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October, 2016

Full Moon brings new voices

October 17, 2016

IMG_0881We have just had another Full Moon, this one was in Aries, as the Sun is in Libra. This was no ordinary Full Moon, as it was connected to Uranus, being in the same place as the Moon. This is a time of erratic behavior, chaos, anxiety and a lot of jumpy, out of nowhere electric energy coursing through everyone’s veins. Not easy to relax under this transit. Full Moons are endings, releases, letting go of something. When it is accompanied by an outer planet, such as Uranus, it becomes an uncomfortable release. It’s harder to let go, or it’s a big, life changing release. It’s a turn of events and we’ve been having a lot of those lately. Saturn is squaring the Nodes of Destiny and this is also indicative of a decision made, a turning point, a new life direction. Few people are exempt from this because if you are not changing your life, someone nearby is changing theirs and it is affecting you.  This Full Moon indeed is a time for reflection and letting go. This can all be accomplished in the week ahead.

Meanwhile, the Sun is not alone in Libra, it is accompanied by Mercury and Jupiter. They are supportive influences because they don’t really cause trouble much of the time. They will help expand fairness, diplomacy, and thoughtfulness. But Uranus in Aries, though not exactly opposite, will eventually receive these planets by opposition and in fact, will get Mercury this week. Brilliant ideas, yes! Combative conversations, for sure! And Uranus is not alone in Aries, it’s accompanied by some minor planets that are very female in nature. While normally I don’t put a lot of energy into reading these extra points, but since there is such an abundance of these influences, triggered by this latest Full Moon, I think they are asking to be noticed. The Moon is a female energy and so is Ceres, the dwarf planet named for the goddess of the grain, a motherly and nurturing influence. Ceres is visiting Aries right now and is conjunct Uranus. So is the dwarf planet Eris, which is the female counterpart to Mars – a female warrior and the goddess of discord. This is an awful lot of intense female energy connected to Uranus and sitting opposite all the other nicely behaved planets in Libra. It’s an opposition, so we vacillate between being polite and gracious and then hysterical and loud.

This all means that women are in an unusual place right now. They are creating a new voice for themselves, a new life for themselves and they are not calm about it. They are standing up and speaking up. There is a certain amount of the angry feminine  in the ethers these days. How do we handle this energy? What is constructive use of this? It is an emerging voice in our lifetime as we have not experienced these dwarf planets with Uranus in Aries until now. Aries is a Mars (read: male) ruled sign. The feminine energy remains, but is empowered by the outer planet Uranus which is genius, creativity, innovation – and of course there is the chaos. All emerging voices would be chaotic at their outset. It is important to use our new found voice for our own creative genius.  The wildness of asking “what if” – the experimentation, the epiphany, the openness to a fresh perspective. And of course, taking the risk as Uranus is a risk-taker. All of this is constructive use of this new energy.

The week ahead proves to open the door wider. We have a bit of tough aspects going forward, especially on Wednesday the 19th. Mars will conjunct Pluto as happens only every two years. This is a deep, transformative aspect however, it needs to be used wisely. Since so much female energy is agitated, a Mars Pluto in the thick of this could create an emotional explosion. One needs to own one’s power and not be manipulative nor vengeful. The temptation will be there, for sure. Find useful ways to empower yourself and feel accomplished and good about it. When reflecting on your life and the desire to release and let go, understand where certain aspects of your life have come to that turning point I mentioned above. These are matters that have outgrown their usefulness. Also on the 19th the Moon will be in Gemini, challenging both Saturn and Neptune. Again, this could bring emotional reactions that are less than savory. Remember that events are here to show you where you need to change your life. The more resistance, the harder it will be. Look for the solutions instead of getting angry about the problems. Let’s take care of ourselves now and give some extra nurture to the areas that are changing for us.





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