Deb McBride

Hot transits

October 9, 2017

We have a lot of hot transits going on right now and I want to discuss what that feels like. On September 28th, we had the direct station of Pluto. Pluto had been retrograde since April and when it stations to go direct, I always feel like whatever has been brewing in Pluto’s basement in the underworld erupts out into our world with great force. It doesn’t always mean there’s a major tragedy, this time there was, but what surfaces usually is as if a manhole cover was opened somewhere and all the sewer creatures come out. We get scandalous stories in the news, we hear about accidents, long standing secrets are revealed. It takes a few weeks for the shake-up to happen and the dust to settle. But this time it’s far more relevant because Pluto stationed direct at its own South Node. What does that mean? The place where the planets cross the ecliptic on their path are the points of the North and South nodes of each planet. The Nodes represent the direction we are going to – the North Node and there we’ve been and all of our unconscious drives – the South Node. When an outer planet as slow as Pluto reaches its own South Node, it’s very rare and it’s going to be hanging out there for a while, on and off for about two years. Consequently, when we’re dealing with unconscious drives and habits, the creatures that come out of the sewer are going to be be darker, muddier, uglier and harder to look at. Pluto does reveal what is hidden behind the scenes in our collective unconscious, now imagine what happens when it reveals our truest, deepest, unedited collective drives. On some collective level, our darkest unacknowledged feelings surface and have to come forward if we are going to heal these instincts as a society and individually. In simple terms, things have to get worse before they can get better. It’s like having a bad flu and hitting bottom, before you start recovering. 

In the meantime, Pluto has been dancing with the lovers Venus and Mars in flowing aspects. But they are still hot and heavy as Pluto remains slow, therefore the Lord of the Underworld’s effects are penetrating and persistent. Even though Venus and Mars are in fussy Virgo, it’s time to dig into life and find the deep connection to one’s creativity and passions. It’s also time to show your power, not only by using words, but backing them up with actions. Mars is always about taking action and there are many ways to take positive steps to bring good into the world. Use your skills to be of service (so Virgo!) and help out where you have felt the most assistance is needed. There are many ways all of us can contribute now. 

Venus and Mars aren’t finished with their work schedule. After Pluto they move on to Saturn and in this week, they both make a hard aspect to the dutiful planet. This is the last time either planet will make a hard aspect to Saturn before it leaves Sagittarius after the last 3 years. All year, Venus and Mars have been traveling nearby each other in the zodiac and now their work is culminating since they are together in Virgo. The experience we will all have in our lives now is a test and a finale at the same time. We have each had goals this year, probably an ongoing story that started sometime at the end of 2016. This has not been an easy road and we each have encountered roadblocks along the way. We are not free to go forward until we complete the last tasks of this course. No graduation or especially graduation party just yet. Saturn always makes us wait for our rewards and this time is no exception. Do you really want it? You have to just push the envelope one more time to get through it in this 2nd week of October. And then? 

Then as we are pushing our envelopes, Jupiter leaves Libra, where it has been since September of 2016 and enters Scorpio. Once again we’re thrown back to Venus and Mars as Jupiter leaves the sign Venus rules and enters the sign of Mars’ rulership. We Jupiter has been stressed in Libra this whole time, meeting with a last opposition to Uranus on September 28. After over a year in a sign, Jupiter will reveal to us its lasting impression, a message and hopefully an epiphany that allows us greater understanding of what we were to learn and accomplish during this period. If you’ve struggled during this time – and most of us have – one hopes there is a recognition of what that struggle was about. When a planet ends its run in a sign, I always liken it to being the deeply intense essence of what that placement was all about. As if we boiled down the transit to its richest extracts. For each of us it is always different. This transit brought a lot of transformation because of Jupiter’s ongoing conversation with the outer planets. As it moves into Scorpio, it won’t be as stressed and will actually have a different, more passionate conversation within each of our charts. This will be a powerful new dynamic that visits us. 

So, this week we work hard to end the struggle of the last 13 months, understand the lesson and move forward. The relationship planets Venus and Mars have a lot to say to us this week. Recall their interactions with each other all year, taking turns being on top and then their connections to other planets: Pluto makes us desperately want what we want and need to have it, Saturn judges us for it later, Jupiter opens our heart. What they show us this week, how we listen to them makes a difference in the next year going forward. Most importantly, we go forward with an open heart and unconditional love.

On that note, I invite you to watch this video where Mars and Venus switch places and men sing the roles established by women. And do a very good job! But despite all the tragedy, love wins the day.




