Deb McBride

November, 2014

North BerwickWater is energy like everything else in the universe. It is a fluid substance as we know, ever changing, but necessary for life. Neptune has often been artistically depicted as the king of the watery realms, freshwaters and the oceans. We see him on his throne with his trident in hand, a master of his world. When we think of other mysterious worlds, such as outer space, we are often conjuring up creatures that we would see in nightmares – one eyed beings, green skin and almost always with malicious intent. Frankly, when it comes to other life, we really we don’t know what is out in space at all. It is all in our imagination. But what’s not in our imagination is what’s lying in the ocean, we have a very good idea about what is swimming in our waters. Think about it, unless you are a researcher of marine life, you would never wish to run into some of these creatures. Coming face to face with an octopus? This isn’t a friendly cartoon. Some of this world is very beautiful, some of it is absolutely terrifying. And so goes Neptune.

Neptune is the most misunderstood planet in astrology. Like all outer planets, it has its good influences and its more challenging ones. But the descriptions of Neptune in astrology often seem innocuous – intuitive, creative, spiritual, altruistic, sensitive, healing, visionary, compassionate. It is also described as the addict, the con artist, the charlatan guru, the parasite, treachery, denial, confusion, self-deception. I think the best word to describe Neptune covers all of the above: unfathomable. Beneath the surface waters of Neptune’s realm lies an unfathomable universe – the deeper we dive, the more unfamiliar and possibly dangerous it becomes. And sometimes we don’t care about danger. We are lured by the promise of beauty unlike any other, no matter if it is real or it is fantasy. This is often the theme of Neptune running through our lives. We don’t realize that we’ve been fooled until Neptune’s veil has been lifted from in front of our eyes. That is when we want to kick ourselves.

There is a lot to be learned from Neptune, it works by erosion like the ocean to the shore. Back and forth until what was is no longer. It takes us on an unexpected journey, as we launch our boat at Point A navigating towards Point B. But somewhere along the way, we wind up on the Island of Z. We don’t know how we got there, we struggle with our memory of the trip. But we settle in and realize that we are right where we are supposed to be.

As I mentioned, some of the descriptions seem harmless and sometimes those are the ones on which we choose to focus. Maybe because we don’t entirely understand Neptune’s lessons until after the experience is over. Perhaps we don’t expect the experience to be so harsh, because Neptune represents all that is ethereal and out of reach. This is energy that is not so obvious. It operates in secret, slips in and out of sight and we are never certain that what we have seen is true and real or possibly an apparition. Sometimes Neptune will slip in and create a tidal wave in our lives, seemingly out of nowhere. We cannot keep our head above the water, we are overwhelmed. Then it magically dissipates and we can breathe again. In these moments we often lose our grounding or anything that keeps us tethered to the earth. People can disappear and reappear in our lives. On the other hand, Neptune can bring us the most deep and truthful connection to spirit we can ever hope to have as a human being on this earth. Neptune in our charts is our search for redemption and in in these priceless moments, we can feel redeemed.

On the 16th of November, the planet Neptune will station direct in its own sign of Pisces and once again begin its forward motion. Expect this to be the time when hidden stories will be revealed, truths will come forward and we regain some clarity on our individual paths. You may wish to pay attention to how you feel, what notable events happen in your life at this time and the difference as the weeks pass through to the rest of the month. This is the moment when we can recognize how far we’ve come or how lost we’ve gotten and take the opportunity to direct our course.

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