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August, 2016

Mars and Saturn

August 24, 2016

IMG_0881Today is the day that Mars finally meets Saturn in Sagittarius. Recollect if you will, that we have been watching Mars move through Scorpio to enter the early degrees of Sagittarius, only to turn around in April and head back into Scorpio. And so it remained there most of the months of May, June and July, finally crawling slowly, but slowly out of Scorpio. Out from the darkness, out from under the rock and back into the fiery, ambitious, adventurous sign of Sagittarius, where Saturn is currently residing. Mars is a warrior planet, a trailblazer, a leader and a fighter. It has been held back from its true expression in these months as we all pondered, researched and examined the next part of our lives. Now, today, it has moved far enough through Sagittarius to greet Saturn, the gatekeeper, and move beyond it.

This is significant for many reasons. Saturn always represents our feelings of responsibility, duty and discipline. Saturn is the structure that keeps us in line. Mars never wants to stay in line, Mars wants to push the envelope, move past the obstacles and boundaries, drive around them if necessary, to get where it wants to go. But Saturn has been standing in the way of Mars’ freedom to move. Yes, Mars moved forward, but slowly. As Mars comes out from under Saturn, it regains its warrior spirit, its fiery independence, its movement. It will remain within Saturn’s reach for a few more days, however, we will then start to feel our energy return, our zest for life recovered and we see that our plans can move forward.

In cases like this, we have been aware that we are not able to fully complete our plans. Sometimes the stage has been set and we know that the readiness is all. We watch carefully, stay conscious and move forward slowly as the plans unfold and as Mars gets stronger, we can then go into full action. In other cases, sometimes we feel someone or something has held us back, restricted us and we felt we had no power in our own life. This is when we need to cast aside the restrictions, own our part in how we allowed ourselves to be held back and get back up on the horse and ride away. Those are the “what was I thinking?” moments. But it’s okay, because we needed to learn something from the experience – always! And in that moment, we recognize what the lesson was and make peace with it.

A new life awaits, after these last months of transformation. Sagittarius always brings options, we can take what’s waiting for us on this new adventure. Or we can opt out and continue on a less risky path. A word to the wise – fear never got anyone anywhere. And if your only reason for not grabbing on to this new experience is fear, then look beyond it and identify what is stopping you, then heal it.

Bon Voyage!






August 19, 2016

il_570xN.1001457376_35s1Yesterday, here in Costa Rica, I met a young woman who is a gifted Mandala artist. Her name is Phalguni Devi Dasi and her company name is Sakti. She has incredible talent for detail, with the ability to draw each Mandala with great precision. Her choice of colors is beautiful and her idea for each Mandala and Yantra comes from many sources of inspiration. Each Mandala is hand drawn and painted onto a canvas, she also has high quality digital photographs of each one. These Mandalas are for sale in either medium. Most importantly, the work is truly her passion and is clearly from her heart.

Mandalas are a wonderful meditation tool. Considering the upcoming eclipse period in these next few weeks, I highly recommend meditating with Mandalas as way of navigating and maintaining balance through this next month.

The Mandala you see on this page is one of Phalguni’s art pieces, it is called “Kalindi.” Please visit her Instagram page:  or for purchasing original artwork and prints, check out her Etsy shop:  I purchased three prints from her and I am extremely satisfied. I hope that you would find peace and positive energy from Phalguni’s work.





Saturn moves forward

August 13, 2016

IMG_0639Today Saturn has moved forward in Sagittarius. It has been retrograde since March and will now slowly move itself out of the T-square that it has been part of since late 2015. As Saturn makes this switch, it receives a connection from Venus, which is in Virgo. Venus does not favor Virgo, as it has its exaltation in the opposite sign of Pisces. This weekend, Venus’s connection to Saturn is that of a square, a challenging aspect. So, Venus is not exactly at her sexiest. But it is a great weekend to get some projects done and seeing to practical matters. She will greet Neptune on Sunday by opposition, so this is wonderful for creative and visual projects. This is the best use of the energy, it’s not exactly the best time to go out and meet new romantic prospects. That would be an exercise in frustration this weekend. Gathering with people you know is a good thing, though. No new risks involved there.

Meanwhile, if there were projects you had been working on since March, you may see the fruits of your labors now. Or if you put aside a project, perhaps it’s best to go back and have a look. As Saturn moves ahead in these next weeks and months, it will greet Neptune with the last square on September 10. At that point, the lesson of these two planets in our lives will be finished for now. Remember also, that these planets in this journey have been connected with the Nodes of Destiny. The North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces, which indicate embracing and focusing on the practical and as a result, the creative and inspirational will come.

Saturn is about detachment, something to keep in mind as it moves forward. No worries about outcomes, just do the task at hand. Since it will reside in the sign of Sagittarius for a while, we may find that we are drawn to languages, other cultures, philosophies, publishing and legal matters. There is a lesson there for us, a learning experience, one that can be quite enriching. Saturn isn’t always bad news. It can give us good and important information for our lives.

If you find yourself mentally going down the rabbit hole this weekend, distract yourself with something entertaining. The energy build up from Venus, Saturn, Mars (still in Sagittarius) and Neptune will shoot itself into the empty space – in Gemini. It’s typical to over analyze, overthink and make ourselves crazy with what could happen in the Gemini area of our chart. Again, practice detachment. Maybe some meditation would help, going to the movies or a nice long beautiful walk. Let these days pass and just watch the events as if they are happening on a screen. And buy some popcorn!






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