Astrological aftermath

September 27, 2017

Partial Eclipse as seen from Costa Rica, Aug 21, 2017

Remember I wrote that the July Full Moon was intense and we needed to ready ourselves for it? And then I wrote the eclipse of August 21st was very powerful and would be a turning point for many of us? I don’t believe any of that did justice to what actually happened and what many of us felt. In life, hindsight is always 20/20 and many times in astrology as well. Especially if Uranus is involved, which it was in July, because we never know what Uranus will bring. The planet of unexpected events, you could make a list of 1,000 happenings and the one you didn’t think of is what happens. So, in hindsight, I don’t think I gave enough emphasis on how much life would change for so many people. I don’t like to scare people or be a doomsayer, so here I believe I erred on the side of optimism.

That being said, I do believe when we experience a prolonged period of discomfort, anxiety, depression or paralysis we are working through some major lesson or transformation in our lives. It will usually be okay eventually once we work through the drama of the challenging aspects, though our landscape may have shifted somewhat. These last few months have been some of the most emotionally intense and difficult I have seen and experienced in years. I suffered, I watched people suffer, in two different countries I had people telling me how everyone was a wreck. And this is just a barometer reading of emotional experience. Then there are the heartbreaking stories of my friends displaced or struggling because of hurricanes. And still now overwhelmed and enduring hardship.

In astrology when something like the eclipse of August 21st occurs, it triggers a point in the 360 degree dial that will now become a “famous point.” When the point gets triggered we have reverberations of what it felt like to experience that time in our lives. So now 28° Leo is a famous point. And as I mentioned in a previous blog that was a hot point that was going to get hit again very soon after. First Mars hit the point, which is the planet of aggression and one that stirs the pot. Then Mercury went direct on the eclipse point, which brought new information forward. And lastly Venus hit the eclipse point and ignited it all over again on September 18th. Normally Venus is a lovely aspect, but frankly I experienced some of the worst anxiety the day before and in speaking with others, they were feeling it as well. Then I realized, here was Venus triggering a powerful eclipse point. An extraordinary eclipse related to this one, from August 1999 was triggered by Venus on September 11, 2001. This time was a remembrance of Venus’ trigger that day. Incidentally, I had this realization while going through airport security.

So now we are dealing with the aftermath. What did the eclipse bring to you? What did you learn and what did you work through? Was it just a matter of persistence or did you have to completely change some aspects of your life? And many of us are still sorting out what happened and how we feel. Most importantly, this eclipse and especially Venus’ transit over it should bring us to the point of connection with our true, most authentic core of ourselves.

Meanwhile, we now have Pluto going direct this week as it’s been in retrograde since April. The fruits of our inner work this year should now be evident. But Pluto is now deeply entrenched in the middle of the sign of Capricorn. It has a good 8 more years to go. It’s not finished transforming all things Capricorn: the government, the banking systems, commerce. Since it is so intensely in the sign now, we will start to see some of the most profound changes in those areas mentioned. It may seem chaotic at first, but that is a sure sign of churning changes. It’s a necessary purge before those areas can get healed and work better.

And on the same day we have the last passage of the Jupiter opposition to Uranus. Jupiter opposed Uranus in December 2016, in early March 2017 and now again on September 28 for the last time. This is an expansion of one’s awareness, also an opening to a transformation in one’s life. Jupiter works by opening the door, providing opportunities, allowing us to leap forward and take risks and most of all feeling like we are protected when we take these leaps. We have each been through a process since December of last year, which is now coming to completion. Think back to last December and anything you initiated, how is the progress for you? It has not been a smooth road, but we are coming at last to the place where we can have greater understanding of what this was all about for us, why it’s been so difficult, why we needed to pass through the stages as we have.

These last two months have not been easy or straightforward. It has been a labyrinth of issues, emotions, crisis and healing. We are still working through these matters, but I do expect the dust to settle in the next week or so. In the meantime, continue to meditate, do something that makes you laugh and be kind to yourself.






August eclipses

August 6, 2017

As I sit to write this, we have just experienced the station retrograde of Uranus in Aries. It was a strong way to begin the month of August. Outer planet stations always shake up our perceptions of our current life and world circumstances. When we have the beginning of a retrograde, we find it’s time to go within for the next few months and resolve old conflicts, recollect what has happened in the last several months and work with the internal chaos. Anxiety is very common with Uranus and if you are having any such reactions, it’s probably the feelings of being out of control that Uranus can bring with its change of direction. It doesn’t actually mean that you or your life is out of control, but it does give an underlying feeling of instability. It could be just your perception of how life is playing out at this moment. 

