Deb McBride

March, 2017

Venus is Retrograde

March 6, 2017

Yes, it’s that time again, Venus is retrograde. It seems like it was just a short time ago, but it was actually summer of 2015 when we last had a Venus retro. This time it will be apparently traveling backwards from March 4 to April 15. The planet stationed at 13° Aries but will travel back to the end of Pisces and remain there for almost all of April. This is an interesting journey for the goddess, because she starts the retrograde in Aries where she is not comfortable, then goes back into Pisces where she is exalted. So, we are looking at a transit where Venus is impetuous, crabby, pushy and not like herself. Then as she  revisits Pisces, she is empathic, sensitive, loving and healing. Watch how this plays out in your life. Is there a place where you feel dissatisfied and then come to own and acknowledge where you may have been rash? Where you felt impatient and may not have treated others with care? Then you return to a warm place where you feel your heart swell with gratitude and generosity.

It is time to review, reestablish, relaunch, reconnect – remember retrogrades bring those “re’s.”  We can return to a place of openness, forgiveness and most importantly self-love. Where have we not been entirely loving to ourselves? Why is it so difficult for us to do this? When we feel that Venus in Aries irritability kicking in, it’s a flag that we have not been caring to ourselves. Somewhere we are feeling a lack, an empty space where we need to go within and pay attention. We can’t point a finger at another person or uncomfortable situation, because ultimately it’s where we feel unloved by ourselves. One of the best actions we can take now is to find our gratitude, what we are grateful for in our lives. When you are feeling that twinge, that pinch of negative thinking, that is time to step back and do a meditation or healing ritual where you bring in the gratitude. It will change your mindset to one of peace.

Of course, I must give the usual advice during a Venus retrograde. It’s unwise to start a new relationship with someone now. Go out, have fun, meet people, but don’t take any of it seriously. After the retrograde is over, that is the time to meet someone new. Pay attention to what initiates during these 6 weeks, a new job, a new purchase, a new home – they have arrived now for a reason. Their story warrants consideration. And there is always the possibility an old friend or flame returns from the past. You can bump into them casually or hear from them with the intent to reconnect. Sometimes a story will wrap up during a Venus retrograde, so if you hear from the past, it’s important to acknowledge it and go find out what it has for you. Secrets can be revealed now as well, since the truth comes out now as it does during Mercury retrograde. Maybe you need to find out why someone behaved the way they did at some point in the past. And on a mundane level – no cosmetic surgeries or procedures! These can range from disappointing to disastrous during this time, so please think before you act, put off any procedures until the retrograde is over. It is however, a great time to go antique shopping, scoring some bargains is easy now.


Venus rules Libra and Taurus, consider these areas of your chart as well as the Aries/Pisces houses where Venus is doing her dance. This is a lot of information, but very helpful to recognize where you need to do some work in these next 45 days. Where do you feel held back or disappointed with your progress in your life? Look at these areas of your chart and see what parts of the story are present in each area. How can you string together the story of each house?

These are all good tips to keep in mind during the Venus retrograde. Most of all, notice what shifts and changes for you in a positive way. Good things can come from revelations during this time, so be open to what the Universe shows you. Beauty comes in many forms and can be unusual or different now.


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