Deb McBride

July, 2015

New Astrology Project

July 10, 2015

Hello my astrodarlings!

I wish to introduce you to my newest astrology project which involves the
en|vision holographic scaling system. Some of you may have already received information about it in your email, so please pardon the redundancy. Starting this month in July 2015, I am using the en|vision system to help all of us assist with the effects of astrological transits that can be uncomfortable. Every month there will be two group webinars focusing on the astrological highlights of the month. Anyone who signs up for these monthly webinars will receive the following:

– A month long en|vision reconnect of helpful affirmations specifically tailored to the astrology of the month. What is a reconnect? It is a transmission of information to a person’s quantum field, that shifts components of their field to something positive and life affirming.

– An emailed list of these affirmations to study and use all month.

– Two webinar sessions, for which you receive a registration to attend. During the webinar, I will discuss the astrology that we are working with in that week and describe how to use these aspects in your life.

What to know more or join us? Click here

To see a video about what we are doing, click here

If you wish to learn more about the en|vision system, please go to the website:

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