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October, 2015

The Sun

October 11, 2015

I am often so busy speaking about the outer planets and how they affect our lives so dramatically,  that I don’t always provide so much information about the Sun.  It’s unfair of course, because the sun is our celestial guidance in our lives.  It shows us our paths, it gives us optimism, it is our identity, life force in our charts as well as in our human experience on this earth. We couldn’t live without it. We all know our Sun signs, thanks to the many astrological columns in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet. And most likely this is a future astrologer’s entrance to the world of astrology. As I often say, that is because the Sun’s orbit is very even. It is that monthly parameter that helps us easily define the place where where our birthdate falls, therefore revealing our Sun sign. Easy. Not so with other planets, whose orbits are not so clearly defined. And that is what makes astrology so fascinating.

Planets rule signs and the Sun rules Leo, it is at its best expression there. I know many Leos who have a sunny disposition. They really do try to look on the bright side of life. They love socializing and parties. The opposite sign of Leo is Aquarius and this is where we say the Sun is in detriment. This rule can be applied to any other planet as well, such as Jupiter rules Sagittarius and it is in detriment in the opposite sign of Gemini. That means the planet is not necessarily at its best expression there. So having the Sun in Aquarius may not always be the most social, outgoing experience. Aquarians are often loners, being highly independent.

We also say that the Sun is exalted at 19° Aries, that falls somewhere about April 9 when the Sun is at this exaltation point. So, if you know someone who has a birthday around April 9 or 10th, they have an exalted Sun. This is very powerful and in my experience these people are usually extremely talented, have many ideas and when they enter your life, they are a bright influence. They are often a brilliant star in their own way and can infuse your life with this power. The exaltation people often enlighten others to their paths or to some important life experiences. Just like the exaltation point of the Sun, it has its equal and opposite point, called its fall. The Sun’s point of fall is 19° Libra, which is where the Sun is currently visiting.

This is usually a point where the Sun passes every year without a lot of fanfare. It’s not the best place in the zodiac to have your Sun, but it doesn’t mean your life is empty or colorless.  It depends on the rest of your chart as well. I know people born this time of year who have an incredible passion for their life, or are phenomenally talented artists or do extremely well in their lives. So, around October 12-13, the Sun is in its fall. I find this is often a time when we start to get ready for the upcoming winter, we don’t have as much energy and we start our hibernation. And this year of 2015 we have a special case.

In 2015, there is a New Moon on this point of fall. As the Moon disappears before it becomes new and starts moving towards fullness, we call it the dark of the Moon. In the dark of the Moon this time around is when we respond to the Sun with the weakest energy.  This is not to be confused with the Winter Solstice when we have the shortest amount of daylight. It’s just the time when we don’t feel particularly energized by the Sun. And this particular lunation marks the end of the eclipse period, as this is the follow up to the last eclipse. So, we’re kicking out that eclipse energy. This week I have noticed people are exhausted, need to sleep more, feel fretful. It’s the last remnants of the eclipses, the dark of the Moon and our feeling generally weak.

Meanwhile, Uranus has been spending a lot of time at the Sun’s exaltation point of 19° Aries. That means it is currently in opposition to the Sun and this week’s New Moon. So – expect the unexpected and perhaps you will have an epiphany! If you are puzzled about some matter in your life, take some time with it, sit with your thoughts, do some mindfulness exercises and encourage an answer to bubble up. These next few days may not be the most energetic, so it’s best to take it easy, get extra sleep, nurture yourself. By the end of the week we should all be feeling better. Eclipses over, energy returning.



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