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March, 2019

The Piscean deep dive!

March 4, 2019
Photo by Clarence Taylor

We are having special astrology week. There are 3 important astrological events to which we need to pay attention: Mercury retrogrades at 29° Pisces, Uranus enters Taurus for the next eight years and the New Moon is in Pisces conjunct Neptune. 

On March 5, Mercury will retrograde at 29° Pisces. This is important because it is the last degree of the zodiac. You know that feeling you have when you are so ready for winter to be done you just give up hope of seeing a flower again and then it’s the first day of spring? That’s 29° Pisces. It is the moment where we surrender to anything, the feeling of letting go completely, the knowledge that we have to take a leap of faith and there’s no other choice. It is also the place of atonement, where we make our amends for where we feel we have done wrong. It is a place of sacrifice, my teacher Michael Lutin used to tell us that the image for 29° Pisces is the Crucifixion. 

This is a moment where Mercury – planet of communication and intellect – says “wait a minute, not just yet – I have to go back, check things and make some edits.“ So, as you may be ready to take that leap – Mercury wants to review. We just experienced Chiron leaving Pisces, heading into Aries for about the next 8 years. As it stayed at this same zodiacal point before leaving Pisces, we may have experienced some turning point, some surrender, some news or enlightenment. Pay attention to that, what you learned, what you knew, what you felt. As Mercury spends a few days at this degree, it will bring back some memories of these last weeks. You may receive a new layer of information relative to that Chiron moment. 

Mercury, the winged messenger, is not in his favorite sign in Pisces. After all, he does rule Virgo- the opposite sign of Pisces. In Virgo, he is detail-oriented best, full of figures and spreadsheets and organized math. What does he do with himself in a sign that does not require words, such as Pisces? And retrograde, to boot! He listens. Instead of having words for every event and details for every moment, he goes within, listens, keeps his ear to the ground and clears his mind with meditation. These next weeks – and this is a 23 day retrograde, not a typical 21 day type – practice listening, observing, meditating, clearing your mind and experiencing silence. 

You’ll need those tactics elsewhere this week as Uranus – planet of chaos, innovation and unexpected events – enters Taurus on March 6th for the next 8 years. We had an appetizer of this last year when Uranus stepped into Taurus for a few months, but then left to finish up the 8 year long transit of Aries. Taurus is a sign notorious for not enjoying change, it likes things just as they are, nice and steady. Uranus moving into that region of the zodiac will encourage us to shake up any area of our lives that may have gotten too comfortable. Taurus loves comfort, coziness and that warm feeling of security. Uranus coming to Taurus gives us a new meaning of security or may show us that all the security we need is within and not defined by any extensions of ourselves. So, use those meditative moments I mentioned to tap into your individual sense of security as we journey deeply into our roots. 

Also on Wednesday, we have a New Moon at 15° Pisces. Any time we have a New Moon, it means the Sun and Moon are in the same place at the same time – a conjunction, a blending of the planets’ energies. And a time to initiate something new. But this conjunction also includes Neptune, so we have a triple planet lineup. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and so we have a major dose of that energy again this week. Inspiration, intuition, healing, creativity, psychic awareness and anything that is not of this earth. Pay close attention to the information you receive on Wednesday, secrets may be revealed, long wished for information may come forward, you may experience a beautifully inspired vision. You may have a moment of “was that real? did I really see that?” – take it in, write it down, visit with it later. Don’t ignore it! If you get a message that seems to be coming from somewhere other than your brain, stay with the vision, with the energy and let it happen. Allow yourself to be informed. You’ll figure out what to do with it later. 

All of these aspects are connected to one another, nothing happens separately, alone. They all speak to one another and to us at the same time. When Mercury eventually stations direct it will be on March 28th at the degree where the New Moon meets Neptune this week. Everything comes full circle, so the more connections you make between your intuitions and signs you see this week, the more you will be able to put together the Piscean puzzle awaiting you. Remember going within is the best way through this week’s journey, so dive in! 

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