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July, 2017

July intensity

July 3, 2017

July promises to be an intense month for astrology. We have begun the month with Mars and Mercury close together in the sign of Cancer. They are at the point now where Mercury has just opposed Pluto and Mars is currently in opposition to Pluto, which is in Capricorn. This is a profound aspect. The two planets together opposite Pluto can bring intellectual revelations or just generally reveal some incredible information. It is a time of deep thinking, profound meditations, interesting connections and conversations that uncover mysteries. You may also feel an important conversation is long overdue and initiate one. Mercury is straightforward and can be very direct in its intentions while conjunct Mars, not necessarily embodying its trickster personality. Pluto brings forward the transformation and power that is necessary for us to connect with the knowledge waiting for us. Perhaps you have been grappling with a particular matter for a long time and have needed answers or resolution. These aspects are the prime time for discovering the solution.

Mars is the planet of confidence, self assertion and action. However, when combined with Mercury and Pluto, it can be reactive. Heavy words may fly between you and another, possibly slipping from your lips without your conscious control. Tempers can flare, aggravation can be very close to the surface, old hurts may reappear. This is really an important time to remember to think before you speak. Whatever Pluto touches is irrevocably changed and if you choose to react harshly, that won’t be easily if at all remedied. A constructive conversation is very possible at this time. But you should be aware that everyone is being affected by these transits and the results of any conversation may take you on a journey that you did not expect.

As we move through the month, we have a Full Moon on July 9, this means the Moon will be in Capricorn and the Sun will be in Cancer. This is an extraordinary lunation, as the Moon will be almost exactly conjunct Pluto and the Sun almost exactly opposite Pluto. In fact, the exact Sun opposition Pluto will occur the next day, on July 10. This aspect happens every year, but this time the Sun having just been involved in a Full Moon deepens the effects of the transformation. For many of us, this particular Full Moon is a turning point, further deepening the experience of what Mars and Mercury have started end of June/beginning of July. The transformation inherent in this aspect is deeply rooted, powerful and life altering. Additionally, the Sun will still be close to Mars and therefore, Mars is part of this lunation as well. Knowing that that Mars can be aggressive and full of fire, I expect that we need to be mindful of clear use of this energy and not feed the fire turbulently. Use this fuel wisely, do not waste energy. The Sun is our life force, we must respect its power. We can achieve great things in our lives in these next days if we manage what we are feeling. It’s important to remain focused on goals because they are very attainable now.

You will also recall that I have mentioned in earlier blogs this year that we have an ongoing T-square between Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus. The empty space of this aspect falls in Cancer and all year we have been acknowledging the Cancer house of our charts receiving that outpouring of energy and how we are to work with it. We are connecting with ourselves on a new emotional level because of the sign of Cancer, which is all about feelings and security. This area of the sign of Cancer falls near the degree of the lunation. This means that this Full Moon is further enhanced by the flow of energy from the T-square. Since late 2016, we have been experiencing this T-square, which has been operating in our lives depending upon the area it falls in our charts. In many ways, this work has been unconscious as we are dealing with outer planets Uranus and Pluto. Some of these changes defy vocabulary, as they are so under the surface and only work in the feeling realm within Cancer. Now we are going to find out just how far we have come since last December, what this aspect really means in our lives and how to use this energy productively.

Since Uranus is involved in this configuration as well, Mercury, Mars and then the Sun will all take turns making an intense square to Uranus. Mercury will make the aspect July 4th, Mars will make the aspect on the 17th and then the Sun on the 20th. Similar to how they approached Pluto in the opposition. This would indicate that the intensity continues and perhaps at this point we will gain additional tools and knowledge related to the Full Moon and all aspects to Pluto. Then it will be time to assimilate and use the profound experience to move our plans and goals forward. We can look forward to our awareness being raised, our consciousness shifting and generally being more open to what life journey is revealed to us.

In August we will have eclipses, but more on that later!


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