Deb McBride

March, 2014

Big Astrology Week

March 2, 2014

Well, what a time it has been! On Friday, Mercury stationed direct after three weeks retrograde, first in early Pisces and then coming back into Aquarius. From the realm of dreams and feelings to the realm of analysis and thinking. On Saturday Mars went retrograde and I have written a bunch about this here: And it never fails – whenever Mars is going retrograde, some country, somewhere wants to start a war. This is the worst time to start a war. We are now on our way to that Cardinal Grand Cross that will be in effect for all of the Spring. And now today, on Sunday, Saturn goes retrograde in late Scorpio. 

We know Saturn is always the teacher, the professor, the father, the patriarch. Wherever Scorpio is in our chart we have to do some very deep homework. Scorpio is never a superficial sign and where this falls in our charts is always a profound experience, especially with a heavy weight planet like Saturn temporarily moved in there. Saturn making a retrograde and traveling backwards for a few months until July will force us to go within and really examine those areas of our life that need a lot of work and attention. Epiphanies occur during these periods, because as we are focused on the matters of the house where Saturn is residing, somewhere in the back of our minds we are unraveling the mystery from our past that Saturn is bringing to our attention. For example, as Saturn is passing through Scorpio and if this is in your sixth house you are focused on matters of health and work. Saturn’s temporary residence there may involve a visit to your doctor where you are told to change your diet and exercise more frequently. So you go to your local gym and you swim every day for an hour. You know that on a very mundane level you are getting more exercise. But taking the time each day to swim is so much more than getting your body in shape. Something happens subconsciously – you unravel your feelings about your body, about work and what feels like to put effort into something that pays off in the end. When Saturn turns direct again on July 20, we will realize how this effort has benefited us.

On Thursday of this week Jupiter will station direct. That’s four planets in one week! This is a topsy-turvy, emotionally churning week for sure. Jupiter is involved in the Cardinal Grand Cross and right now it is making a T-square with Uranus and Pluto, this is a challenging aspect that expands and blows open the whole experience of Uranus and Pluto. Here’s more info from a previous posting: I look at this relationship with Jupiter as all of us speeding up this evolutionary journey that we are experiencing for the last two years. When any planet stations, whether direct or retrograde it stops – it doesn’t move, and therefore the energy of the planet intensifies in those moments. An intensive Jupiter in Cancer is very good. When it gets entangled with the outer planets as it is now, we do more clearly understand the nature of our journey. There could be an epiphany here as well, as Jupiter always opens doors and provides an expanded view of our narrow world. Jupiter has been hovering between Uranus and Pluto since late January and will continue to do so until mid-May. That is one long involvement. If your life feels intense and somewhat overwhelming, this is the root of it. We are all being asked to stretch ourselves, to open to what may not have felt possible before and see that some opportunities are right in front us. Jupiter turning direct is always good. Think back to early November and what was occurring in your life at the time. That gives a clue about how this Jupiter station will manifest in your life.

This week is only the beginning of what we’re going to see come to fruition in the Spring. We’re watching the landscape of the world shift yet again, another historical moment in the realm of Uranus and Pluto. 

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