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Teen Stars

By Deb McBride, August 2008

Miley Cyrus is an ultra-romantic, but she’ll still be unconventional in relationships, despite trying to appear typical. Miley wants someone who has status and power, like her father, a partner who is going somewhere, she wants a boyfriend whose confidence and ambition matches her own. She is also very independent and will not define herself through a boyfriend. Miley’s Venus in Capricorn is connected to the outer planets Uranus and Neptune which manifests as unusual talents, extraordinary opportunities and innovative creativity.

Nick Jonas has a very romantic side for a Virgo, which is usually a very practical sign. In the case of Miley Cyrus, they are on different career paths – his is more about the craftsmanship of his music, hers is more about enthusiasm in her performances. This is due to the nature of their Sun signs, his in Virgo, hers in Sagittarius. They are not typically compatible signs. Their Moon signs are opposite one another as well, Miley’s in Scorpio, making her relationship connections very intense and Nick’s in Taurus, meaning he likes to take it a little more slowly. This is a situations where opposites attract, then repel.

There isn’t a real romance/marriage connection between Nick Joans and Selena Gomez. It’s a good friendship, there is a passionate commitment to their common goals and they enjoy the same activities, such as music and performance. But their two charts really don’t connect in a profound manner. Selena’s Leo Sun on Venus in Leo makes her a natural beauty and a talented artist, but she is not afraid of hard work as Saturn is opposite her Venus. Selena’s best path right now is her career, she has lots of potential to be extremely successful in the public eye for much of her life, if she chooses. A contact between Saturn and Venus such as the one in Selena’s chart usually indicates a serious relationship will come later in adulthood. Otherwise, were she to focus on relationships over career now, her efforts would most likely be met with disappointment. The present is the time for her career to take hold and blossom into something real and lasting.

All three Jonas brothers have a strong contact from the Moon to Pluto in their charts, which indicates an intense relationship with their mother. She is a dominant factor in their lives. This will most certainly play out in their relationships with women. Nick is truly the most romantic, he has the most purest notions about love and can be in love with the idea of love. This is due to his Venus in challenging aspect to Neptune in his chart. He will mature a lot in the next year as Saturn transits Virgo, his Sun sign.

Joe Jonas will be the most unconventional in his relationships. He was born under a full Aquarius Moon to his Leo Sun during an eclipse. He will desire a lot of freedom and may rebel against what his family’s idea of relationship is. He likes independent women with a career of their own who play hard to get. There are a number of fortunate aspects in his chart between Jupiter and the outer planets, which indicates much opportunity for career success.

Kevin Jonas will be the most powerful and successful of all three brothers. His Scorpio Sun is on intense planet Pluto. He has prodigious business acumen, hence the ability to make an enormous amount of money. Kevin will experience much transformation in his lifetime, with great passion and the ability to re-invent himself, he has tremendous charisma. He has Venus in Sagittarius which prefers exotic or foreign women and/or women who have a strong faith or spiritual life.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgins have many passionate sparks between them. They both have Venus in the steamy sign of Scorpio, which is a highly compatible love aspect and incites a fervor that can be impossible to quench. That aspect, coupled with his Mars in the gentle sign of Libra opposite her Mars in fiery Aries brings much excitement and an instant attraction to one another. It also gives Vanessa the upper hand in their relationship if arguments occur. Zac having the Sun in Libra, would rather work things out peacefully and without confrontation. Vanessa’s Sun in Sagittarius is fun-loving and very compatible with Libran Zac. Zac and Vanessa are the types that “love people to death,” meaning they can be obsessive or jealous in their love affairs and often with aspects like these, there are love triangles.

Both of them are fortunate through relationships with others as Jupiter is strongly placed in their charts, they can make the right connections very easily. Zac is very serious about his craft as an actor and will probably be a charismatic heart throb in Hollywood for the long run. Vanessa is smart and has substantial business savvy. They were both born with a unique element in their charts that can give them truly exceptional talent and star power.

Out of these seven celebrities – Zac, Vanessa and Miley are the three who have aspects in their charts indicating that they need to stay on a healthy path and avoid any temptations of the party lifestyle.

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