Deb McBride

June, 2014

Well, it’s almost over. On Tuesday, Mercury will turn direct. But this has been the worst Mercury retrograde that I have seen in a very, very long time. I don’t believe I have ever watched so many mishaps, misunderstandings and unclear statements in one 3 week period. Right down to getting your sandwich cut at Whole Foods or ordering brown rice and getting white rice at an Asian restaurant. And when you get your passport back from the foreign consulate, make sure you have the correct visa and they didn’t put someone else’s visa in your passport!

So, now I must apologize. My blog sent out an old blog posting saying that it was new, one about a New Moon. If you are a subscriber to this blog you would have received this. That was a mistake! What has happened in my Mercury retrograde world is that my website hosting company, GoDaddy, has discontinued the blog program that I have used for years and in the last several weeks I had to transition over to WordPress. Now this isn’t a big deal at all really for blog posting, but GoDaddy’s service automatically offered a subscriber list where they would send you the entire blog posting if you were on the list. In order for me to have the same service via WordPress I needed to find a plug-in to be able to do that. And last weekend I spent hours testing out plug-ins and none of them did what I wanted. Finally I came across the one that I am now using and it did what I wanted, except that it wouldn’t produce the entire blog in the email notification to subscribers. Just the first few lines and a link.  In my effort to keep my site spam free, I closed comments on the blogs, one by one. But there was one blog where I missed checking that little box and today I got spam sales comments, which caused me to correct the error. Which then resulted in the site sending out a new post message on an old post. I’m on the subscriber list as well, so it was an immediate “uh-oh.” How is that for Mercury retrograde?! Though I learned how to manage my plug-in a little better as well.

Oddly enough, the accidental blog email was about a New Moon and today we have a New Moon in Cancer. So, it was time to write and I took this as a sign. I’m sorry I have been so silent, but I was working on getting the new blog sorted so that everyone received their posting.

A New Moon in Cancer today, the sign where Jupiter has taken up residence in the last year. This will be the last time the Moon meets Jupiter in Cancer for 12 years. Cancer is a sign that is good for both of them, as the Moon is the ruler of that sign and Jupiter is exalted there. Exalted – yes, where a planet is at one of its best expressions. A happy place for both planets. On this weekend, you should count your blessings, help your friends and family, relax in what comforts  you in your life and do something lovely for your home. Cancer is about a big family dinner, a cozy sweater, a comfy blanket or a bowl of your favorite ice cream. Jupiter there can overdo it, so don’t eat the entire container of ice cream!

Before greeting Jupiter tomorrow, the Moon will reach 13° Cancer, which will, of course, set off the memory of April’s Grand Cross. There may be something that touches you which reminds you of that experience. It won’t be as intense as the original experience, but there will be a memory trigger. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Next month, on July 17, Jupiter enters the sign of Leo, fully breaking up the Grand Cross as it moves out of Cardinal signs and into Fixed. This is good news for the Fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius – as they have been muddling along with Saturn in Scorpio now for a year and a half. This will give them – and all of us – a lift, a little glamour, a sense of abundance and a spark of inspiration in our creative lives.

Happy weekend and sorry again for the confusion!

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