Deb McBride

June, 2015

Jupiter and Venus

June 26, 2015

Jupiter and Venus are together (conjunct) in the sky in the sign of Leo. For the next few days, these two planets will be visible in the sky in the evening. This is a lovely astronomical event and one that is fairly uncommon. I encourage everyone who can get outside in the evening on a clear night to look in the western sky and see these two brilliant planets. The brighter one is Venus as it is closer to the earth because it will be turning retrograde in July. The one slightly above it is Jupiter. Viewing planets in the sky is a true connection to nature, one we are not always able to enjoy and should never take for granted.

Venus and Jupiter together in a fire sign are all about abundance, living your passion, taking a risk and finding joy. They are in trine with Uranus in Aries and the Moon will join them on Monday to form a Grand Trine. This is all very positive, life affirming and inspiring.

And if you live in New York, the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York ( has their annual observing schedule up on their website. There are a number of locations around the boroughs where on a clear night members set up telescopes and anyone can walk up and have a look at this beautiful conjunction. One of these locations is Lincoln Center Plaza on Friday and Saturday evenings, a particularly lovely spot because of the fountain and the social atmosphere.

So, go out, have a look and make a wish!




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