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July, 2014

A valuable recording

July 23, 2014

Hello all,

Today I received the newsletter from the Astrological Association of Great Britain with a link to a recording. Called The Nature of Mars in the Horoscope, it was given at the AA of GB’s conference in 1985 by the late astrologer Howard Sasportas. Howard was one of the finest astrologers of the 20th century. Here he gave a wonderful description of Mars in mythology, in our lives and how we can use our Mars to great effect. He also spoke of when we are not using our Mars and how it manifests in our being. Here is the link:

For those interested in learning a little more about Howard Sasportas,


Major Astrology Action

July 20, 2014

We are at yet another turning point in this year of astrological turning points. First Jupiter has just entered Leo. We are in a year of fire, of creative inspiration. For each of us, wherever we have Leo in our charts, we should use this an an opportunity to open new creative doors. To leap forward in our plans. To feel supported by the universe. Meanwhile, there is a lot of water in the sky these days and the other non-water signs are having a hard time navigating this. It’s the realm of feeling, not thinking or analyzing. It’s a time of letting the water flow, not trying to push. You can drive the boat, but allow the water to take you on the proper path. If we really and truly are going to take that Jupiter fire and run with it, we don’t need to control this experience, we have to believe absolutely that we are indeed supported by the universe in this journey. Controlling people don’t like these aspects, it feels strange and out of hand to them.

Venus has just changed sign as well, now in Cancer. More water! It is a nicer place for Venus, a better expression, a lovely moment. Though Venus will reach 13° Cancer on the 28th of July, reminding us yet again of that Cardinal Grand Cross we had back in April. Despite Jupiter having changed signs, that aspect won’t be going away anytime soon. It’s now what we call “a famous point” in astrology, meaning it was so intense that any time a planet passes over that 13° cardinal point (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) we will be transported back to what we were doing in April of 2014. Not necessarily a bad thing, just maybe some intense moment will come our way again. With Venus there, it may highlight something positive about this journey we have been on. Or we may find some compassion for ourselves in looking back on those stormy moments.

And this weekend is the big switch out. Saturn will turn direct after many months in retrograde on Sunday afternoon at 4:36 EDT. Then Uranus will turn retrograde on Monday night at 10:53 pm EDT. This is an interesting combination. Saturn is the planet that says “stay put” and Uranus is the one that says “get going!” This time they have sort of reversed roles, as Saturn moves forward it will fly through the rest of Scorpio right into Sagittarius later this year. Uranus will be moving backwards in Aries for the time being, despite being the more forward thinking planet of the two. It’s an astrological paradox. And it feels that way – if you are trying to make a decision in the next few days, you may experience the desire to move forward but something seems to be holding you back. You may think “I have to do this but I just can’t. Or “I shouldn’t, but I need to.” It’s not a simple time, in fact, it is rather confusing. All that water in the sky doesn’t help, either. Find the place in your life that grounds you, use that as your center as you make decisions. Maybe that’s work or just cleaning your house. Maybe it’s your partner. These moments need a bit of a tether to keep us all sane.

You may recall a time, a few years ago when Uranus and Saturn were dancing in opposition to one another, 2008-2010. The very first opposition took place in early November, 2008. The weeks leading up to that in October 2008 were hellish, closeness then freedom, together then apart, status quo vs. shock of the new. These next few days may be reminiscent of that time as well. Remember the US Presidential election of 2008? We got a brand new, revolutionary experience in US history because of that election. Uranus will always force the revolution when Saturn is trying to remain conservative. But in astrology, we have a rule, “the slower moving planet always wins.”  That would be Uranus, farther out and unable to be seen with the naked eye. A foreign energy.

In these moments we are challenged to assimilate the new, but assimilate we must. This week, ground yourself to something familiar in your life, let go of stagnation and fly.

On the radio

July 7, 2014

Hi everyone! This evening I was a guest on my friend and colleague’s BlogTalkRadio show, the fabulous astrologer, Anne Ortelee. She has several weekly shows and I highly recommend them.  We had a nice chat this evening and here it is:


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