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August, 2014

Autumn Astrology

August 26, 2014

Mars and Saturn are together again for the first time in 2 years. This time around, the aspect is in the sign of Scorpio. Mars likes Scorpio, it is at home there. But these two planets are not best friends. Mars wants action and movement. Saturn wants to remain focused on one place until it completes a task. It slows everything down and Mars doesn’t like that. If you have been stopped from moving forward in any way, you are not alone. This is a time of great impatience, but also being stopped for our own good. This is about┬átenacity, having the staying power to keep engaged with our goals, but understanding there is no instant gratification. This will go on for another few days and will gradually let up, then we will feel more comfortable moving ahead. But it is the beginning of a new 2 year cycle, as these 2 planets will not meet again by conjunction until 2016. Think back to August 2012 when they met in Libra, what did you begin at that time? Has it been brought to completion?

Back last month we had that week where Saturn and Uranus changed opposite directions simultaneously, while remaining in an uncomfortable aspect to one another. This made us feel like we were coming and going at the same time. The Mars relationship to Saturn now also makes this same connection to Uranus, which shows up as an irritation in our lives. Something that seems off balance. Mars/Uranus is a quick, accident prone aspect. So, please be careful in all your activities, especially if you have this relationship in your own chart. Don’t over-exert yourself physically.

It’s time for the monthly new Moon and of course, we are now in the sign of Virgo. This is an industrious new Moon, one where we wish to start new projects and apply ourselves to details. Once the Sun enters Virgo every year in late August, we have that “back-to-school” feeling, despite that autumn doesn’t officially begin until September 22. This is a special new Moon because it’s opposite the planet Neptune in Pisces, which can create a very enlightening experience, if we allow it. Neptune is notorious for blinding us to the path ahead, creating a veil that cannot be easily lifted. The Virgoan abilities to focus are what will penetrate this fog, opening the door to inspiration.

Meanwhile, the heavens are full of all the elements – with the exception of air. The fire, earth and water elements rely on our senses to navigate our lives. The analytical principle is not available to us now. So, we need to trust our instincts and not over think anything, because that won’t serve us now. This is a more challenging time for people with air sign qualities, as the heavens are not easily supporting them now, except for the occasional Moon transit through one of the air signs.

Mercury, the planet of communication will make up for the lack of air, because this quick little guy has lots to say to the other planets. Information will be flying around the atmosphere, as he whizzes in aspects from planet to planet. First, Mercury will connect with Uranus, then Mars, then Saturn. That means an epiphany, an idea for a goal or realizing an accomplishment. This doesn’t need to be a great project – it could all happen in a moment of inspiration. Mercury is ruling the skies, because it is in Virgo, its own sign. Expect words to fly with great ease. Remember, we’re not over thinking.

Venus and Jupiter remain in Leo and we will witness the challenge of Venus to Mars/Saturn this last week of August. Not a warm & fuzzy aspect, this is one of those times when you may feel alone. Eventually Jupiter will challenge Saturn, which keeps reality and optimism in balance with one another. This will continue for a year, while  Jupiter stays close behind Saturn and then eventually they catch up to one another a year from now in 2015.  Jupiter in Leo is abundant, creative and ambitious, but when in square to Saturn, it keeps the lid on all of those qualities, with an ounce of caution. It does bode well for really accomplishing a goal without hanging around with wild ideas that never materialize.

By the end of this week, Mars will break free of Saturn and the Sun will move beyond the opposition to Neptune! Life will be much more clear by week’s end. Onward and upward to September.

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