Deb McBride

March, 2016

Eclipses, Saturn, Chiron

March 22, 2016

IMG_9641This is undoubtably the most intense astrology week I have seen in a long time. The 2nd eclipse is upon us, on March 23rd with the Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra. This completes the cycle of this period, but also complete the cycle that began in October 2014. Think back to what you were doing then, 18 months ago and what you may have started. It doesn’t mean that project or experience of your life is over, but you can reflect on how far you have come in these months and how your life has changed.

Saturn changes direction on March 25th, stationing retrograde at 16° Sagittarius. Everyone is feeling this shift. I can feel the sluggishness and the frustration a Saturn station brings. The impatience of wanting to push forward is not in tandem with the energies of the time, The Sun moving into a fire sign wants to get moving. If you have a planet or a sensitive point in your chart that corresponds to that degree, you will feel this more strongly. This is a special moment as well, because Saturn is not acting alone – it is in an exact square with Jupiter this week. Which means Saturn receives the square from Jupiter and stays in one place and continues to be at odds with the planet of abundance and fortune. I don’t think many of us will be feeling very fortunate this week.

As if this wasn’t enough, we have a South Node to Chiron conjunction that has been going on for a short while and will continue for the next couple of weeks. I think this is one of the most tender and sensitive aspects of the week. Remember that Chiron is where we need to lick our wounds, where the wound is revealed. The South Node is all things we have been through and done before, the stuff we no longer need to dwell upon. We may need to heal from some very old, delicate issues that creep up this week. You may be thinking of how you’ve been hurt many, many years ago. It could seem very strange that these old pains reveal themselves again. Don’t be alarmed, breathe through it and use the experience with care and wisdom.

This is not a week to make demands on anyone. This is not the week to be hard on yourself. There is enough stress coming from heavens without our humanness creating more trying times. This is the week to allow yourself space to heal. If you need to sleep more, then do it. If you need to cry – then definitely do it. Relax in the bath, make a warm cup of tea, go swimming, have a walk in the park and watch the flowers bloom. Be fluid this week and try to stay detached from outcomes. Be gentle with friends and loved ones, listen when they need to talk to someone.

Thank goodness for Aries! The Vernal Equinox was on Sunday, March 20th, when we welcome the new season and embrace the fiery energy. It is a wonderful reminder that we are breathing, alive and willful. Use this energy to pull yourself out of any slumps you feel are swallowing you. This will not last forever and after this week, we should be feeling a lot better. Keep moving!



Solar Eclipse in Pisces

March 8, 2016

Today we’re having a Solar Eclipse at 19° Pisces. This eclipse is a rather powerful one in that it is close to the Nodes of the Moon. The eclipse happens at the South Node which is our history and all things we leave behind to move forward in the direction of the North Node. So, the aspect today asks us to close some doors on old events, old relationships. It also helps us clear the path for new connections and positive new experiences. The new experiences come from Jupiter in Virgo on the North Node, which is the new direction in which we are headed. While we do our spring cleaning as the new season approaches, we create room for something new to grow, to be optimistic about the future and all new associations. This is indeed a New Moon opposite Jupiter, so it invites new adventures. But since the South Node plays a great part in this lunation, we must be prepared to release some old emotional stuff for which we have no further use.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. It is where we go to rest, sleep, dream, convalesce. It’s the place of recharging the battery, it is the place of letting go and trusting the Universe. So, set your intention, light a candle, cleanse your space with sage. And when you set your intention, then be able to let it go – don’t focus and obsess about it. Keep it in your heart and know that it is now in your life. Move forward with confidence!

Happy Solar Eclipse!

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