Deb McBride

January, 2015

Awakening from survival mode

January 12, 2015

IMG_7546It has been a long time since I have been to this page and I believe that the astrological turmoil of the last two months was a distraction. So, let’s review what’s been happening.

First, there was the latest chapter in the ongoing Uranus and Pluto dance, which occurred on December 15. This would be the most important experience in these last months because the buildup starts a month before. You will recall that the last time it was April 2014 and we were in the throes of two eclipses and a cardinal grand cross. This exact square was the next to last one, as we have one more experience of this square in March of 2015. The two planets will remain in close contact for another year or two after March as we wind down this period of transformation.

Each of us has had an experience of releasing something no longer relevant to our lives and/or moving our lives forward in a new direction. Whether we realize it or not at this moment, we are all emerging from this as different people. It may take a while to recognize how far we have come since this transit of Uranus and Pluto started in the Spring of 2012, and certainly the rumblings of the aspect before that. During this latest installment, Pluto was the planet moving forward while Uranus was stationing to go direct from retrograde. My feeling about this planetary dance was that people were in survival mode. It was a matter of getting up in the morning and not allowing the events of the day to drag us into the gutter. Each day was chaotic, yet electrifying, but exhausting and relentless.

One of the reasons change felt so persistent was that Saturn changed sign, moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius. This is a big deal – moving from a deep, intense, water sign to a carefree fire sign. Whenever Saturn leaves a sign for its next journey, it feels like we are being dragged through the mud, we feel we are at the end of our rope. It feels interminable, but eventually it ends and we are relieved. Saturn will return to the very end of Scorpio during its retrograde this summer. In this, we shall have the chance to tie up loose ends from the last 2 years. Saturn and Pluto were in each other’s signs for all that time, strengthening each other’s positions. That mutual reception will return in the summer when Saturn spends those few months in Scorpio. It’s no mistake that Saturn’s transit of Scorpio happened while Pluto was in the dance with Uranus. As we end the exactitude of that dance in March, the following months of Saturn’s revisit in Scorpio will help us along with this profound transformation. By then, you should be able to recognize what has fallen away and the new place where life has dropped you off.

Meanwhile, Jupiter turned retrograde in Leo and since Jupiter is the abundance planet we definitely seek its help during times of stress. We look for an outlet, Leo is where we want to have fun – a vacation, a party, fun with children, our creative hobbies. Jupiter works well in fire signs. It’s important during this time of unrest and evolution to remember how to have fun. Even in its retrograde, Jupiter will be supportive during this time.

These next few months will feel like we are between two worlds – back and forth and then forth and back. Stretching, snapping back, going forward then receding. Uranus and Pluto will stay very close, with Uranus slightly behind Pluto, until it catches up at the end of February. This will be a chaotic time in the world, we seek to understand why it needs to be so dramatic and sometimes so very painful. But change is always painful, transformation doesn’t come easily. Remember how the 60s were, people were seeking love and unity, but the world was so divided. This time is not so different. We will come out of this feeling differently about some part of our lives. There will be both losses and gains as is the case with evolution.

I can’t say I know anyone that had a “good year” in 2014. Everyone had their moments of turmoil or churning and/or breakthrough. It was not a year to think back upon and reminisce about the good old days. It was tough. But we have to keep moving through this to get to the other side and gain the knowledge and experience each of us individually needs.

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