Meanwhile, Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn for the last time and it’s best to avoid power struggles, take the high road and use that Jupiterian wisdom to guide you. Sometimes the ego wants to win at any cost and can step on anything or anyone who gets in the way. That can be you getting stepped on as well as doing the stepping, so don’t think you can just get away with anything, as Jupiter can often convince us. 

On August 7th we have the first of two eclipses this month, with the Lunar Eclipse at 15° Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon. As I’ve written before, eclipses always bring the local emotional story to the table. Whatever you’ve been experiencing in these weeks leading up to the eclipse will come up for review and you will understand the deeper reason for these emotions and events you have been experiencing. Since it is a Lunar Eclipse, Full Moons tend to be more emotional and you may experience a wide array of feelings with this eclipse. With the Moon in Aquarius, the theme is about truly asserting one’s freedom and independence. Wherever it falls in the chart gives us the arena in which we may feel we need to exercise more independence. Jupiter in Libra will make a wonderful aspect to this eclipse, bringing opportunities and good fortune to whatever area it touches. Perhaps Jupiter’s influence will get us through the uneven waters of the eclipse and guide us through to a better understanding of our emotions. 

The second eclipse is a total Solar Eclipse at just about 29° Leo. This is a very powerful eclipse as it aligns with the fixed star Regulus – the King – and is close to the Nodes of Fate. It also partakes in a Grand Fire Trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. This is about action and initiative. It is being called “The Great American Eclipse” because its path travels only in the USA. Solar Eclipses are not usually as emotional as Lunar, but instead they involve our life path and our life force.

Since these eclipses occur very firmly in the sign of Leo, we are confronting parts of ourselves that are needing and wanting to be at center stage. Where in your life is it time to shine? Let’s take a quick zip around the zodiac for each sign and find out (read Rising Sign as well):

Aries: love and children

Taurus: family and home

Gemini: communication and siblings

Cancer: money and self value

Leo: your persona and your talent

Virgo: healing and dreams

Libra: friends and community

Scorpio: career and reputation

Sagittarius: education and foreign lands

Capricorn: joint finances and passion

Aquarius: partners and relationships 

Pisces: health and work

With all this planetary activity, there is a lot of emotional work to be done now and each of us can be dreaming intensely at night or awakening in the morning with a million questions. Everyone is processing emotions, it would be hard to find someone who is not going through something intense, rough, life changing or powerful. Where in your life do you feel the most challenged? What is consuming your energy? 

Mars is following the Sun in Leo, a fiery eclipse for sure. And then Mars will visit each eclipse point along its path. On August 12th, Mars will land on the first eclipse point re-triggering everything we experienced, giving us another layer of emotion to work with. Then Mars will reach the point of the second eclipse on Sept 1 and 2 and again we will feel another layer of experience. Mars always adds a vitamin shot to the mix, so whatever we experience during the eclipse moments, we can review and take more action when Mars hits the eclipse points. 

Mercury stations on the 12th, turning retrograde in its own sign of Virgo. Mercury retro while having eclipses is a wild ride! As always, keep aware of communications and try to make them run as smoothly as possible. 

The energies this month are definitely topsy turvy, between eclipses, Uranus changing direction and Mercury going retro. For this eclipse period I would suggest take very good care of yourself because this is exhausting energy. Take extra time to complete your tasks, get some extra rest – naps are a great idea. And meditation is a wonderful way to remain calm and soothe those anxious vibes when they come up. The time of Leo is one of creativity and fun, so please be sure to enjoy some of that as well!

July intensity

July 3, 2017

July promises to be an intense month for astrology. We have begun the month with Mars and Mercury close together in the sign of Cancer. They are at the point now where Mercury has just opposed Pluto and Mars is currently in opposition to Pluto, which is in Capricorn. This is a profound aspect. The two planets together opposite Pluto can bring intellectual revelations or just generally reveal some incredible information. It is a time of deep thinking, profound meditations, interesting connections and conversations that uncover mysteries. You may also feel an important conversation is long overdue and initiate one. Mercury is straightforward and can be very direct in its intentions while conjunct Mars, not necessarily embodying its trickster personality. Pluto brings forward the transformation and power that is necessary for us to connect with the knowledge waiting for us. Perhaps you have been grappling with a particular matter for a long time and have needed answers or resolution. These aspects are the prime time for discovering the solution.

