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September, 2015

Intense astrology week

September 16, 2015

IMG_8390If you are not feeling up to par, you may already know that we  are in the midst of a very intense astrological time. We are now in the eclipse season with a solar eclipse at 20° Virgo. That would land in the Virgo portion of your chart, if you know your chart and can recognize what house that is. As has been discussed here before, eclipses always bring emotional situations to the table. They bring discussions, closure, new beginnings  but also endings. Eclipses often bring turning points, when events occur that inform us we are on a new path. There is no return to the old path, despite it’s having been where we were only moments before. This first eclipse is the lighter of the two eclipses, it is the solar eclipse. The second eclipse which is the lunar eclipse on the 27th is the more intense of the two because it is close to the nodes of fate, aka the nodes of the Moon. The Sun will be at 4° Libra and the Moon at  4° Aries. Again, wherever you have these in your chart will experience the moment of darkness, then come into the light. Despite my decades of experience, in my own naiveté, I sometimes believe that an eclipse that does not land on one of my planets or significant points will not affect me. This is not the case. I am always affected, we all are. Whether it’s just an incredibly busy time where we can’t catch our breath or some major life event. Eclipses heat up our lives starting with the lunation before the actual eclipse period until the lunation after the two eclipses are finished.

This Thursday, September 17th is a big day. Much is going on that will be a significant shift. First of all, Mercury turns retrograde at 16° Libra and this will last until October 9. We know about our Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, when it’s retro, everyday life can get chaotic. So everyone – and if you are a Libra, this goes doubly for you – needs to check everything twice, ensure that all details are covered and if you must sign important documents, expect that the conditions under your agreement will change.  Life goes on despite Mercury retrograde and we need to do we have to do, I expect that people will need to sign documents and create new agreements.  If we can’t help but do this during the three week period, then we just need to be aware of the ramifications. 

Also on Thursday, Saturn enters Sagittarius and will stay for 3 years. We had a bit of a taster of this for the first several months of the year when Saturn stepped in for a short time before it retrograded back into Scorpio. Saturn in Sadge is a very different experience than having it in Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto making Saturn & Pluto inextricably connected for the last three years. This was tough, intense & transformational. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion, travel and philosophy. While Saturn can spoil Sadge’s natural good time, it certainly won’t be as intense as Saturn’s passage through Scorpio. This is a time to explore one’s belief system and if it is still working for you. Where are the limitations in your beliefs, where do you think this needs to change? And what decisions do you need to make regarding any moral dilemma? How does morality fit into your life? These are questions we will be asking ourselves over the course of this next three years. 

More action on Thursday, Jupiter will oppose Neptune for the first time in 12 years. This is particularly interesting because Jupiter was the traditional ruler of Pisces before Neptune’s discovery. They do have similar qualities – faith, healing, vision, intuition. Together they can create a beautiful piece of art or an overly optimistic period of making financial errors. Though Jupiter is in the sign of Virgo, a practical earth sign concerned with details, Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces, which can blur common sense. This is a time to be spiritual, not material, focus on what heals and serves your life and the greater good. Find the place of peace in your world. In the next several weeks and months, Saturn will join these planets and create a T-Square configuration. Also adding more caution and a dose of reality to risk taking and over optimism. This will be an interesting autumn for sure, a questioning of one’s motives, principles and beliefs. More on these transits as the months progress, stay tuned!



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