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December, 2015


December 7, 2015

IMG_8945Every time I write this blog, I think it would be great if I wrote a shorter blog more often. Hopefully I can get around to that as the new year approaches. But as it happens there is a lot going on right now in the world of astrology, so there is much to say.

If you remember my discussion of the Grand Cross of April 2014 you may recall that Mars the planet of energy and assertion was spending a bit of time in the sign of Libra because it had gone retrograde. Mars is not exactly at its best in Libra because it is the opposite sign opposite its home in Aries. Its expression can be full appreciated in Aries or other fire signs. At this time Mars is once again visiting the sign of Libra. And like in the spring of 2014, it connects itself to Pluto and Uranus. At this moment, Mars is challenging Pluto and will move to Uranus later in the week. This is what I have been calling the hot zone, because Mars is a hot, fiery planet and when it triggers the outer planets we are usually confronted with something in our lives that is powerful and seeking to move us forward on our individual paths.

Mars with Pluto is about confronting and owning our power. We may be presented with an event or information that connects us to a visceral source of our potential. Sometimes this is easy to embrace, other times it makes us take a step back. It’s not necessary to become angry or lose our temper, but sometimes it does happen under these aspects. Mars doesn’t feel comfortable and wants to assert, but Libra is not a sign of confrontation. My advice is instead of getting frustrated and possibly acting out or in a destructive manner, try to see where you can make improvements in your life or heal yourself.

As the week progresses, Mars will get entangled with Uranus in an opposition. Uranus is a bit of an anxious energy, full of unexpected happenings and chance encounters. This is also a bit volatile, so again I offer advice to be cautious when dealing with feelings of discomfort, anger or frustration. These aspects are present to encourage us to undo obstacles and move forward. Anything we were experiencing in spring of 2014 may be revisited this week through both of these aspects. It was a bit of a fraught time, though this week should not be an exact replica. Just working through another layer of our journey.

This is all happening while Chiron has stationed direct. If you recall, Chiron is the wounded healer. It’s a time when our innermost wounds and vulnerabilities could be revealed to us to be healed during this highly energetic week. It’s also a time to be highly productive and if you have excess energy you could use it up by taking care of long awaiting tasks, whether that’s on the homefront or at work.

Mars will have some very intense relationships once it enters Sagittarius next spring as it will retrograde again. That’s a whole other conversation and we shall save that for another time. Meanwhile, try to handle the week ahead as confidently as possible – and when in doubt, send love.

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