Mars is the planet of confidence, self assertion and action. However, when combined with Mercury and Pluto, it can be reactive. Heavy words may fly between you and another, possibly slipping from your lips without your conscious control. Tempers can flare, aggravation can be very close to the surface, old hurts may reappear. This is really an important time to remember to think before you speak. Whatever Pluto touches is irrevocably changed and if you choose to react harshly, that won’t be easily if at all remedied. A constructive conversation is very possible at this time. But you should be aware that everyone is being affected by these transits and the results of any conversation may take you on a journey that you did not expect.

As we move through the month, we have a Full Moon on July 9, this means the Moon will be in Capricorn and the Sun will be in Cancer. This is an extraordinary lunation, as the Moon will be almost exactly conjunct Pluto and the Sun almost exactly opposite Pluto. In fact, the exact Sun opposition Pluto will occur the next day, on July 10. This aspect happens every year, but this time the Sun having just been involved in a Full Moon deepens the effects of the transformation. For many of us, this particular Full Moon is a turning point, further deepening the experience of what Mars and Mercury have started end of June/beginning of July. The transformation inherent in this aspect is deeply rooted, powerful and life altering. Additionally, the Sun will still be close to Mars and therefore, Mars is part of this lunation as well. Knowing that that Mars can be aggressive and full of fire, I expect that we need to be mindful of clear use of this energy and not feed the fire turbulently. Use this fuel wisely, do not waste energy. The Sun is our life force, we must respect its power. We can achieve great things in our lives in these next days if we manage what we are feeling. It’s important to remain focused on goals because they are very attainable now.

You will also recall that I have mentioned in earlier blogs this year that we have an ongoing T-square between Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus. The empty space of this aspect falls in Cancer and all year we have been acknowledging the Cancer house of our charts receiving that outpouring of energy and how we are to work with it. We are connecting with ourselves on a new emotional level because of the sign of Cancer, which is all about feelings and security. This area of the sign of Cancer falls near the degree of the lunation. This means that this Full Moon is further enhanced by the flow of energy from the T-square. Since late 2016, we have been experiencing this T-square, which has been operating in our lives depending upon the area it falls in our charts. In many ways, this work has been unconscious as we are dealing with outer planets Uranus and Pluto. Some of these changes defy vocabulary, as they are so under the surface and only work in the feeling realm within Cancer. Now we are going to find out just how far we have come since last December, what this aspect really means in our lives and how to use this energy productively.

Since Uranus is involved in this configuration as well, Mercury, Mars and then the Sun will all take turns making an intense square to Uranus. Mercury will make the aspect July 4th, Mars will make the aspect on the 17th and then the Sun on the 20th. Similar to how they approached Pluto in the opposition. This would indicate that the intensity continues and perhaps at this point we will gain additional tools and knowledge related to the Full Moon and all aspects to Pluto. Then it will be time to assimilate and use the profound experience to move our plans and goals forward. We can look forward to our awareness being raised, our consciousness shifting and generally being more open to what life journey is revealed to us.

In August we will have eclipses, but more on that later!


Mercury & Uranus

May 9, 2017

It’s been one exciting ride in the last few weeks. Right now, we are in a loop of Mercury and Uranus. They keep meeting up and have been creating a long standing story. Mercury first met Uranus in Aries back on March 26th. When they get together, they get our minds working on a level of higher consciousness. Normally, Mercury would just breeze by Uranus and we would have a day of intense communications or solving problems with analysis. Mental energy that was electrified. But this was no ordinary transit. This time, Mercury reached the early degrees of Taurus and then went into retrograde. Then a week before Mercury went direct, it had traveled back to where Uranus is sitting to join it again. But Mercury continued its backwards motion and when it turned around to make its station and go forward, it was sitting very close to Uranus. Mercury will make its last contact with Uranus on May 10 as it makes another conjunction, the third in a series.

Does your brain feel like it is on fire? Are you getting wild and brilliant ideas? Or maybe you just feel anxious. Maybe you have had your fill of a situation that goes around in circles. This can be frustrating, enlightening, remarkable, fascinating. Your communications can have a breakdown or a breakthrough, a collapse or an epiphany. Since this all takes place in the sign of Aries, it is not an event one would call wishy-washy – it is direct, straightforward and clear.

