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Astrology is a combination of both art and science, the study of planetary energies which correspond to life on earth. It is the most powerful tool for looking at the human psyche and pinpointing various psychological tendencies. A natal (personal) chart is cast by using birth data to determine the position of the planets for an individual. The manner in which the planets interact or “speak to one another” in the chart creates various patterns that signify mental and emotional personality traits. Astrology is the blueprint of your life’s potential, but it is also necessary to take into consideration culture and early environmental influences. Personal astrology cycles show important periods of development and experience which bring various periods of opportunity, creativity and change, depending on the particular influences acting upon the natal chart at a certain time. There are many different types of astrology. While personal astrology is important for the individual, mundane astrology is the astrology of the collective trends and cycles which motivate and affect entire generations of people.


Life potential and purpose
Personality traits, talents and abilities, identifying strengths, weaknesses and life potential.

Forecast & Timing
Important periods of development for success along with career opportunities, creativity and life direction.

Synastry, the astrology of relationship compatability is a powerful and accurate way of understanding the dynamics of all relationships, particularly romantic, familial and professional.

Psychological Patterns
Helping you identify and work with emotional issues to improve your life.

Locational Astrology
A great tool for identifying the best places in the world to live, work and travel.


Deb’s work is astrology with intuitive counseling. She acts as a catalyst to give clients emotional support and helpful information during important periods of their lives, using astrology to help clients understand the dynamics of the transition they are experiencing. She also explains how they carry certain traits and how these qualities are expressed. Astrology is very helpful in explaining what these often difficult times feel like emotionally and how best to handle them. All planetary forces are not alike and it is very beneficial to have a professional reading to comprehend what is affecting you and what is required to achieve your potential. Astrology can explain why we repeatedly attract similar situations and how to break these patterns.

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