Deb McBride

June, 2016

Venus and the Moon

June 4, 2016

iuFor once, I get to talk about the lovely part of the feminine! It’s not every day that we have such a powerful New Moon as we are having this month. This very night, in fact, as I write this. The New Moon is in Gemini, sign of wit, charm, intellect, multitasking and all forms of communication. And doubles of everything! Two sides to every story and every person. This is a special New Moon, because it forms a Mutable Grand Cross with the planets we have been discussing since last August – Jupiter, Saturn & Neptune. This New Moon fills in the empty space of the other planets T-Square. Remember the Grand Cross of two years ago in April? Same shape, different planets. And life was overwhelming then for a few weeks, as it is now, with so very much change in the air. Back in 2014, it was a Cardinal Grand Cross and it was all about planting the seed for something new, as Cardinal signs initiate. Mutable signs change things, they mutate. Now that seed you planted two years ago has grown into a big plant and your life is ready to pop out in a new change. You are now ready to leave something behind and move into a different chapter of your life.

Along side this New Moon is Venus. Venus is following the Sun, a few degrees behind, and is engaged in the same T-square/Grand Cross situation. The Goddess is ready for a new life. The Sun-Moon-Venus conjunction is very powerful and all we need to do now is say “YES!” Yes – to change, yes to love, yes, to beauty, yes to being open and optimistic about what is next for us. This is tough, because Venus has to pass through the danger zone of doubt (Saturn) and denial (Neptune) in order to reach the Jupiter part of the square. But this time as the Goddess unites with the Sun, they together begin a new 8 year cycle. The pattern in the photo here is the path of the cycle Venus makes with the Earth in this 8 year cycle as they dance together around the Sun. Imagine that, the planet of beauty forms a flower in its travels. For those unfamiliar, this is a Sacred Geometry pattern, one whose measurements follow mathematical formulas of the Golden Ratio.

On Monday, the superior conjunction of Venus with the Sun will create what astrologer Ariel Guttman has called the Venus Star Point. You can read more about it here and also order her book if you are interested. It is the beginning of this new Venusian flower pattern cycle, at 16° of Gemini. If you have a planet or a point here, it is especially powerful for you. But this time around, remember, Venus, the Moon and the Sun are involved with that Grand Cross and this is over and above powerful. If you know your chart, have a look at where this falls in your chart and learn what this could mean for you coming up in these next 8 years. Something new is happening in the house where this New Moon and Venus point land. This is where you need to follow the “yes” now.

No matter if you are male or female, this is a great time to speak to your creative, Venusian energies. Ask the Goddess to come forward and grant you a wish, ask what you can do for her. Light a candle, do a ritual or a meditation, say a prayer. Most of all, be positive and open – the light of Venus and the Sun may come in the most unexpected and whimsical of ways. Remember, we are dealing with Gemini energy – spirited and sprightly.

And for your entertainment pleasure, here is a link to Marilyn Monroe, a Gemini Goddess if ever there was one, meeting three different suitors.. Pablo..Chico..Miguelito… Hmmm, which one will she choose?



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