Deb McBride

March, 2015

Back in 1976, there was an episode of SNL where John Belushi appeared as a meteorologist on Weekend Update with Chevy Chase to discuss how the weather in the U.S. in March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. In the skit, Belushi got worked up into a fervor about how different it is in other countries – “In Norway, March comes in like a polar bear and goes out like a walrus.” Eventually he became so agitated that he ended the skit with a “seizure” and fell off his chair, while a puzzled Chevy Chase watched.

In astrology of course, March comes in like a couple of fish and goes out like a ram. But seriously, this year we have a month of March that comes in like a lion and stays that way for a while into April. We begin the month with Venus in Aries moving into the danger zone of Uranus and Pluto, as it conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto. While this only lasts a few days, it can be intense for relationships and a turning point in some emotional situations. It brings one’s attention to the ongoing transformation we’ve all been experiencing in a more personal way. Some friendships or relationships may have run their course and our awareness of that may be awakened.

As we move through the month, on March 11th, we then experience Mars in Aries passing through this same danger zone. Contrast to Venus, Mars belongs in Aries and may handle this in a more confident way. Mars will  certainly be more agitated than Venus when it meets Uranus and Pluto. As Mars conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto, we need to keep our energy high and moving in a positive, life affirming direction and not sink into a rut. This will ensure that Mars will not succumb to its base energies and lose its temper at the wrong moment. These are intense aspects, Mars will push on the transformation even further. We should expect there to be at least some stress this week as these aspects are not light-hearted. I would also advise being careful to not get physically injured as Mars rules where we are physically active. So, be careful playing sports and with exercise.

Now I have mentioned Uranus and Pluto here as they have been close together for years as we know. You may recall that the last time we had an exact joining of these two planets in this long term relationship was December 15th 2014. That was not that long ago. Prior to that was last April during the Cardinal Grand Cross. There was an 8 month gap between April and December and now we will have a joining of these planets for the last time on March 15. That was a loaded statement! First of all, they are making an exact aspect again. That means situations in life come to a head. Very important transformational movement. We have to understand the story we are being presented with by the Universe and our lives and help move the story along. An 8 month gap between the exact square means that between last April and December, we all had a chance to catch our breath, collectively and personally. The 3 month gap between last December and now means the aspect never let up because the two planets never really moved that far away from each other. I have noticed people continuing to have a hard time, to feel they are in the throes of transformation and trying to move through it without getting stuck. And this is the last exact aspect!! That means we are finishing up and should have gotten the message by now. Uranus and Pluto will come close in January of 2016, but there will be no exactitude. That makes a big difference. The level of intensity is measured by the exactitude of the aspect. We may feel something has truly been completed by next January, but for now we still have to face the oncoming passage of this next level of metamorphosis.

But wait, there’s more! We are officially in the eclipse period and the first eclipse will occur on March 20th.  It will be a New Moon solar eclipse at 29° Pisces. This is profound because it is the very last degree of the zodiac. It is where surrender happens. Atonement. The darkest moment before the dawn. And that is the nature of eclipses, it gets very dark, the light disappears and then miraculously the light returns. But not before an epiphany. The following eclipse, a Full Moon lunar eclipse will occur on April 4th – Passover and Easter weekend. This one is the real kicker because not only is it close to the node (in English, very powerful) but the Sun is at 14° Aries while the Moon is at 14° Libra. Remember that place in the zodiac? Yes, once again, the Cardinal Grand Cross of April 2014 is being triggered. Whatever you were doing last April 12 is going to rear its head, whether stressful or not, you will have a feeling of recurrence.

I have spoken of eclipses before. We know they bring the emotions hanging over us right to the table to be handled. I expect that this set of aspects will be no exception. This will definitely be an emotional month and we will feel the eclipses until the next lunation afterwards, the New Moon on April 18. But it is an extremely important month because it may require us to take that giant leap forward into a new experience of our lives that we have been preparing for in the last 3 years.




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