Deb McBride

May, 2017

Mercury & Uranus

May 9, 2017

It’s been one exciting ride in the last few weeks. Right now, we are in a loop of Mercury and Uranus. They keep meeting up and have been creating a long standing story. Mercury first met Uranus in Aries back on March 26th. When they get together, they get our minds working on a level of higher consciousness. Normally, Mercury would just breeze by Uranus and we would have a day of intense communications or solving problems with analysis. Mental energy that was electrified. But this was no ordinary transit. This time, Mercury reached the early degrees of Taurus and then went into retrograde. Then a week before Mercury went direct, it had traveled back to where Uranus is sitting to join it again. But Mercury continued its backwards motion and when it turned around to make its station and go forward, it was sitting very close to Uranus. Mercury will make its last contact with Uranus on May 10 as it makes another conjunction, the third in a series.

Does your brain feel like it is on fire? Are you getting wild and brilliant ideas? Or maybe you just feel anxious. Maybe you have had your fill of a situation that goes around in circles. This can be frustrating, enlightening, remarkable, fascinating. Your communications can have a breakdown or a breakthrough, a collapse or an epiphany. Since this all takes place in the sign of Aries, it is not an event one would call wishy-washy – it is direct, straightforward and clear.

Furthermore, Mercury and Uranus are at 24-26° Aries, a place in the zodiac that also triggers 9-11° in the mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces. As it standsMars has been visiting this very area of Gemini. Mars rules Aries and gives us another boost of mental energy in that area. It also can exacerbate a situation that is already somewhat volatile. All of this could be wildly creative if you use the energy wisely. It could also be wildly anxiety producing if you stop the energy from flowing.

An important thing to remember in this is to look for new answers and solutions to issues that may have been on your mind, in your consciousness. It can be a highly enlightening time, open your mind, meditate, take a seminar. It’s great time for deep intellectual connections with people you care about. You can have a fascinating dialogue with a friend about something metaphysical, psychological or analytical.

On the mundane, every day side of this, my recommendation is to not be provocative. Do not initiate a conversation that you know could be filled with hostility or is anxiety producing. Do not demand answers from someone now. Don’t push when you know it’s a difficult situation. Expect communications to be very busy right now – lots of emails, phone calls, messages. Just move through it and do the best you can. Most of all, take a breath and think about your words before you say them. Don’t be a coward, either – remember these aspects are in Aries, the sign of courage. If you must have an important conversation, then think of  the right words to use and speak with confidence.

This is temporary, pay attention and you will feel the energy shift. The pace will normalize and you can go forward feeling refreshed in mind and spirit.





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