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October, 2017

Hot transits

October 9, 2017

We have a lot of hot transits going on right now and I want to discuss what that feels like. On September 28th, we had the direct station of Pluto. Pluto had been retrograde since April and when it stations to go direct, I always feel like whatever has been brewing in Pluto’s basement in the underworld erupts out into our world with great force. It doesn’t always mean there’s a major tragedy, this time there was, but what surfaces usually is as if a manhole cover was opened somewhere and all the sewer creatures come out. We get scandalous stories in the news, we hear about accidents, long standing secrets are revealed. It takes a few weeks for the shake-up to happen and the dust to settle. But this time it’s far more relevant because Pluto stationed direct at its own South Node. What does that mean? The place where the planets cross the ecliptic on their path are the points of the North and South nodes of each planet. The Nodes represent the direction we are going to – the North Node and there we’ve been and all of our unconscious drives – the South Node. When an outer planet as slow as Pluto reaches its own South Node, it’s very rare and it’s going to be hanging out there for a while, on and off for about two years. Consequently, when we’re dealing with unconscious drives and habits, the creatures that come out of the sewer are going to be be darker, muddier, uglier and harder to look at. Pluto does reveal what is hidden behind the scenes in our collective unconscious, now imagine what happens when it reveals our truest, deepest, unedited collective drives. On some collective level, our darkest unacknowledged feelings surface and have to come forward if we are going to heal these instincts as a society and individually. In simple terms, things have to get worse before they can get better. It’s like having a bad flu and hitting bottom, before you start recovering. 

In the meantime, Pluto has been dancing with the lovers Venus and Mars in flowing aspects. But they are still hot and heavy as Pluto remains slow, therefore the Lord of the Underworld’s effects are penetrating and persistent. Even though Venus and Mars are in fussy Virgo, it’s time to dig into life and find the deep connection to one’s creativity and passions. It’s also time to show your power, not only by using words, but backing them up with actions. Mars is always about taking action and there are many ways to take positive steps to bring good into the world. Use your skills to be of service (so Virgo!) and help out where you have felt the most assistance is needed. There are many ways all of us can contribute now. 

Venus and Mars aren’t finished with their work schedule. After Pluto they move on to Saturn and in this week, they both make a hard aspect to the dutiful planet. This is the last time either planet will make a hard aspect to Saturn before it leaves Sagittarius after the last 3 years. All year, Venus and Mars have been traveling nearby each other in the zodiac and now their work is culminating since they are together in Virgo. The experience we will all have in our lives now is a test and a finale at the same time. We have each had goals this year, probably an ongoing story that started sometime at the end of 2016. This has not been an easy road and we each have encountered roadblocks along the way. We are not free to go forward until we complete the last tasks of this course. No graduation or especially graduation party just yet. Saturn always makes us wait for our rewards and this time is no exception. Do you really want it? You have to just push the envelope one more time to get through it in this 2nd week of October. And then? 

Then as we are pushing our envelopes, Jupiter leaves Libra, where it has been since September of 2016 and enters Scorpio. Once again we’re thrown back to Venus and Mars as Jupiter leaves the sign Venus rules and enters the sign of Mars’ rulership. We Jupiter has been stressed in Libra this whole time, meeting with a last opposition to Uranus on September 28. After over a year in a sign, Jupiter will reveal to us its lasting impression, a message and hopefully an epiphany that allows us greater understanding of what we were to learn and accomplish during this period. If you’ve struggled during this time – and most of us have – one hopes there is a recognition of what that struggle was about. When a planet ends its run in a sign, I always liken it to being the deeply intense essence of what that placement was all about. As if we boiled down the transit to its richest extracts. For each of us it is always different. This transit brought a lot of transformation because of Jupiter’s ongoing conversation with the outer planets. As it moves into Scorpio, it won’t be as stressed and will actually have a different, more passionate conversation within each of our charts. This will be a powerful new dynamic that visits us. 

So, this week we work hard to end the struggle of the last 13 months, understand the lesson and move forward. The relationship planets Venus and Mars have a lot to say to us this week. Recall their interactions with each other all year, taking turns being on top and then their connections to other planets: Pluto makes us desperately want what we want and need to have it, Saturn judges us for it later, Jupiter opens our heart. What they show us this week, how we listen to them makes a difference in the next year going forward. Most importantly, we go forward with an open heart and unconditional love.

On that note, I invite you to watch this video where Mars and Venus switch places and men sing the roles established by women. And do a very good job! But despite all the tragedy, love wins the day.




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