Deb McBride

May, 2015

So much Gemini

May 28, 2015

IMG_0723So many planets in Gemini – Mars, Mercury and the Sun, all during this Mercury retrograde. Much chatter, over thinking minds and bouncing of ideas. I am finding that whenever I speak to someone, each person has such a flurry of activity around them now. So much happening in their lives. That’s the energy of Gemini, managing many irons in the fire. And in the fire, for sure as spicy Mars is heating up everyday activities. This could bring irritation, but the best method of handling it is to use your intellect and be rational. It’s only a temporary situation and Gemini energy moves very quickly, so just keep moving along with it.

I have noticed something different this time around with Mercury retrograde. Normally when people ask me if they should hold off until the retrograde is over to start new agreements and sign contracts, I usually tell them that it is better to wait. But this is one of those times that I believe one has to do what’s important and keep moving. Sometimes, despite Mercury’s fickle behavior, we don’t have a choice and for the betterment of our lives we need to go forward. I believe this is because Mars is close by this time. Mars is always the energy of movement and self-assertion. So this time around, we must march forward and if there are two steps backwards for each step forward, then we have to accept it and try again. No one’s brain is on straight right now, and that’s fine. Mercury is a trickster and we have to find the humor in these moments.

There’s an empowerment lesson in this, to know when to move forward and when to hold back. To not allow ourselves to be tossed around by external forces. It’s not always easy to determine, but it gives us great use of our intuition, especially as Mercury moves back to square Neptune in Pisces. And as Mercury stations direct on June 11, Neptune will retrograde on June 12. Listen, feel, pay attention to what’s happening within and your intuition will speak.

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