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September, 2018

Venus and Uranus

September 17, 2018

Welcome to the rollercoaster of 2018! Are you nauseated yet? I sure am! What do I mean by roller coaster – as if there hasn’t been one already in these past months? It’s the current and upcoming connection between Venus and Uranus. In the last week Venus opposed Uranus and started a process that each of us is going to experience over the next few months.

First, the technical stuff:
Starting on October 5th, Venus is going to make its retrograde beginning in the sign of Scorpio – the sign of its detriment – and ending back in Libra, its own sign on November 15th. During this apparent backwards journey in October and November, Venus will oppose Uranus 3 times. This is fairly unprecedented, at least I haven’t experienced it in my lifetime and I’ve been around a while! Venus was opposite Uranus for the first time on September 12th. This opposition occurred with Venus at 2 degrees of Scorpio and Uranus at 2 degrees of Taurus. Uranus is not entirely happy in Taurus, as it is in its fall there. Uranus likes to be in its exaltation, where it is in Scorpio, the opposite of where it is now. So, each of these planets is not at its best here. They will oppose each other on October 31st for the 2nd time, then the third time will be on November 30th for the last time, after Venus is direct. But at this last time, Venus will be in Libra and Uranus will have retrograded back into Aries, where it will remain until March of 2019 when it will re-enter Taurus for the next 7 years.

Now the psychological/emotional stuff: What is the essence of Venus opposite Uranus? What does it mean for our lives?

Venus is the planet of love, relationships, creativity, finances, what we desire – from an expensive bauble to the person we are most passionate about. It’s where our creative juices flow, how and where we use our creativity, are we artistic or do we have lots of ideas to share, is it in the kitchen, on paper, in the classroom or in the office. It’s about who we love, what we love and who loves us.

Uranus is an outer planet. It is the planet of genius, brilliance, chaos, electricity, lightning, independence, surprises, epiphanies, revolutions and revelations. When it receives an opposition from Venus, the love principle becomes very unpredictable or surprising or wild or thrilling. Anything can happen, and I will once again state my experience of Uranus: we could make a list of 100 things that could happen under Uranus and the one thing we didn’t think of is what happens. When an outer planet gets involved with a personal planet such as Venus, we have to allow for strange and unusual situations. But most of all we need to open up to some sort of reform.

The Venus Uranus opposition is the roller coaster we all need right now. It’s a time to shake things up, have a different perspective, think outside the box, take risks. It’s bringing our attention to a place in our lives where we need to ride the wave of uncertainty, yet remain committed and go deeper. Venus is in Scorpio, after all, this is no light hearted situation. This is about where in our hearts we are uncertain and therefore afraid to put our energies into someone or something. Uncertain to take a big risk, start the next chapter, but know we need to. Where are we being asked to take the rocket to the Moon, but uncertain if we will die in the process because something unforeseen could happen? Do we take the risk of going to the Moon or do we play it safe and stay home because we might die? There will never be another opportunity to go to the Moon, to say we’ve had that experience as a traveler in space. An incredible experience in life like no other, that will create a revolution, that will permanently change our heart and open it to something amazing. Or instead playing it safe, just in case. Actually, I don’t think we have a choice.

So this is a 3 part story. The first part begins now as Venus and Uranus meet for the first of 3 times. It is about relationships and it doesn’t need to be about love, Venus rules other things such as money and friendships. What is happening for you? The 2nd part will come around the end of October and the 3rd part will come the end of November.

This is a very important experience. Depending on where you are in your life, there will be layers of risk taking, breakthroughs, daring acts, busting through barriers. This means it’s better to ride that wave, let it all happen. If you are a person who has Venus opposite Uranus in your natal chart, then this is what we call a recurrence for you. It means that you will have experiences based upon this signature in your chart and you will find out more about yourself, your life and how this plays out in your life. If it is a tight orb in your chart – meaning the planets are at nearly the same degree in the opposition – you will have a true experience of your birth legend, what was already in play in the relationships around you when you were born. This will help you have a better handle on what it means for you and how it plays out in your life.

Generally, Venus Uranus can be noncommittal. It does better in relationships that give the person a lot of freedom. It can produce situations where we are not completely in and not completely out. If this is the case during this time, then seek to understand where you are not completely committed. Especially if it is a situation where you would like the other party to commit, then there is a part of you that is attracting this experience. This is particularly true if you have this aspect in your natal chart. These 3 transits should give you an education in how and where you can evolve this pattern so that you may have a more committed experience.

Venus does not clear its shadow until December 18th. So, we will be dealing with Venus in Scorpio for a long time. For women, this is the time to understand our darker, more hidden qualities, owning parts of ourselves that may surprise (Uranus) us.

The important thing to remember while all this is going on is to not let yourself get crazy. Uranus can be a crazy making energy and the best thing to do is use up the energy creatively and in an innovative way. Don’t let it run you, ultimately you have control over your mind and how you handle this. Allow yourself the experience, just don’t let it make you nuts. And it can also be a lot of fun, so enjoy it!

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