brings this to the table and this lunation just puts an extra stamp on it. During this time, we also have Mars in Pisces sitting between Neptune and Chiron. These are planets of inner journeys, and this is not a comfortable place for Mars, which is a planet of initiation and movement out in the world. The best actions to take now are ones of soul work and emotional healing, which is a true blending and excellent use of this energy. Once we embark on something inner, we won’t feel so uncomfortable as any discomfort comes from our resistance and desire to put our ego into the world. 

This is not just any Full Moon, but one that opens the new eclipse period. Yes, that’s right, eclipses again. I know, I know, I feel like we just had them too. That’s because we had 3 in the summer and they were intense. Now that the Sun is embarking on a new astrological month in Capricorn, it will be joining Saturn and Pluto there, shining a light into the darker realms of our subconscious. When we have the first eclipse on January 5th, 2019, it will be a Solar Eclipse, therefore a New Moon. This lunar event will occur at 15° Capricorn, while Saturn will be at 11° and Pluto at 20° which means the eclipse is wedged in between Saturn and Pluto. 

Let me just say that this does not happen often at all. Firstly, the last time Saturn and Pluto got close together in the same sign was back in 1983. Then making a sandwich of the eclipse, that is extremely rare. This is quite a powerful event and we will discuss it further in the next few weeks. I speak of it now because it is a great aspect to start a new venture, especially if it’s going to be a business, due to the line up of planets in Capricorn. So, if you are starting something new in your business life, take this opportunity and use this eclipse energy to initiate the process. This is a highly ambitious planetary lineup and if you are wanting to jump in and produce a big splash, then this is your aspect. 

I also believe that this is a turning point in each of our lives. Saturn and Pluto are a resilient duo when together like this and we will watch them get closer over the next two years. Depending upon where the eclipse falls in your chart, you will see a turning point in that area of your life because of its powerful connection to these two planets on either side of the eclipse. It’s time to renovate that area and most likely you’ve already started the process.

I can already feel the energy picking up, because the last few days have been wildly non-stop. Running from one errand to an appointment, to chores, to another appointment. It seems unusually busy, especially since little of this had anything to do with the holidays. But I recognize the pace, the dynamism, the flow of this. It feels like eclipse energy. Since fortunate Jupiter is auspiciously in his favorite sign of Sagittarius, we are able to manage situations in a positive way and navigate them to a positive outcome. 

More on the eclipses – yes, there’s two – as we get closer. For now, have a beautiful holiday season! 

Friday’s New Moon was in the sign of Sagittarius, one of abundance, expansion and jumping right into something new with gusto. Additionally, Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is also in its own sign making this a great time to start something new, make a wish and set some new intentions. The monthly New Moon is always a perfect time to initiate and ask yourself what you would like to manifest. This time we are blessed with Jupiter’s presence and if we are very focused on what we are wishing for, then chances are very good we can manifest it. 

It continues to be a positive flow of aspects as there is the Mars Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This is part of the wish making process as well, because it opens our eyes to what our dreams are, what we would like to manifest, how we can magically make anything happen with a vision and some focus. Remember, the connection of these two planets doesn’t require all sorts of strenuous effort in co-creating your dream with the Universe, if you can see it, you can have it. Mars and Neptune only get together once every 2 years, so initiating something you desire at this time is powerful. Mars is the warrior planet of taking action and Neptune is about intuition, magic, creativity, spirituality and foresight. They can be a strange pair together as their energies are so different. So the best way to take action now is not to charge in and make a direct hit. It’s better to intuit your next right action and slowly move through the back door. Let the energetic flow guide you. It may feel like you are doing nothing, but actually in this case all you need to do is be clear on what you want. 

Mercury has stationed direct at 27 Scorpio and we can say goodbye to the retrogrades for a while! The inner planets have been busy with retrogrades since June and we are finally taking all we’ve learned and using it to move forward. It really has been a backwards time and it’s been hard to come out of the whirlwind and feel like you actually are moving forward. As it stands now, we have Mercury moving through the end of Scorpio until December 12th when it moves back to Sagittarius. Meanwhile, Venus has also moved forward into Scorpio again after retrograding back into Libra last month. The planet of the goddess will remain in Scorpio until January 7th, 2019. With these two inner planets re-visiting the sign of the underworld, we are encouraged to connect with our deepest mysteries, walk through the darker corners of our consciousness and come out with some answers and keys to our own transformation. I feel like this is an easier journey than the last few months, mainly because we now have Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius, opening our minds, helping us to feel safe in our journey and supporting our desire to raise our consciousness.

Where do you feel some unanswered questions remain? What part of your life requires some further digging to get those answers? All of these aspects I am describing are interconnected. There is a journey we have been on this year that required us to review and go within to understand a very hidden part of ourselves. Now we can grasp the depth of this journey, what information we found there and where it has been leading us. These next few days are good to soothe the soul and make it easier to recognize how far we’ve come, before we continue on our path. Remember to dream big right now and focus on all you wish for so that you may manifest it!

