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September, 2016

Pisces Eclipse with Chiron

September 16, 2016

iuAnd here we are with the 3rd and final eclipse this season. This is a Lunar Eclipse, with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces. It occurs at 24° Pisces, which is right with Chiron, currently traveling through Pisces. Pisces is the sign of faith, altruism, atonement, surrender and the visionary.

What exactly is Chiron?

In astronomy, Chiron is designated as both a comet and a minor planet. It used to be called an asteroid, but apparently its behavior shows otherwise. In astrology, Chiron is called the “wounded healer” – and where it is placed has everything to do with what part of our lives experiences a wound. In my personal and astrological experience, I would never underestimate the power of a Chiron transit, nor an eclipse with Chiron. Some of this has to do with Chiron’s backstory.

In mythology, Chiron is a centaur, half human, half horse. He was born of Cronus and Philyra, after she had turned herself into a mare to avoid Cronus’s pursuit. His mother was so distressed by his appearance, she begged the gods to turn her into anything and she became a linden tree. Apollo took care of Chiron and gave him the education that would serve him the rest of his life. Chiron was a gentle and wise soul, considered to be a civilized centaur. He lived in a cave with his wife and children and highly regarded as a teacher for he taught the healing arts, music, archery and astrology. After a brawl by the centaurs, where he was accidentally hit with a poison arrow, Chiron lived with this wound the rest of his life. His immortality as being a demigod did not allow him to pass from the earth. Despite his great healing abilities, he was unable to help himself, hence the term “wounded healer.” After some exchanging places with Prometheus, Zeus placed Chiron among the stars where he remained as the constellation Centaurus.

When we mere mortals experience Chiron, we acknowledge our wounds that somehow remain with us our entire lives. This is where we need to need to heal and transcend this wound by creating a healthy balance of living on earth and living in spirit – as Chiron did in his life. Our earthbound selves and our soul, the part of us that is immortal.

Eclipse with Chiron

Emotional situations that are hanging in the ethers of our lives are brought to the table when eclipses occur. It’s a sensitive time and this one is no exception. It can be powerful and enlightening or emotionally draining, we’re never quite sure with eclipses until they arrive. If this is in a vulnerable area of our chart, then we can expect that we need to make some changes and view these matters under different lighting. When the Moon is attached to Chiron as it is now, we connect with our wound and seek another layer of healing. One could say that the wound is re-opened as this time. Because this eclipse is in Pisces, we must use the Piscean restorative quality of faith to move us through any sorrows that come up for us now. If we face the parts of us that may be perceived as ugly or unusual – like Chiron’s image that his mother felt was unacceptable – and we accept them during this eclipse, then we can be led to experience a healing and an opening to a new chapter of our lives.


September astrology

September 10, 2016

img_0441Well, astrodarlings, September continues to be a banner month. So much important astrology has happened already and we are only one third of the way through. We had an eclipse on September 1st and Mercury has been in retrograde since August 30th. Now, Jupiter has entered Libra and the last Saturn – Neptune aspect is upon us. We still have the station direct of Pluto and another eclipse will happen on September 16th. But those are for another time.  Let’s focus on the current weekend.

Jupiter in Libra: September 9, 2016-October 10, 2017

Jupiter takes 12-13 years to revisit a sign. It has just entered the sign of Libra, after having been in Virgo for a year. The presence of Jupiter in Virgo, while it was good for Virgos, was a bit difficult because it held a position of stress with Saturn and Neptune. Now that will change because Jupiter will be in a smoother relationship to Saturn in Sagittarius. Jupiter, being the greater benefic, brings all new awareness to relationships. Not just the one to one romantic relationships we have, but our relationships with everyone we consider to be significant in our lives. Libra, ruled by Venus, is the sign of relating, balancing, having harmony in our relationships and in our lives. Jupiter opens our eyes, opens our minds, makes us more receptive and optimistic. We are able to open to new people and new ideas about getting along with others, perhaps developing new skills in relating. Want to get along with your siblings better? This is the time to try. Need a more effective working relationship with your colleagues? Now is the time to work on that. Smooth over situations with your boss? Yes, again – do it now.

When in Jupiter is in Libra, we might be overly optimistic and say all relationships will improve and it’s a great time to find that special someone. To some degree that is true as there are many benefits that Jupiter will bring to relationships, especially in our love lives. However, we need to remember the mythological character of Jupiter, aka Zeus. Zeus liked to easily obtain what he desired. He had many women and he often forced himself on them by trickery and deception. He was bold, brash, took what he wanted, felt entitled and acted in a big way. Too many, too much and the biggest and the best. One could say overindulgence. One could also say Zeus assumed he was going to get away with bad behavior and therefore he did whatever he pleased.

While we may become more confident in relationships, I don’t believe that Jupiter is necessarily in harmony with Libra’s refinement. Libra wants fairness and balance, and in many cases, so does Jupiter as both are concerned with the law. But Jupiter’s excessiveness may give us a taste of how Zeus’s relationships were, which was not polite. Impolite is not Libra’s style. We may try to get away with behavior that is incongruent with the relationship agreement we have arranged. My advice: work on relationships, keep your head, don’t become overconfident. And if you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar one too many times, step back and look at where you have let Jupiter run away with you.

The last square of Saturn to Neptune: September 10, 2016

For a year, we have experienced the challenging relationship of Saturn in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces. Saturn being the influence of structure, reality, discipline, confronting fears and anxieties. Neptune is visionary, intuitive, spiritual, elusive. Clearly, they are at odds with one another, yet we need both of them. In the areas of our chart where we have experienced them all year, it has been a challenge to be clear about what we want and the nature of our visions. We had to figure out how to achieve our goals without giving in to fear (Saturn) or losing ourselves in fantasy (Neptune). Is it real? Am I just dreaming? Can I truly make this dream a reality in my life? That last question is the biggest one. What are we afraid of and do we know what is stopping us from achieving this dream. Neptune erodes while Saturn builds structures. In this case, Saturn is showing us where we are holding back while Neptune erodes the fears, walls and blockages to which we have been clinging. We release and restructure, over and over again. All year we navigated Neptune’s choppy waters to find the truth in the illusions. Now is the final moment when we can actually recognize where we need to go on this new path. Watch what happens over these next weeks, you will find yourself ready to let go and travel this new journey.





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