Furthermore, Mercury and Uranus are at 24-26° Aries, a place in the zodiac that also triggers 9-11° in the mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces. As it standsMars has been visiting this very area of Gemini. Mars rules Aries and gives us another boost of mental energy in that area. It also can exacerbate a situation that is already somewhat volatile. All of this could be wildly creative if you use the energy wisely. It could also be wildly anxiety producing if you stop the energy from flowing.

An important thing to remember in this is to look for new answers and solutions to issues that may have been on your mind, in your consciousness. It can be a highly enlightening time, open your mind, meditate, take a seminar. It’s great time for deep intellectual connections with people you care about. You can have a fascinating dialogue with a friend about something metaphysical, psychological or analytical.

On the mundane, every day side of this, my recommendation is to not be provocative. Do not initiate a conversation that you know could be filled with hostility or is anxiety producing. Do not demand answers from someone now. Don’t push when you know it’s a difficult situation. Expect communications to be very busy right now – lots of emails, phone calls, messages. Just move through it and do the best you can. Most of all, take a breath and think about your words before you say them. Don’t be a coward, either – remember these aspects are in Aries, the sign of courage. If you must have an important conversation, then think of  the right words to use and speak with confidence.

This is temporary, pay attention and you will feel the energy shift. The pace will normalize and you can go forward feeling refreshed in mind and spirit.





Venus is Retrograde

March 6, 2017

Yes, it’s that time again, Venus is retrograde. It seems like it was just a short time ago, but it was actually summer of 2015 when we last had a Venus retro. This time it will be apparently traveling backwards from March 4 to April 15. The planet stationed at 13° Aries but will travel back to the end of Pisces and remain there for almost all of April. This is an interesting journey for the goddess, because she starts the retrograde in Aries where she is not comfortable, then goes back into Pisces where she is exalted. So, we are looking at a transit where Venus is impetuous, crabby, pushy and not like herself. Then as she  revisits Pisces, she is empathic, sensitive, loving and healing. Watch how this plays out in your life. Is there a place where you feel dissatisfied and then come to own and acknowledge where you may have been rash? Where you felt impatient and may not have treated others with care? Then you return to a warm place where you feel your heart swell with gratitude and generosity.

It is time to review, reestablish, relaunch, reconnect – remember retrogrades bring those “re’s.”  We can return to a place of openness, forgiveness and most importantly self-love. Where have we not been entirely loving to ourselves? Why is it so difficult for us to do this? When we feel that Venus in Aries irritability kicking in, it’s a flag that we have not been caring to ourselves. Somewhere we are feeling a lack, an empty space where we need to go within and pay attention. We can’t point a finger at another person or uncomfortable situation, because ultimately it’s where we feel unloved by ourselves. One of the best actions we can take now is to find our gratitude, what we are grateful for in our lives. When you are feeling that twinge, that pinch of negative thinking, that is time to step back and do a meditation or healing ritual where you bring in the gratitude. It will change your mindset to one of peace.

Of course, I must give the usual advice during a Venus retrograde. It’s unwise to start a new relationship with someone now. Go out, have fun, meet people, but don’t take any of it seriously. After the retrograde is over, that is the time to meet someone new. Pay attention to what initiates during these 6 weeks, a new job, a new purchase, a new home – they have arrived now for a reason. Their story warrants consideration. And there is always the possibility an old friend or flame returns from the past. You can bump into them casually or hear from them with the intent to reconnect. Sometimes a story will wrap up during a Venus retrograde, so if you hear from the past, it’s important to acknowledge it and go find out what it has for you. Secrets can be revealed now as well, since the truth comes out now as it does during Mercury retrograde. Maybe you need to find out why someone behaved the way they did at some point in the past. And on a mundane level – no cosmetic surgeries or procedures! These can range from disappointing to disastrous during this time, so please think before you act, put off any procedures until the retrograde is over. It is however, a great time to go antique shopping, scoring some bargains is easy now.


Venus rules Libra and Taurus, consider these areas of your chart as well as the Aries/Pisces houses where Venus is doing her dance. This is a lot of information, but very helpful to recognize where you need to do some work in these next 45 days. Where do you feel held back or disappointed with your progress in your life? Look at these areas of your chart and see what parts of the story are present in each area. How can you string together the story of each house?

These are all good tips to keep in mind during the Venus retrograde. Most of all, notice what shifts and changes for you in a positive way. Good things can come from revelations during this time, so be open to what the Universe shows you. Beauty comes in many forms and can be unusual or different now.