Yet another exciting week in the cosmos, lots of planetary changes this month! Uranus has just changed signs and gone back into Aries until March 6th of next year. This transition allows us to review and reconnect with the journey we have been on since Uranus entered Aries in 2010. Once Uranus finishes up this transit, it will enter Taurus for the next 7-8 years and we begin a new journey. This is more about planting seeds, growing and harvesting. Taurus, after all is the earthiest of the earth signs, so we use the metaphors and symbolism of working the earth. In these next few months as Uranus turns direct from retrograde in January, then moves forward to leave Aries, we really learn what this journey since 2010 was all about. What were the most notable revolutionary experiences you had? Where did your life change, perhaps dramatically? Where did you break free of restrictions and become profoundly independent? 

As Uranus makes this transition, the Moon’s Nodes of Destiny also make a shift that will last 18 months. The Nodes have been living in the signs of Leo and Aquarius and will now move backwards – because that’s how the Nodes move – into Cancer and Capricorn. Because they are at the end of the signs, they will have a T-square relationship with Uranus, causing us to evaluate the direction we are headed in. The North Node is now in Cancer, while its equal and opposite point, the South Node is in Capricorn. This means that we are to follow the direction where we find support, nurturing, warmth and a sense of belonging. The sense of Capricorn achievement and success will come as a result of following our hearts and the areas I just mentioned. 

The good news this week is that tomorrow, November 8th, Jupiter enters its own sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter in its home indicates that we are entering a time of protection, as Jupiter is a shielding influence. Wherever you have Sagittarius in your chart gives you a boost of confidence, protection and optimism. Jupiter’s visit to Sagittarius will last 13 months and during this time, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the good fortune to advance areas of your life that you’ve been wanting to expand. It’s also good to know that Jupiter buffers you from any sort of catastrophe in the house it’s visiting. There are still lessons to be learned, but you are open and understand these experiences with a new perspective. 

There has not been a lot of fire in the planetary configurations. Hence, there has been a lot of slow movement and lack of inspiration. We are coming out of a time with many planets in water signs, which has made us feel stuck in the mud. But with Uranus back in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius, we should begin to feel motivated and have more energy. Fire planets also bring confidence to wherever they land in our charts and we need to make the most of this while the planets are visiting us. 

Scorpio Time!!

October 23, 2018

Photo by Brenda Wallace. Yes, that scorpion was actually in Brenda’s bathtub.

We have an interesting week ahead. On Tuesday October 23rd, we have the Sun entering the sign of Scorpio for its annual run. You may recall that Jupiter has been in Scorpio all year, Venus has been in Scorpio and turned retrograde there and Mercury is also in Scorpio. That’s a lot of intense, passionate, deep, secretive and mysterious energy flying around right now. But the Sun, our life force, will make an opposition to Uranus on Tuesday evening because Uranus is still in Taurus for another few weeks before it makes its last visit to Aries. On Wednesday the Moon will join Uranus in Taurus and we will have the annual Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon, which is traditionally known as The Hunter’s Moon. Uranus makes this one hot aspect. A Full Moon right with Uranus tells us to expect the unexpected. This can be something that affects our one to one relationships and the people who are closest to us. If you know your astrological chart, find where the Taurus-Scorpio axis is and these houses are where the activity is playing out. 

The Nodes of Destiny are being squared by this Full Moon, so there is actually a Grand Cross in the sky with the lunation. So, there are course corrections, different journeys emerging and awakenings happening. This can be an emotional breakthrough, so it’s best to use this energy consciously. Meaning that if you have been feeling like something is about to burst, use that burst to advance your life, not lose your temper. Meditate, relax into what you are feeling and coax it out of the deep recesses of your mind. Spend alone time with yourself so that you may listen and respond to whatever is calling you forward now. Remember, Scorpio runs deep and we need to dig into the roots to find the gold. If life should get hectic – because after all, this is Uranus – then just go with it and tune in afterwards. There may be a message for you in all of this. 

Meanwhile, despite the chaos of Uranus, the Sun will conjunct Venus at the end of the week, while Venus is retrograde. Yes, this will be in Scorpio. This is known as an inferior conjunction because Venus is moving between Earth and the Sun. This Sun-Venus conjunction makes a point on Venus’s 5 pointed star that it forms in the sky as it transits the Sun, known as a Venus Star Point, which I have discussed here. It is the first inferior conjunction of the Sun and Venus in Scorpio since 2010. Think about 8 years ago, whatever you may have experienced then is finishing up its cycle now.  

This is a lovely aspect that will help you open your heart. Since it is in Scorpio, it calls for us to open our hearts on a deep level and allow some vulnerability into our lives. We may receive a kiss or a burst of love from the Universe that we totally didn’t expect. Some kind words, someone does us a good turn, a person we care about shows they care for us as well. After the Uranus Full Moon earlier in the week look for some bliss and happiness in your world on Friday the 26th and spread love and joy wherever you can!

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