Deb McBride

January, 2019

Photo by John M. Cook

We start off 2019 with a bang as a partial Solar Eclipse happens on January 5th in the sign of Capricorn at 15°. It’s a major eclipse in that we have an impending conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on either side of the eclipse. A conjunction is a blending of energies. This is a very unusual situation as Saturn and Pluto are rarely in the same place at the same time, while also involved with an eclipse in the same place along side them. I spoke a lot about this eclipse in my last post, as I introduced it since we opened the eclipse period just about two weeks ago. This is a powerful aspect and I believe it initiates what is to be the connecting of Saturn and Pluto for the next 2 years. Since this is a Solar Eclipse, it is a New Moon, encouraging us to initiate something new for the future, depending upon where Capricorn appears in our charts. 

We can’t take this aspect all by itself. There are other things happening during this eclipse. Uranus is moving forward in Aries for the last time before it moves into Taurus, encouraging us to finish the story we started in 2011. Mars is at home in Aries, its own sign, keeping us ambitious and focused. Mercury is in Capricorn, keeping our thoughts grounded and strategic. One of the most important of these aspects is that Jupiter is in a dignified place, since it is in Sagittarius, its own sign. This is a protective influence, encouraging us to go ahead and make big plans, start a big project to move our lives forward. So, while this is a dramatic turning point in each of our lives, we need to have faith, stay focused on our goals and recognize that we are each about to work out something important in our life. 

Saturn is always the disciplinarian, showing us where we need to be responsible in our lives. But it is also where we have put up a wall of defense, likely in a very unconscious manner. Pluto works on this unconscious level, bringing these energies out of darkness into the conscious mind. It transforms and breaks down structure, to rebuild something that is more useful to us moving forward. If we are very, very conscious of what’s happening in our lives in a subtle way, we will see where our greatest defenses are keeping us held back in an old pattern, no longer necessary to us. Then Pluto can make us very aware of how we need to go forward consciously, taking back our power from our fears and completely changing that area of our lives. In addition to seeing where Saturn and Pluto are operating together in Capricorn, look to your personal chart to see your own Saturn and Pluto and how they work in their respective places. Where do you feel you have, perhaps unconsciously, held yourself back? Where do you feel the impending changes? How can you get creative about this turning point and be open to the rebirth awaiting you? If you are feeling frustration, anger, despondent or any such emotions – the answer is to go in deep and get to the root of it. There is some profound answer, message, solution there. If you stay on the surface of your life, not only will you not get to that answer, but you will remain frustrated. 

There are 5 planets in Capricorn, this is about structure and is a time of creating tangible results. Whatever you plan now should be structured, tactical and be a method of achieving your goals in the area of your chart where Capricorn is placed. Go within, acknowledge your internal obstacles and work them out, embracing the fact that you are ready to go for the gold and nothing will be in your way. 

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