Eclipses and T-square

February 8, 2017

Photo by Clarence Taylor

This is a big week, with many details. There is lots of energy in the heavens and we need to work with it to our advantage. First Jupiter, planet of abundance, wisdom and expansion turned retrograde on Monday February 6 at 24 degrees of Libra. Jupiter has been sitting opposite the outer planet Uranus for many weeks now and because of Jupiter’s transit in these last few months, it has looped Pluto back into the story. We have an ongoing cardinal T-square with Pluto at the apex and the two other legs being the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus. Since Jupiter is stationary, it intensifies the relationship with the two outer planets. This means we want to examine what has happened in these last few months. Jupiter entered Libra in mid-September – what was going on for you then? Then, Jupiter opposed Uranus for the first time 3 months later in mid-December. Again, what there a Part 2 to your story from September? There may be decisions involved, as these are planets located in Cardinal signs, where action is taken and initiation of projects. The energy behind this configuration is life altering. Jupiter expands, gives opportunity, helps us see possibility. When involved with Pluto and Uranus in hard aspects, it pushes the door to transformation wide open. Now that Jupiter has retrograded, we revisit the path taken that we initiated in September. This is very exciting, as we have undoubtedly experienced something new in our lives or at least a new chapter. We are now able to look at what we have achieved in these last months and then ask ourselves what more do we need to accomplish between now and early June? How can we refine this journey? Think of it as a midpoint in a line – looking back, looking forward. As an added benefit, this month the Sun is in Aquarius making a lovely supportive trine aspect to Jupiter. This is saying yes to your journey. Pluto has entered the latter half of Capricorn, we are now in uncharted territory, but also a paradigm shift. Each of us has a new view of our life and we must be aware of what these changes are asking of us. 

Since Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are going to be dancing in this T-square arrangement for most of the year, there will be the empty space in the sign of Cancer. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, we will each need to pay attention to and address the desires of our natal Moon. What gives us security, what is familiar and feels nurturing. Additionally, every month, the transiting Moon will pass through that empty space and we will all have a few days where we may feel more emotional or in need of some comfort. And of course, if you have planets in mid-Cancer, you will feel this on regular basis. If you were born around July 10-15, you will have your natal Sun right as a focal point of the planetary energy. 

There is a Lunar Eclipse on February 10th/11th, depending on where you are located. This eclipse happens with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo at 22° 28 minutes. The eclipse makes great aspects to the Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries placements, forming a Grand Trine with the Moon in Leo. The Aquarius Sun forms a smooth sextile to Saturn and Uranus. So, I would say that this a a very good eclipse, a perfect time to get much accomplished and make important decisions. Eclipses usually bring intense emotional energy to the table, whatever has been hanging in the air, will come to fruition at the eclipse. Generally speaking, I find that people get busier during eclipses and information and activity is flying around very quickly. It’s always a good time to maintain balance and not allow yourself to fly along with the energy of the eclipse, as accidents can happen in a second. Too much too fast with eclipses, I always recommend taking a breath and stepping back just for a minute. With the Moon in Leo and so much fire energy in the heavens, this is a truly creative time. If you are working on projects, you should expect to do a lot of thinking outside the box and some innovative ideas will come forward, especially with the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. This particular eclipse last happened back on 10th/11th February of 1998. What where you doing then? Also, think about last August 18th 2016, when the counterpart eclipse happened. What can you connect about last August and February of 1998? What do they have in common? 

As eclipses come in pairs, there is another eclipse on February 26, this time a Solar Eclipse at 8° Pisces. Energy is high at eclipse time and with a Solar Eclipse, it is a New Moon, time to plant seeds. I advise that we do a ritual, one where we set intention for whatever we need or want, light a candle, do a meditation. The Pisces eclipse is the more powerful of the two as it sits close to the South Node of destiny. It is also a repeat of February of 1998, so again think back to that time and recall what it was that you were beginning. Something new in your life should have started at that time. The second eclipse comes with the added bonus of Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries, bringing an extra punch to the already extraordinary emotional atmosphere of the eclipse. With this strong fiery aspect joining the aforementioned T-square, we can expect tempers to flare and passions to ignite. Energy such as this can be used productively, but we must be very focused and involved in our intentions. Certainly this aspect will drive home the message of a new paradigm in life. 

Mars and Venus will be traveling together through Aries in February, heating up the relationship arena. Venus will be slowing down for her eventual retrograde in March, but meanwhile, she’ll be bright in the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere until March 22. When you see this glorious light, think of the goddess and be sure to make a wish! 


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