Deb McBride

May, 2014

The Grand Cross is breaking up, the eclipses are over. Piece by piece we are returning to our life, which may look very different. The experience of the last few weeks has been a whirlwind for many people. I saw some people embracing the changes, knowing that the best thing to do is to take the leap. Most people felt overwhelmed, just by the energy alone. But everyone’s life has changed in some way – maybe it wasn’t directly, but by nature of having people in one’s life, their changes got passed along to the rest of us.

Mars is still retrograde until May 20. We aren’t finished yet. Plans we are making now as Mars stations are most likely the ones we can expect to work on going forward. The plans we made since March 1 might have required a bit of reorganizing. But once Mars stations direct, we may experience a release of all the emotions and tension that have built up since March, or even since December when Mars entered Libra. Wherever Mars has been retrograde in our charts is where we have felt we were unable to move forward in the evolutionary journey of Uranus and Pluto as there was a serious review of that area of life.

Importantly, the Full Moon this week is the first lunation since the eclipses ended. This will end the eclipse period for certain, as the lunation following eclipses always kicks them out the door. Any remaining story from the eclipses in April should wrap up this week. If there are details to be completed, this is the week where situations shake out. This Full Moon, however, is with Saturn, as the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is in Scorpio. So, it is a somber moment that we have to close the eclipse period. It may feel a bit lonely this week, but it just means we are working out more of the details of the Grand Cross. I have mentioned in a previous blog post that I felt the way through this evolutionary journey was via Saturn and where it landed in your chart.

This has not been an easy time. What was it like for you? Were there endings and new beginnings? These last few weeks have been emotional, overwhelming and somewhat cathartic. And they won’t be completely finished – the place where the Grand Cross occurred  was 13° of the Cardinal signs – Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. This is now what we call a “famous point” in astrology. Any time a planet passes over that point, we will be reminded of our Grand Cross mission and these last few weeks. This is very potent – the Moon will pass these points four times per month. If a planet sits on that point when changing direction, it will trigger the Grand Cross again. Mars will certainly do this in mid-June when it transits exactly back over the 13° of Libra point where it was during the Grand Cross.

So, keep an eye out for events that are reminiscent of mid-April, where the emotions feel the same or the same type of situations come up. These events will give you more information about how you evolved during this intense time period. Watch your experience with these events, it will reveal how your life has shifted.

More to come soon! After all, Mercury will retrograde in June. How fun, can’t wait!

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