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October, 2014

October's Eclipses

October 8, 2014

The month of October promises to be topsy turvy. We began this month with Mercury turning retrograde – again – on October 4th and staying this way until October 25th. Mercury had stepped into Scorpio only to turn around and move its way back to Libra. Naturally, those among us who are members of those signs will feel this the most. Meanwhile we have the next set of eclipses, remember those? The last time we had them, it was April and we were in the midst of our highly transformational cardinal grand cross.  You know what I’m going to say –  whatever happens during this eclipse period will have something in it that resembles April. Eclipse periods always have a memory or “aroma” of something that happened in the previous eclipse period, though it will not be identical. Just a hint.  So, as we can already see, the eclipses combined with the Mercury are setting the stage for some highly charged activity.

The first eclipse arrives Wednesday, October 8 and it is a Full Moon eclipse also known as a Lunar eclipse. Since the Sun is in Libra, the Moon will be in Aries and that is certainly a trigger of the former cardinal grand cross and the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto. We know Uranus is in Aries, therefore our lunation will be with Uranus. Wow! That is one chaotic, bizarre and profound set of aspects. Uranus always throws in a surprise and no matter how much we try to maintain our cool through the pandemonium. It can appear as frenetic, edgy and magnificent simultaneously. In fact, a few months ago, on the night that Uranus stationed retrograde, I was watching the fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi (a Libra!) on television and he was enthusiastically describing a clothing item. He said “It’s killing me and making me live all at the same time!” And I thought – wow, that’s a great description of Uranus for sure. It’s an energy that is often overwhelming, but we couldn’t and wouldn’t live without it because it is deeply life affirming. Consider it to be like a thunderstorm and that electric feeling in the air afterwards.

At the same time on Wednesday, we will be having a Venus square to Pluto, which can always indicate triangles, or passion and deep creativity. Remember we are still dealing with the Uranus Pluto Square, so Venus in Libra will be contacting Uranus as well in the next few days, which means the goddess of love is entangled in this eclipse as well this week. We need to keep our heads on straight with regards to love and any relationships – whether they are platonic or passionate. This mess of planets makes a T-Square configuration which only leaves the empty space in the sign of Cancer. It tells me that we all will be seeking comfort during this time and finding that comfort will require some effort. Don’t be hard on yourself if you see you’re reaching for the chocolate!

The next eclipse will be on October 23 and will be a New Moon in Scorpio. This won’t be as dramatic as the first one. It is not near the Nodes of the Moon, so it is a weaker eclipse. However, a recharged cycle of emotional growth begins at each New Moon and it is a time to embrace it, even as we move deeper into the autumn chill. Scorpio energy is always profound and thought provoking, so expect that you will seek answers relative to the Scorpio area of your chart. Honor the depth that Scorpio brings each year and allow transformation to occur naturally.

Eclipses can bring an immense amount of activity into one’s life, so it is important to not overdo it and allow time for some healing R&R. When the body rests, it heals. Even if October brings more than what feels possible to accomplish, remember that eclipses take us on a journey to a new place in our lives and that alone is worth riding the wave of this month ahead.

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